You Can Heal Your Life!

You Can Heal Your Life!

Every time you get a cut on your hand it heals.

Every time you’ve gotten sick your body has healed itself.

Every cell in your body contains its own perfect genetic blueprint.

A perfect replica of you exists in each strand of your DNA.

Every 12 weeks all of your cells are replaced.

You are structurally brand new again every 3 months.

It’s only your thoughts, ideas, words and habits that hold you in the same old space.

You can heal and overcome anything that’s going on in your life.

Don’t let the diagnosis of someone else determine your fate.

Your outcome is your responsibility.

A fate that is determined by your choices.

Choose to make a decision.

A decision to put forth the best version of yourself again.

By making a decision and recommitting yourself to a clear goal in mind you can begin again to heal your life.

Change your life with exercise, nutrition and mindset.




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  1. Edmund Atkinson Author March 31, 2017 (5:00 am)

    Love your blog John! I will check on your posts often for your Great Inspirations. Thank you

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  2. BobbuBrowne Author May 3, 2017 (9:47 pm)

    Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

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