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November 18, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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If you are just getting started with a natural healing lifestyle then your body will be extremely toxic. You must begin slowly. Slowly shift your body towards what is natural. Live raw food is natural for the human being. At birth the human body is oxygenated, electric and alkaline.

As we age the body gets acidic, toxic and inflamed. Do we really age or do we just get acidic and toxic? Would we slow or reverse the aging process if we cut off the inflammatory response. If we removed the toxic waste from our bodies we could restore the alkalinity. If we exercised daily we could oxygenate the body. If we made contact with the physical earth we could rebalance the electrical current of the body.

The right water will help us to eliminate the hazardous waste from our bodies. Toxic elements are anything that should not be inside of the body. Food waste for example. Undigested food elements from incorrect foods.

The human is not an omnivore and should not be eating meat, dairy or processed foods. Humans are not supposed to cook their foods. This bad habit kills the food and takes all the nutrients away. Dead foods have no value for the body and leave a toxic residue that builds up in the body over time.

We need to get that waste out of the body. Especially at the beginning water is a great way to do that. Stop drinking tap water and make the switch to distilled or reverse osmosis. We must get the drugs and chemicals out of our drinking water. We are polluting our bodies further with chemical toxicity from fluoridated and chlorinated water.   I encourage all to stop drinking tap water.

After we have slowly transitioned ourselves off of cooked foods, meats, dairy and processed foods and shifted ourselves towards raw foods or a fruitarian lifestyle we can reduce water intake.  While we are getting started and transitioning to our ideal nutritional intake we should maintain high water intakes and make sure we are getting our water from the highest quality sources.  For me I believe the best water in distilled water.  My close second best water intake recommendations would be reverse osmosis.  I strongly oppose drinking tap water.

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Fruitarian’s like myself do not drink much water at all. They don’t need to. Its even better to hydrate the body with fruit then it is to use water. I teach water is more for cleansing then it is for hydrating the body. Fruits are better for hydration as they contain the correct electrolyte balance.

Fruit is best for helping the body eliminate waste. My greatest raw food lifestyle mentor Dr. Arnold Ehret showed that cadavers studied in the early 1900’s contained 10-15 pounds of hazardous fecal wastes sitting inside the colon.

Does that even sound remotely healthy to you? Do you think hazardous food wastes resting in your colon could provide you with a benefit? All that waste leaching toxic elements into your body and system is only going to manifest disease inside of your body.

Fruits are the best eliminators for the body. Pectin or fruit fiber helps the body remove fecal waste best. The fruits are the best hydrators and the best eliminators for the body. The human body is not an omnivore species. The human body is like its closest relatives. The primates eat primarily a fruit focused meal plan. We should too!

Make the shift with your food and water. As the body detoxifies you can shift further towards fruit eating and less water drinking. Begin the shift towards eating your water today!

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