Your perfect diet

Your perfect diet

First of all one diet can never be right for everyone. We all have such different energy requirements and personal likes and dislikes.

Your meal plan must be customized for you and your lifestyle and food preferences.

The only nutrition plan that makes sense is one that is cutomized.

Your plan needs to consider your personal macro nutrient needs. We all have different needs for protein, carbs and fats.

Your plan needs to consider your activity level and your frequency of exercise. If you are working out more frequently you’re calories need to reflect that. If you have a desk job and you aren’t exercising then your energy balance is completely different.

Personally I would encourage all of my clients to combine nutrition and exercise together. This is the real lifestyle way to success!

Keep your metabolism active by starting up your energy expenditure frequently with exercise.

To lose weight and keep it off you need to begin systems and methods that you can maintain for a lifetime.

Everyone’s customized nutrition plan requires more than calorie and macro nutrient balance. You’ve also got to consider live enzymes, micro nutrients and trace minerals in your plan.

People get so stuck on the calories and macros that they forget that difficiencies of all kinds will only slow down your progress.

Don’t forget about the fiber and the water. You need to eliminate the toxins you’ve got in your body too!

Aside from what you need mindset plays a huge role in your weight loss results. Don’t get so hung up on that scale. If you eat right for yourself personally and exercise enough we will find your energy balance and have you getting consistent results you can maintain.

A customized plan takes time to develop. It takes a little back and forth to have it right. We need to calculate your energy balance and then put it to the test with real world application. You need to follow an organized approach and we need to track and observe the results to make sure it works. I can usually accomplish a personal customized lifestyle nutrition plan for you in 21 days.

Let’s talk about your food and exercise and what has stopped you in the past.

I got my exercise outside with my family today!

See our workout today in the video below and watch for the next episode of the Fitness Report to be out soon.


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