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February 26, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Hey guys!

Your training approach need to be appropriate for you.  We are each individuals and our training methods are dependent on the goals that we have, our current level of fitness and even our age.

Are you trying to be a body-builder?

Did you want to run a marathon?

Do you just want to lose weight, tone up, increase your energy, reduce your pain and lead a healthier happier life?

Are you over 35 years of age?

If you want to be a body builder then you will benefit from a split body-part, heavy weight training program that covers different muscle groups each day of the week.

If you want to be a marathoner then you have got to get out there and cover some miles to prepare that endurance base and you’ll likely spend more time in the gym in your off season.  During your race season a full body and functional strength training program 1-2 times a week will benefit you.

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If you are over 35 then you have to deal with the reality of losing some of your natural growth hormone production.  This will slow down your metabolism.  It will also contribute to lower energy a deterioration of your muscle mass, an accumulation of body-fat and increase in your pain. If this sounds like you and you would like to reverse that process then I have got the program for you.

By altering your exercise, nutrition and motivation you can heal and overcome anything that is currently going in your body or life.

If you are over 35 its an absolute fact that your hormone profile is starting to make success in the gym, with your energy and with your body-fat more challenging… But that does not have to be a death sentence for you.  You do not have to settle for love handles, muffin tops, jiggly arms or thighs any more.

As long as you are really fed up with what you’re currently doing you can make a decision today to get back into working on the best version of yourself again.

I encourage you to make that decision today!

Begin by adopting a full-body, core strengthening, high intensity interval style training program in your life.  Forget about the old split body-part routine you used in high school.  That’s not the most successful routine for you now!

Now you need something that is as efficient as it is effective.

It needs to be brief and intense to create the results you want!

Study’s show that short intense bouts of high intensity effort trigger a rapid change in our growth hormone production.  Short bursts of exercise get the job done quickly and create a controlled stress environment in your body.  “Controlled stress” is exactly the kind we need.  It’s the kind that trigger’s the release of the catacholamines.  Key fat-mobilizing, clear thinking, energy producing hormones that we need to get rapid results.

Your Rapid Fat-loss lifestyle exercise program should be built around your largest muscle groups.  Those are the ones that burn the most calories and have the greatest influence on your fat-burning hormones.

Rather than training your body like a body-builder if you want to create a lean, strong, sexy, pain free body take a functional approach to your exercise program.  Instead of breaking your body up into body parts train your body in the way it moves naturally.  Train all the potential movements that your body can do.

Remember if you don’t use it you will lose it.

You don’t want to lose the ability to do anything as you age.

You want to maintain all of your movements and abilities.

Bootcamp in burlington Fitness center

So train to reflect that.  Don’t get stuck on the old ideas of the past.  Your muscle’s don’t work in isolation naturally.  You don’t want to train that way.  You want your body to be fluid like a dancer.  Your training should reflect that.  You need a more athletic approach to your exercise if you want to get fit and able bodied after age 35.

You need to consider your core if you want to rehabilitate pain or restore movement in your body.

Your core muscles are more than just your abdominal muscles.

Your core muscles can be separated into two parts.  The internal core and the external core.

The external core muscles you are likely more familiar with.

They include your abdominal’s but also your inner thighs, your Gluteals, your Hamstrings, Rhomboids and Errectors.

All of your major muscle groups anchor to a core muscle.

In order to have real athletic strength or ability we need to have a strong secure core foundation.

To create pain free movement and healthy posture we need to address the function of the internal core muscles.

The internal core is where movement begins.

Before we can move our arm or legs the internal core must engage to protect the spine.

The Diaphragm at the top, Multifundus along your vertebrae at your back, your pelvic floor at the bottom of your pelvis and your Transverse Abdominis along the front of your body create your internal core musculature.

These muscle are so vital to your pain free movement but are often overlooked in a bodybuilding program.

If you have pain in your body it’s likely that there is a weakness or tightness or lack of function of your internal core structure.

The good news is that it can be corrected.

You can heal those uncomfortable pains in your body.

You can get back to your perfect health again.

You can get your lean sexy body back!

All it takes is the right exercise, the right nutrition and the right motivation to get you back to your best.

If you need to heal your pain in your body then your private training program can be covered by your work health benefits package.  Do you have a health benefits plan for physio at your work place?

In home personal training Burlington

I work with a physio therapist so that I can support your healing and it can be covered by your insurance.

Would you like to initiate overcoming your pain?

Would you like to take a proactive full body, functional approach to dealing with the pain in your body?

I can support you and it can be covered by your work benefits plan or your partners plan.

I am looking forward to helping 6 new people that are ready to make a change in their lives for this upcoming summer.

Are you ready to make a change?

My 12 weeks to a beach ready body program will go on sale next week!  Participate in my private studio or follow at long in the comforts of your own home by training with me on-line.

Message me if you would like to reserve a spot or discuss the possibility of activating your insurance to cover your exercise program: John@hiendfitness.com

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