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February 23, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Most of us have taken the time to write out our goals before.

Most of us have felt the disappointment of being unsuccessful at accomplishing them.

As a result most of us have given up on this organized approach to creating our lives.

Consequently we end up bouncing around through our lives like a pinball allowing circumstance and situation to rule our mood and perpetuate our outcomes.

As long as we continue to evaluate our current circumstance and relive them emotionally over and over again during our days we keep ourselves trapped in our little boxes.

Stop jumping on that scale everyday!

Our lives are a reflection of the thoughts that we are thinking most frequently, most intensely and most emotionally.

What has gone wrong with our goal setting in the past?

Why have we been unsuccessful?

Why have we cast away our power to change our lives?

I think the biggest reason why so many of us have not been able to create the situations we want in our lives is because we have missed the most important part of goal setting.

Getting a clear goal is a step in creating a vision for yourself.

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It’s really about creating a plan or building a dream.

It’s about creating something that motivates you!

We all need to have a “carrot dangling in-front of our faces.”

We all need something to strive for.

That carrot has to be big enough and personal enough that it can get us up out of the bed with enthusiasm.

It needs to be clear enough in our minds that it pulls us forward towards our dreams in each and every one of our moments.

The reason why people fail with their goals is that they fail to bring themselves to the energy and emotion of their goals each day.

It’s not enough to write out our goals for ourselves.

We need to write out goals in different aspects of our lives.

We need goals for our health our relationships, our careers, our finances and for our spirit.

These goals help us to create our vision for our lives.

They are the thoughts that we need to think to generate positive emotions in each of our moments today.

It’s those thoughts that will create the enthusiasm that we need.

We need the energy and feeling that those thoughts bring to us every day.

Those are the ideas that create our joy.

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We need to take the time each day to arrive at the emotions of our vision and feel our lives inside of our minds.

By mentally rehearsing our lives daily we slowly make the shift towards them becoming our reality.

By thinking and speaking to ourselves positively we incrementally move towards our goals.

By asking ourselves the right questions we move forward instead of remaining stuck.

Don’t ask yourself why you can’t lose weight.

Don’t send your subconscious mind into a negative space.  You are creating that outcome for yourself.

Realize that you have real power inside of you.

Realize that you can apply that power in your life to create or destroy your future.

Realize that you must bring yourself to that power daily to bring it into actuality.

Don’t just write your goals down and expect them to come to you.

You need to work with your goals every step of the way!

You can change every single aspect of your life by manipulating your nutrition, your exercise and your mindset!

Watch for Burlington’s best 12 week body transformation program to be released on Monday.

Jump on board to change your life.

Try again!  This time do it right!

Get into it and Love the process!





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