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This is one of the things I love about the Melon Man. He is completely transparent. I mean completely. He just spills his guts out and puts it all out on the table. I like this about him because once you regurgitate all your most embarrassing and scary things you feel so free. Once you tell everyone how you F’ed up in your life you don’t have this big secret you’re trying to hide any longer.

You know its that facing your fears thing. Once you have the courage to stand up to your fears your fear has no more power over you. That is liberation. There is so much truth in having the courage to stand up to your fears. It’s like facing that bully. We all have a bully somewhere in our lives. Whether that bully is a person or a thing it’s just the same. The bully in your life is who ever or what ever you have given your power away to.

We just have to remind ourselves of the truth. We have to always come back to the truth. As long as we always return to the truth we can never get too far off track. The truth is that you are the power in your life. The truth is that you are the creator of your circumstances. The truth is if you have an addiction its only because you have empowered it. You gave that person or that thing power over you. The truth is that you can take it back whenever you wish. The truth is its a choice. Its a decision to take back your power.

The Melon Man taught me that each of us has a super hero inside of ourselves. Each of us has incredible courage and power within. Each of us can choose at anytime to step ot of the shadow. Step out of the minuscule version of ourselves and roar like a true lion. Each one of us has a Melon Man or a Cantaloupe Kitten inside of us. The Melon Man is my androgynous super powered spirit energy that is finally awakening in my life and teaching me so much about the truth.

In my life i have been addicted to anabolic drugs. Of which there were many. To keep it simple I’ll say steroids and growth hormones. However that list can get lengthy. Then i was addicted to club drugs. Those were my happy drugs. Mostly stimulants and hallucinogens. Again I’ll just keep the list short and simple. The most common ones were Marijuana and MDMA. Alcohol was never that big for me. i loved to be big and I loved to dance and have fun.

Let’s peel away the layers here. After those I liked to have SEX! 😁 lol… Don’t we all? No… we don’t all love to have sex. We are all different and i loved to have sex too much. Like if i didn’t have sex i was not a nice guy. If i didn’t get sex as much as I wanted then i believed it was ok to have multiple partners. Like lots of SEX! whew… I’m feeling better already.

Let’s keep this going… i was addicted to stimulants and hallucinogens when i was out partying but during the day I kept it going with day to day stimulants. I used caffeine and ephedrine. I used pre-workout drinks and pre-workout formulas. Ephedra, Garuana and herbal stimulants. I used them before i worked out and just to get out of bed. To go to work, to work late, to see more clients, to make more money…. blah blah blah. You know all the shit we tell ourselves. All the excuses about why we need this substance or this thing.

Whether its shopping or a bigger house, or a new car, or planning the next holiday or decorating the next room. It’s all the same shit! it’s all addictions…

Let’s keep this going. i hope you are getting the point. I gave my power away to many things in my life. I had to pull my power back from many things in my life. The Melon Man really taught me a lot about coming back to my center. About coming back to the true me. About being whole and well and healthy and happy and where and how to do that. We can all do that.  We can all take back our power.  From anything.  From foods or substances or people.  We can take back our power from disease or from poverty.  It’s all the same thing.  It’s all about stepping back into your power.  Your super power.  It’s all about returning to the very best version of yourself.

I was addicted to work and to money and to my mobile device and to social media and probably worst of all i was addicted to this measly, inferior, weak, little shadow version of myself. I was addicted to my role. I was addicted to my nature. I was addicted to my poverty. To my bills. To my lack. To my limitations. I was addicted to my sadness and my sorrow and my loss and my pain.

I was addicted to my poor situation. It wasn’t fair for me. Poor me. i had to work too much. i didn’t get to sleep enough. i had too many things to pay for. I went bankrupt. lol.. twice. I lost my mom. i lost my girlfriends. I was black. i got audited 3 times. I pay huge government bills. My tax bills are huge. blah, blah, blah. i was addicted to this sorry, shitty little life and story that this impostor John dePass created in my life. I got 3 kids i have a wife. I’m a provider. i have to take care of them. It’s not fair what i have to do… Blah, blah, blah. All of it  was “shitty stinking thinking.”  A poor me attitude that created a life of trauma and pain and moments of joy over looked by long periods of darkness and pain.

All of it the same old crap. All of it a story i told myself. All of it a limited belief. All of it lack and limitation and all of it a mindset that was focused on the problem and something that just wasn’t me and something that just did not inspire me or make me happy. I’m telling you the Melon Man saved my life. He brought joy and happiness back into my life. He helped me see what I was doing wrong he helped me take back control.  He taught me that I had the power to change my life.  That I could lift myself up with my mind.  With my thoughts and my words and my actions I could change my life!

The last addiction I can think of is the one that so many just take for granted. The final addiction the Melon Man helped me get over was food… Now I’m still working on this one but I have already learned so much about taking back my power from food. I realize how to do it now.  I am well on my way. The final one is the most valuable one of them all.  We have been fooled into a life that is controlled by food and the need and dependence on it.  We are addicted to it and not even slightly aware of an alternative idea.  The idea that we could one day move beyond it.  Or at least actually take control of it and reduce the need for it by 1/2 or much, much more.  The beautiful thing is it’s all a choice.  As long as you eat 3 or 4 or 5 + times each day you have no choice.  You are trapped.  You are trapped financially and psychologically and physically to a lifestyle that is make you fat and sick and unhappy and you don’t even know it.

You see when you stand up to the food you really step into your truth. It has really been the “distilled water detoxification and the Un-fooding” that gave rise to the Melon Man. Now I’m not sure if he was always there or not. I’m not sure where he actually comes from or came from. What i know for sure is that each of us has a superhero inside of them. Each of us can take back our power. We can do it anytime we decide to. We can step up and have courage. The courage to do it is within you.

You see it’s all within. The power, the joy, the peace, the love, the freedom, the abundance, the courage, the health, the energy, the vigor, the prosperity, the self worth, the sexiness! 😁

All of it is inside of you. Each one of us has access to all of these powers within ourselves. You have these powers. You can activate them. You can take back your power. You can take back control of your life. You can overcome any obstacles. You can love yourself and your life again. You can heal your pain and your disease. You can be healthy and happy and strong and sexy and rich. I promise you.

You just have to come back to your truth. to the true power within you. You just have to peel away the layers. You just need to return to the real power in your life. Ditilled water detoxification and Un-fooding can help you do everything that you want to in your life. You can lose the weight, heal the pain, fix your relationship and make more money. Health and happiness is your birthright. You are born wealthy. You were born to be prosperous. You were born Kings and Queens and you are living the lives of peddlers and pan handlers.

Rise up and claim what is rightfully yours. You can take back control over your life. Once you learn how you will always be able to control or change anything you wish in your life forever more. Once you learn this skill you won’t need me or anyone or anything else ever again. This is your first and last lesson. You need to learn how to awaken your soul. How to love yourself.

I love the Melon Man. He taught me so much about my life. Reach out to me if you need help. i have a system. i have a method. I have a way to do it. All you need to do is plug into the system and take back control of your life. Just make a decision. Decide to take action again today! Decide to come back to your best. Now send me a message and let’s arrange a talk time.


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