Workouts on Your own!

I have my recommendations below for your workouts on your own if you can’t get into the our club.

These can be done at your home or at any gym with minimal equipment.

I can provide you with many more video workouts If you need them but these are the best for getting you started with developing that initial core strength and endurance.

There are two copies of the workouts.  The first one is a longer instructional version.  The second one is a short version for when you are working out.  I recommend taking the time to watch the instructional version before you work out or while you are warming up on the treadmill, bike or elliptical.  The short version is a simple reference guide for you to use during your workout.

You can always email me if you have any questions or problems.

The more you understand the details of this program the more successful you will be.  You can change your entire life by manipulating your exercise, your nutrition and your mindset!

Introduction workouts:

Full Instructional Workout

Short Version to view on your mobile device while you train

Instructional Workout

Short Version

Full Instructional Workout

Flat Tummy workout

Tighten up my Butt

Butt tighten up Short version

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