Pain is just one Symptom of the same thing

February 13, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Lose weight, Heal Pain, Fix Your Relationship, Make more money…

Burlington Vegan Personal trainer says it’s all the same!

Most of your chronic pain is not because of your fall or accident. It’s not because of your age. Most of your aches and pains of all kinds are your lifestyle.

It’s your nutrition, your substance use and medication thats creating the wrong environment inside your body. It’s your negative thoughts and emotions that are trapped in your body.

Coffee, alcohol, prescription drugs, meat, dairy, processed foods, inactivity, tap water are all wreaking havoc to your internal terrain. Your body’s Ph is off and you are inflamed.

Your holding water, your gaining weight and your confusion and a lack of understanding is causing anger and frustration in your life. Negative emotions and thoughts are growing due to all the misdiagnosis. All is stealing your playfulness, patience and joy.

Your back has actually changed its posture. It’s misalignment of your spine that is making things deteriorate further. The spine is curling at the lower back and upper neck. Its a response to excessive fecal waste in your colon.

Your body is holding onto old fecal matter because you’re congested and constipated from wrong foods and behavior. You’re doing what you’re told is good or ok most of the time so you can’t make sense of it all and the frustration is growing along with your pain and unhappiness.

You keep going to the chiropractor or physiotherapist or doctor to try and manage your pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia. All if your sickness Illness and disease’s are all related. You have the power to heal all of this yourself.

Fecal matter is stuck in your intestines and leaking hazardous, acidic, toxic wastes into your system. Your weight gain and physical pain are the early warning symptoms. You need to change your life!

You must rid your body of invaders. Negative thought and words. Unnatural elements, chemicals and food wastes have got to be removed. The living critters must be killed. Fungus, yeast, candida and parasites need to be removed from your life.

You need new information to break through and return to your very best. You don’t have to be fat and in pain. All of this is a choice. An unconscious choice because you have been programmed by life to follow and get addicted to things that are slowly killing you.

Once you realize this truth you are in the power position. Its up to you now. You can change your life. You can heal all things in your world. You can lose the weight and keep it off this time. You can get your joy and happiness, your relationship and your family back.

You can be a better version of you. A playful pain free you. That guy will make more money and have more fun in their life. Motivation, accountability, education, exercise, nutrition and behavior modifications can heal your entire life.

No pills, no potions, no products, no doctors, or naturopath’s or massages or health practitioners any more? No more stuff required to be your best . You can heal and change all of this. You can heal and manage your own self and life. You can exercise yourself, you can learn to eat right and you can manage your life without me or anyone else.

Your spine will uncurl and your tall standing chin up posture will return. Your mobility will come back and your energy will blast through the roof! You can do this. You can change your life! 😁

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