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September 12, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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We are all individuals. I can’t force any of you to do anything. i can only provide you with information and allow you to choose. I have to accept that not everyone is ready to hear what I have to say…

That’s ok. I can manage if you aren’t ready. The truth is that your body has a pile of shit and mucous in it. It’s the response to a lifetime of over consumption and just plain eating the wrong foods. The evidence indicates there is only one way to correct that. Natural fruit detoxification.

However… Detoxification requires psychological and physical change. The mindset part is different for everyone. There can’t only be one way to view the internal world. The internal landscape is individual. No one can say for sure what is going on inside inside of you. None of us can understand anyone else’s insides.

I can’t make you understand mine anymore than i can be sure that i understand yours.  You have your own beliefs about what is going on internally for you.  I can’t change your beliefs.  I can’t make you change your mind about anything… Again I can only encourage you to change your mind.  I can only encourage you to let go a little of what you believe.  The things that you cling so tightly to are the exact things that hold you stuck in your space.

Only you can make a decision to let go of the way you are looking at things to explore a different possibility.  You will have to compromise with your thought to experience the full effectiveness of the detox.  I am convinced of that!

We can talk about spirit or subconscious reprogramming or chakra alignment or energy bodies or chi or prana or source energy or God or intention or consciousness or passion… but it may mean something to you or it may not.  I can offend people very easily by referring to something that you don’t like to talk about or speaking about it in a way that you don’t like to hear.  Please remain open minded here.  We all need to grow.  We all need different ways of looking at our internal landscape.  We all need a map.  The human being does not come with any operational manual.  All maps of the environment are speculation.  No one really knows what is going on within.

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Only you can interpret what is going on inside of you. Only you can change it. Only you can control your mind which steers the ship. Your mind is the tool you can control that can direct your energy.  Whether you want to move or change your spirit or you passion or your goals or your intentions that’s all personal.  The point for sure is you need to get the energy inside of you working for you.  You do believe there is some energy inside you don’t you?  Do you believe you have power?  I think its very important that you believe that you have power.  The more powerful you believe you are the more abilities you have.  If you realize that you are the force that creates your reality then you have all the power you need to change it!

If you have negative energy you can dismantle and displace or redirect that energy with your mind. I like to say your emotional body is out of alignment. If you have some negative emotions they can steel your joy and attention. They can take your focus and have you feeling sorry for yourself.  You always have the choice to listen to that victim voice.  You can stay stuck in that space or you can change that energy.

Don’t worry you can correct… but you must make a decision. Decide that you are in charge. Decide you can take back control. Commit to your decision. Use your mind to start aligning your energy bodies. Move your physical body with exercise. Your physiology needs a jump start. Get yourself into allignmet with your spirit body. You need some alignment within. Whatever you want to grasp to understand that is fine with me.

All of your energy needs to be focused and directed towards your targets and goals. If not you won’t feel well. Your exercise, your food action, your thoughts and words and emotions too. All need to be aligned to achieve true health. You need to get your whole self integrated.  You need all of you focused on your goals.  You choose your direction with your goals.  You direct your energy to various places in your life with a decision or a commitment.  Whole self integration can be done in a variety of ways.

In our next 30 day detox we will be working on whole self integration and lifestyle design.  I will show and teach my favorite methods of interacting with my infinite energy.  I will teach some meditation and visualization methods to help you transcend or transmute your current situations or circumstances.  Changing our lives really means elevating our mental space or changing our mindset.  This is done with new ideas.  Leave yourself open to a different interaction and utilization of your energy.

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Here is another great tool you can use to help you integrate yourself.  It uses vibration and visualization.  There cannot be only one way to reach the moon.  The important thing is you have got to try.   You have got to take a shot… If you miss you’ll surely hit the stars.  Align yourself by visualizing yourself taking in light energy while you listen to the vibrations in the video below.  The vibrations are healing for your body and mind.  They are helpful for creating alignment.  While you listen to the sounds you could sit or lay down and visualize yourself interacting with the universal source of energy.  Some people like to visualize themselves as balls of light. Reflecting vibration.  Light vibration.  Intake global and universal energy and light. Reflect it all appropriately in your life.

Listening to this can be helpful for some… Learn my favorite methods for aligning and directing
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Reset your energy vibrations and reset alignment in your internal world with the video below:

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