World Championship Prep!

World Championship Prep!

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I wanted to get a quick message out to everyone today before Dora and I went out to walk the dog.  We always do that on Sunday mornings.  I was working out with my workout partner Rob Barham this week.  He’s a super high energy guy. Rob is getting ready for the World Master’s JuJitsu championships coming up next month in Los Vegas.  We’ve been filming our workouts and sharing them on Facebook to help motivate and inspire his friends as well as mine!  Check out a clip from our workout below.

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Rob is practicing a couple of hours of JuJitsu daily.  He’s coming in for a workout with me 2 times each week and on top of that he’s doing yoga and meditation with his girl friend a couple times each week.  This guy is just like a tiger when it comes to his mindset so I had to ask him what his secret was for showing up with such a focused, driven mental space each and everyday.

He said his secret is his morning affirmations.  Rob says he gears himself up in the mornings with a positive affirmation statement.  He says he has it laminated and taped to the wall in his shower.  That way every morning when he gets up he can see and say the words that get him into a successful space for his day.

I thought that was important information.  I thought since I’m always harping on mindset that it would be great for all my contacts to get a copy of Rob’s positive affirmation statement.  He personally designed it himself.  He wrote it for himself. He thought about the things that were most important to himself and he wove them into a statement.  Something he can memorize and say to himself when he needs to be in his strongest place.  I told him that was a brilliant idea and asked if i could get a copy of it to share with my friends.

Now this is a proven successful affirmation statement that is being used daily in preparation for a world championship appearance.  Try it out if you would like or be inspired by it to write your own.  Rob shared with me that when he says it out loud to himself in the shower he reads it slowly and allows each line to sink into his body emotionally.  He realizes that every cell of his body needs to come to this vibration. Check out Rob’s positive affirmation statement below:

I love his approach to success!  It’s the same one that all the most successful people in the world use.  It’s a proactive approach to creating the life that you want.  It’s taking responsibility for your outcomes.  It’s adopting a total mind, body consciousness approach to your fitness and wellness.

I also have a very organized morning ritual for getting myself into the right state to support myself and those around me best.  I use a system that I have designed from conversations with and following some of the most successful people in our world today!

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  • Do you need some help getting back into your fitness routine again?
  • Would like to get into it this time for good?
  • Have you had trouble in your past with making your fitness and wellness a total lifestyle?

Then you may be ready to make a new commitment.  A real commitment to yourself.  A commitment to achieving your absolute best!  To really make your routine stick you need to get into harmony with it.  You need to anchor your fitness into every single aspect of your life.  If you are ready to do this then send me a message today!

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