You will need a New Mindset to Lose the Weight Forever!

September 25, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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I’ve been a personal trainer for a lifetime.  I understand you may not agree with everything that I say.  I understand that you may not agree with everything that I do.  I realize that you may not do everything that I do.  You can choose to do as you wish.  That is your right!  It is my job to share with you the truth.  I am your personal trainer because you have chosen me to provide you with the very best information available to help you achieve your goals.  I am 100% committed to that goal.  I stand behind everything that is included in my program.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  If you need support with any aspect of this program please simply ask.  I want to help you succeed.

You can’t get someplace new doing the same old things.  In order for you to lose the weight and keep it off for a lifetime will require you to learn some new information.  It’s new thoughts, words and actions that will create a different outcome for you.  I can provide you with information and support however in order to really overcome our mental road blocks we will likely need to do some personal study of our own.  My two favorite book recommendations that will assist your new success mindset are The Mucus-less Diet- By Dr. Arnold Ehret and Man’s Higher Consciousness- By Hilton Hotema.  You can access both of those resources below:

The Mucusless Diet System- By Dr. Arnold Ehret

Man’s Higher Consciousness- By Hilton Hotema

If you follow the 7 day Fat-Flush completely you will realize the truth soon enough yourself.  I encourage you to commit 100% to the 7 day plan.  It is only 7 days.  If you really follow through with the experiment yourself then you will learn for yourself what it takes to get into your best shape ever.  By moving through the experience of the 7 day Fat Flush you will personally learn how to lose weight and keep it off forever!

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