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September 27, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Drop fat, fluid, and toxic waste fast with our Skinny Juice


Our “Skinny Juice” is our patented toxic waste eliminator. It’s the secret sauce in our 7 day fat flush Competition and its so simple to apply into our lives. Add “Skinny Juice” to your lifestyle with simple natural raw ingredients you likely have in your home right this minute.

Get the science behind our patented quick natural fat-loss strategy below.

Our modern society is chronically congested and constipated. The average cadaver 110 years ago had 15 pounds of fecal waste inside its small intestines. Rest assured that is 20-30 pounds on average now.

How can that be healthy? This is just it. Fecal matter draining toxic waste into your system is fat causing, pain producing and a major contributor to disease.

When i made the switch to a raw food diet i lost 40 pounds in the first 16 weeks!

Want to see your energy improve, your mood get better and your body drop fat, fluid and toxic waste fast? Start incorporating our “Skinny Juice” protocol today.

See the science behind our skinny juice in the video below. Reach out to me to discuss the best application for your life.

Here is a super additional resource: https://wellnessmama.com/12158/make-sole/

Watch my interview with Martin Lara the “Cabby Doctor” below.  Martin was a doctor in his country before he emigrated to the US 30 years ago.  He drives a cab in Manhattan and is an author of numerous books.

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