What does it take to change your life?

January 24, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset
What does it take to change your life?

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A wise man once said  “It is a great man that loves himself and a truly great man that loves another but without a doubt the greatest man of all loves himself wholeheartedly and loves all others just as he loves himself.”

What does it mean to love yourself?  What is included in that?

Do you think loving the way you look and feel would be a key aspect of that?

Do you think exercise and nutrition would play a vital role?

I can’t see how loving yourself wholeheartedly could leave out your health and well being.

… And not only your exercise and nutrition but also the thoughts and words that you hold in your mind about yourself and others.

After all… we are, and all of our lives are simply an expression of our most predominant thoughts words, beliefs and ideas.

Creating love for ourselves and our neighbors and for every single aspect of our lives requires us to become aware of the thoughts that we are thinking.  We must do some self analysis to discover and challenge our limited beliefs.

We need to clearly define what our goals are.

We need to write them down.

We also need to write down all of our thoughts and beliefs in relationship to our goals.  All of the fears and limited beliefs that we have also need to be written down.  We need to write down all of the emotions that we have surrounding our goals.  The positive and negative ones.

Get them all written down.

Then stand back and look at them.

Observe them.

These are your thoughts.  Which ones are helpful?  Those need to be reinforced positively.  All of this can be done in your mind.  In a quiet opportunity.

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…You must also identify your negative thoughts.  Your limited beliefs.  These may be more important.  Usually its a limited belief that we hold that stands in the way of us achieving our full potential.

Writing out ALL of your thoughts is a very important aspect to identifying the things that are blocking you from really creating the body or life that you truly love.

We all must challenge our limited beliefs.  We all must associate those limited beliefs with pain and make strong positive associations with the the ideal thoughts.  The ones that stimulate the positive emotions and feelings in our lives.

Its the negative emotions, feelings that come from the negative thoughts that get us off track.  Those negative thoughts block us from our true nature.  Our true power.  Happiness is a truth that exists deep within each of us.  A power that all of us can reach and utilize.

We need to access our true nature.

When we do, we feel positive.

We feel peace, happiness, love and freedom.

When we are in alignment with our source energy we feel inspired.

To accomplish what we want with our lives we need to stay in a positive vibration as often as possible.

What aspect of your life are you resisting.  What parts of your life are you struggling with?

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Is exercise and nutrition and obstacle for you?

Is it time that stands in your way or is it energy?

Take a look at the successful aspect of your life?

Realize that there are multiple parts to you and your life.

Look at your relationships, your career, your finances, your health, your spirituality.  What parts of you or your life are you excelling in?  What parts of your life are you struggling.  What are you doing in the positive parts of your life?  How do you think and feel about them?  Do you think about those parts of your life a lot?

I bet you do.

I bet the parts of your life that you are struggling with you don’t think about very much at all.  You likely forget about them, dismiss them or say they are not that important.

Do you have a habit that you want to break?

Have you been telling yourself for a long time that it’s ok?

That it’s under control?

Are you ready to accept that it’s not ok?

Our bad habits are always a cover up for some limited aspects of our lives.  If we really want to change our life I suggest challenging your bad habits.  They may need to be eliminated ultimately.   To begin a change your bad habits definitely needs to be brought back into control.

We need harmony and balance if we want to change our lives.

We need love for all aspects of our lives.

Love is trans-formative.  You need to get into harmony and love with all aspects of yourself and your life.

If you do not love an aspect of yourself or your life you will never be able to maintain it long term.

It can happen.

It can be done.

You can learn to love all of your life!

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It starts by loving one aspect of yourself and from there it can grow into loving all of your life.

Nutrition and exercise is my favorite place to start!

Let’s start there.  We can very easily take control of our food and schedule our exercise time.

I want to help you change your life this year!

This month I have room for 4 new people in my group training program.

I have room for 2 more semi-private training clients.

I can take on 1 private training client this month.

Send me a personal email if you would like to arrange a free 20 minute phone consultation time: john@hiendfitness.com

Or send me a text message here: 905-512-5421

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