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Nobody likes to feel bad.

However everybody has or gets negative emotions sometimes.

They are a part of life.

In truth there is nothing wrong with negative emotions at all.

Recognize that emotions are really neither negative or positive.

Only we have assigned a label to them.

The ones that we have assigned a negative label to create negative feelings for ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with sitting and being with our negative emotions.

The problem with negative emotions arises when we try to escape them or blame them on someone else.

First we all must realize that our negative emotions are our own.

No one has given them to us or created them for us.

We are the ones that assign all meaning to our circumstances.

Taking responsibility for what is transpiring in our lives is always the first step to dealing with everything maturely.

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We cannot blame anyone else.

How do you like to manage your negative emotions?

Most people try to escape negative emotions instead of sitting with them. Often this is done this with negative behaviors.

Negative emotions share important information with us if we will take the time to explore them.

I encourage you to sit quietly and explore them next time rather than self medication.

Eating, drinking, smoking, prescription drugs, sex or socially sharing them with friends are common ways that people try to release or cope with negative emotions in their lives.  If negative emotions are not managed they will pile up.

Mismanagement of negative emotions is at the root of most of our problems.

Peel back your negative behavior to find what is at the roots of your negative emotions.

A negative emotion always has a limited belief at its root.

An incorrect thought is causing this problem for you.

To find it you must be still.

Instead of doing what you always do with your negative emotions try something different.

You can never get an alternative result with the same old behavior.

Instead of eating or drinking can you sit and explore the roots of the way you are feeling.

What are you saying to yourself to feel the way you do right now?

Explore those thoughts more fully.

Are they facts?… or are you just assuming something, judging something or someone, trying to control a situation, comparing yourself, not accepting something,or being impatient or ungrateful?

Once you identify the thoughts you are thinking can you alter the way you respond to them.

You can challenge your limited beliefs and banish them forever.

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Do you need to forgive someone or yourself for the way you are feeling.  Once you understand what is at the roots of your negative feeling you can address the real problem instead of trying to escape it with negative behavior.

Do you need to accept something that is an uncontrollable reality?  Identify the limited belief and then deal with it accordingly.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t want to change something.

Accepting things as they are is an initial step in creating change.  We need to accept a circumstance or thing before we can love it.  Ultimately we need to love all aspects of our life to move forward.  By getting into harmony with our life we access the power that is in each moment for us. After accepting responsibility for all things we can begin the healing or changing process with gratitude, forgiveness and love.

Healing your life is done through gratitude, forgiveness and love.

You can your alter your thoughts about your circumstances or your emotions.

You can assign a different meaning to them.

You can see them as a gift.

You can view what is happening to you as a valuable lesson.

A challenge that is being given to you to learn how to manage it.

All of this is just a change of perspective.  A choice to explore an alternative paradigm.

Once you learn how to manage this negative energy you will move forward with you life.

Once you can learn to love this negative part of you and your life your energy will remain perpetually high.

Your vibrations will be appropriate for what you want to create.

You see the way you are feeling is an indication of your vibration.

When you are feeling low you are not in frequency with creating what you want.

This is slowing down your process.

To move towards your goals as quickly as possible you need to learn how to manage these low energy periods in your life.

They are there to reveal to you your most limited beliefs in this moment of your life.

Embrace your negative feelings with some quiet time.

Sit and be still.  Rather than participating in negative behaviors choose a positive one.

Go for a workout, a run or play a game or sport.

Accept, forgive and give love to yourself.

You need it.

All of your life needs your love.

Here is a super additional resource for you:  17 Negative Emotions & How to deal with Them

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