Losing the Weight, Healing the Pain or Improving your life is a Choice

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer Says You can Change your life but you must make a Decision

Ultimately what we are talking about with total life healing is a returning to our most natural self. An alignment of thought, word and action with true source energy is total healing. The true source energy within us is spirit energy. Some people like to call this energy the subconscious mind and some don’t like to identify it at all.

I don’t care what you call this energy. For me the only important thing is that we identify that this energy within us is the true self. The issue at the root of all of our unhappiness is the division we have within our own self. We have misidentified ourselves with our bodies. We have misidentified ourselves with our physical experience. We have identified with our roles and our personalities. This misidentification of our true selves is at the root of our unhappiness.

Total healing is the realignment of thought, word and true source energy. Our true energy is the power of unconditional love. We need to come into alignment with that energy. We need to return to the light beings that we are. This is a process of elimination of toxic obstructions and a reprogramming of our mindset. Distilled water detoxification, un-fooding and personal development can heal and change all things in our lives.

We can lose the weight, we can heal our pain and we can learn to love ourselves. Loving the self is simply returning to alignment with what we truly are.

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