It’s All Your Choice…

February 13, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Burlington Personal Trainer Says…

“Body Fat, Pain, Poverty & Disease are all a Choice!”

You have access to your greatest power. It is your highedt vibration. You attract to you the energy that you produce. Only you can change your energy and vibration. No one else has that power over you unless you give that power to them.

Food has no power over you. Substance has no power over you. Disease has no power over you. Circumstance has no power over you. You are the creator of your reality. As the creator you have the power to create or change your circumstances.

You can take back your power from any of these things…

You must trust in the law. You must trust in the universe. This takes great courage. To be your best you must step into your fear. You must believe in the true you. You must believe in your source energy. You must believe in the connection you have wuth that energy.

You must take back control from your old conditioning. You must reprogram your subconscious mind to a new outlook. To your new identity. This power is only available in the present. You must stay in the moment to access it. You must change your mindset to access this power.

Self awareness is the greatest gift of unfooding. Detoxification supports the removal of physical and mental obstruction. Unfooding and distilled waters support the gretest version of you Exercise, breath and meditation are all required aspects of you being your very best self.

The greater your ability to stay with the present the more you can create the life that you have always dreamed of. The higher your energy the more awareness of true self you will have. There are many tools you can incorporate to restore your energy and heal your body and life.

Only you can change your weight. Only you can heal your disease. Only you can step into your abundance. Send me a personal message if you wish to have a discussion about changing your life.

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