Welcome to Rawgust!

Good morning raw food warriors,

I have been a raw food healing junkie for the last 16 months.

I started by moving in the direction of alkalizing the body with live raw juice about 3 years ago.

Feeling the positive benefits of that I moved to a vegan lifestyle.

Recognizing the rapid changes that were happening in my body and life inspired me to continue to learn grow and study the world of healing.

I moved into raw food eating after reading a book called the Mucusless Diet by Dr. Arnold Ehret.

Dr. Ehret was a pioneer in the field of raw food healing.

His book was written in 1910 and has been recently updated and edited and republished by Professor Spira.

I will attach a live interview I had with Professor Spira below.

I will also provide you a digital copy of that book.

I have pursued the science of natural healing to the very top of the globe over the past 16 months and for me it has been a total unraveling of all misunderstandings with regards to health and wellness and “common knowledge.”

Do you ever feel like everything in the mainstream media contradicts itself?

Doesn’t it seem like for every scientific paper that exists on the subject of nutrition, health and wellness you can find another that seems to demonstrate the absolute opposite results?

Well after 27 years as a professional healer and coach I wanted to get the truth.  It just didn’t make sense to me that our creator would put us on this planet to be fat, in pain, sick, unhealthy and unhappy however that is all that I see.

Everyone is complaining about their weight, their health, their relationship or their finances.  We are all sent to the doctor to get prescribed a pill that is supposed to fix everything in our lives but it never does.  We return for more pills with more problems and we continue on until the problem turns into diabetes or cancer or heart disease or arthritis and obesity.  This is the cycle of life and it does not make sense.

All of this has been accepted as the aging process.  We are told it’s a part of life and I am here to say no.  Don’t believe what you have been told.  This is not the natural life cycle.  This is only the result of poor information that been taught to us and poor habit and behavior that has been developed and allow to continue for 30,40 or 50 years or more.

Think about that for a second.  50 years or more of bad habit….  How simple is that to break?  It’s not simple… But that is what i am suggesting is what needs to happen.  We need to make a paradigm shift.  We need to get back to what is actually normal and healthy and right for our bodies.  We need to begin to take a raw food approach to a healthy life!

Welcome to Rawgust!

One of my many ways to enter into the weight-loss and healing benefits of Raw food life!

Raw food healing is actually a two part system and method.  It is built around the ingestion of raw food only and it’s separated by moments of the world’s most undisputed powerful healing modality.  “The FAST”

Fasting is the greatest healer known to man.  If you observe an animal in nature it won’t eat when it becomes sick or get’s injured.  Just this week my daughter broke her humerus clean through.  It was broken at the end of the bone.  Her growth plate was broken clear off and had to be surgically reattached.  The surgery was a success on Friday night.  Today is Monday morning and she has barely eaten a thing since Thursday night.  She is tiny so it’s not that her body has a lot of fat reserves.  Her body is healing with all of the power it has inside.  It’s happening in the absence of food.  Her body does what it does most naturally when it wants to heal most.  It stops eating.

Here is a very simple outline of the program:

  1. Eat live raw food.
  2. Stay empty as long as you can

I would like you to start with a very late day breakfast.  Try to stay empty through the morning.  Contrary to what you have heard breakfast is the least important meal of the day.  I want you to skip it!  Coffee too if you can.  If you can get off of coffee and tea and alcohol for at least 6 days of the week that would be great!

Healing happens in emptiness.  Healing is normal and natural.  You body has always healed.  As we age the healing process happens more slowly.  Things start to hurt or get painful.  The body gets stiff.  It doesn’t have to.  It’s not that you are aging really.  It’s that you are getting acidic.  We can restore your youthful energy and vigor by restoring what is normal and natural in your body.

Let’s throw the reset switch by getting you empty for at least 14 hrs a day.  Let’s try to stretch that emptiness by 1 hr each week that you participate in the program.  Let’s combine emptiness with alkalinity to restore your perfect health.  The body at birth is alkaline and electric.  Our bodies will heal when we can get back to the most alkaline and electric foods and stay empty as long as we can.

