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January 17, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Our 7 day Fast starts officially Monday!  Between now and then I want to give you all the information that you need to understand.  Above is a close up picture of all the equipment I will use in my gym for this program.  If you have all of this that’s great.  If you want to participate fully you can acquire this equipment.  If you do not have this equipment and you are not ready to make a purchase you can always do the alternative exercises that will be provided.  If you do not have everything it’s just fine for you to do an alternative exercise to keep yourself moving along with everyone else.

On Monday & Thursday next week I will be making my schedule available to everyone in this program.  I will be working with clients live in my studio.  Everyone registered in this program will get free access to observe our workouts and join in with us live.  I will be working with clients live and all the 7 day participants will be able to join in and workout also.  All  i need to get from you is an email to let me know when you will be attending.  I will need to send you a gym access link.  That will allow you to tune into our private training facility from your mobile device, laptop, tablet, or Ipad.

On Tuesday I will be doing a live workout at 630 in the morning that will be very beginner focused.  On Thursday morning I will be doing a live yoga workout for all of you at 630 in the morning.  I will also take everyone through a guided meditation.  Additional workouts will be provided for you in video.  You can always do a video workout if you can’t make to one of our live session times.  Please view my personal training schedule at the link below and notify me if you would like to tune in for a live session next week Monday or Thursday at any time on the schedule below.  If you would like to attend Tuesday or Thursday morning for absolute beginner workouts please indicate that also and I will make sure that you guys have video access.

If you have any question about my instructions above just send me a personal email:  john@hiendfitness.com

Watch for all the nutrition information, diet plans and levels of participation to arrive over the next 3 emails.  All systems will be go for blast off on Monday!  Watch the video below to see all the equipment I use inside my On-Line training program!  Talk to you soon.

See Live On-Line Personal Training Schedule Here Now!

Equipment Used In My On-line Training Program!

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