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Before I was a Vegan Personal Trainer I was a meat eating bodybuilder!  I used to eat a dozen eggs for breakfast and a dozen before bed.  That was 20 years ago now. Take a look below…

“Coming from a back ground in Body Building had me convinced about the needs for animal protein.  After 30 years of believing that myth and over eating protein I started to encounter a great deal of pain in my body.  I had pain, digestive problems, sleep issues, food addictions, mood swings, an over growth of yeast in my body and a bodyweight that was creeping up each year.  I thought it was just old age starting to set in as I approached 45.  Now that I have been a vegan bodybuilder for the past couple of years I realize the truth.  Our bodies don’t really need Protein at all.”

At the root of every problem is an incorrect thought. The problems with health and wellness in our society are no different. There are a series of incorrect thoughts that are holding you back from achieving the very best version of you.

One thought that is really standing in your way is the idea that your body needs protein. The truth is it doesn’t. Your body needs amino acids. All of the amino acids can be found prevelant within your fruits and vegetables.

Let go of this thought that’s standing in your way and see what happens to your life. Do it slowly. Allow time for transition. A transitional diet is essential. You do not need to do this overnight. Give yourself 3 months to a year to make this switch.

As you begin to see progress your motivation will grow. Work towards your vegan lifestyle goals during the week and relax and indulge on the weekends. Try to stay meat free during the week or how about protein focused dinner meals only? Slowly and gradually remove the negative programming from your life.

Now I’m not the same size I was 20 years ago but i don’t need or want to be either.  I don’t life heavy weights any more and I don’t think you need to either.  What you need is some regular exercise.  20-30 minutes 4 times each week.  It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated either.  Join me live on my Facebook page every Tuesday and Thursday morning for Morning workout @ 730.  If you can’t make the workout live you can do whenever you are free.  you can do On-line from the comforts of your own home.

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