The power to heal is within.  It is not something that comes from food or medication.  When you were a child if you cut yourself or got sick you just got better.  That is normal.  As you continued into adult hood you picked up more bad habits.  You ate more food than you needed.  You became less active.  You started into coffee and tea and alcohol.  All of your habits have contributed to a body that is trending towards the acid side of chemistry.

Rather than moving towards the natural alkaline state you have been trending away from that.  We need to bring you back to that.  Here is your free opportunity to test out the natural raw food healing power!

Try this little Raw food experience and see if what I’m saying is not absolutely true!

Try it for yourself.

Do it for 5 or 6 days or 7 days straight and allow yourself a little break with a cooked food meal and desert.

Try to stay empty every day for at minimum 14 hrs.

Try to extend you emptiness as long as you can.

Each week try to press your emptiness a little further.

Your body heals while it’s empty.  That’s when all of your bodies energy can be directed towards healing.  As long as you are digesting and creating enzymes your bodies resources are divided.  Healing can’t happen that way.  Healing requires your bodies full attention.  All of your focus and energy needs to be directed towards the process.  As you stand up to food and extend your emptiness you will regain power and control over food in your life.

Stop allowing food and cravings to take control of you.  You are in charge here.  You are the creator of your life.  You are the power in your life.  You have the power to heal or change anything that you wish.  You just need the right information, tools and circumstances to allow it all to happen.

Any Questions?

Send them through to me personally john@hiendfitness.com

I’ll have a lot of resources for you as we go.

Start here.

Eat fruits as much as you can.  They have the highest nutrients. They are the best for elimination.  They are the most electric.  They are alive and full of enzymes.  They are alkaline.  Do not worry about fruit sugar.  It’s the sugar your body needs.  I will explain all as we go!

Vegetables are second best.  Eat them as necessary.  They will help to fill you up and help you stay full.  They are also helpful for elimination and contain many nutrients.

Stay away from cooked and processed foods.  Meat and dairy, breads, pastas, starches are to be left alone.  Stay away for 5 or 6 or 7 days at least.  Give this experiment a real good go.  See what you can do.  See what it does for you.  That way you will really know.  This way you can really make a decision about what you need to do to change your life.

Let me tell you what it is…

You need to move towards live raw food nutrition.

I will provide you with a couple workout videos and “yoga like” workouts below.  they are important too!  You need to get your body active and moving if you haven’t been.  Your body needs activity!  Clearing toxicity is accelerated by movement.  Try to do 4 workouts each week if you can.  See the workout video’s below.  Gather all additional resources below also.

Please check your start up weight and measure your waist at the level of your belly button.

Provide me with that information to get started.

Start today or tomorrow.

Tell me your weight and your waist measurement at the belly button before you begin.

Choose live raw food and stay empty.

Do your workouts and email me any questions you may have.

Every day I want to hear from you on social media.  I want to get a shout out from you on Facebook and hear how you are doing.  Check in with a picture please.  Of yourself or your fruit meal or your salad or veggies.  Keep it raw and alive.  Alkaline and electric.  That is how live natural food is.  That is how you are.  All living things are Alkaline and electric.  All living things heal the same way.  By restoring the natural flow of life.

Just let me know what day of the raw food challenge you are on.

Let me know how you are thinking or feeling.

Share something with me or just post a picture.

It does not need to be profound or enlightening or even entertaining.

It can be if you are motivated to be.  Just do whatever you like.  I just want to maintain contact and communication with you.  I want to support anything that comes up for you.  I welcome questions and will do my best to answer as quickly as i can.  Sometimes I’ll just go live for a video anwer.  If i answer one person’s question then likely others will benefit.


Gaze into the sun if you can daily.  first thing in the morning as the sun rises is great and safe.  So is the setting sun as it again gets low in the sky.

Put your bare feet upon the ground if you can. 10-20 minutes each day is wonderful.

If you need water try to make it distilled water.

If you eat the most hydrating fruits you won’t need much water at all.

That’s another myth!

Drink distilled.

Get all your additional resources in the video messages and attached documents below to get started.  I will follow up with more.  This should allow you to get started.  Email me any questions you may have: john@hiendfitness.com

Get The Mucusless Diet by Dr.Arnold Ehret Here Now!

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