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February 8, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Do you believe there is a force that keeps the universe in order?

Do you believe that you are apart of the universe?

Do you believe that you have access to that force?

I believe that you do.

I believe you can access that force in your life.

I believe using that force for you is what it means to work smarter and not harder!

There is nothing that you can do physically that would even come close in comparison to what the force of the universe can do for you in an instant.

Work as hard as can to try and accomplish ANYTHING… The power of the universe can do it with you or for you effortlessly.

Why not work with the universe to accomplish your goals this year.

You can bring yourself to your power by practicing being present.

Your greatest power can be found in each present moment.

You always have everything that you need.

You can access it all with your mind.

Through your focus.

What are you thinking about right now!

What you want to accomplish or what is currently going on?

Remember that what you focus on grows.

Are you thinking about the problem or the solution?

You can learn to stay present.

Your exercise is essential to set up your physiology for success! Brief intense exercise sessions will quickly change your bodies hormone profile. That will prime your metabolic engine and create the energy you need to change your life.

Your nutrition is vital to support the recovery from your workouts.  You are what you eat. You need the right materials to heal and repair every single cell in your body. You can change and heal any aspect of your life.

By customizing your nutrition and exercise you can very quickly adjust your energy, body-fat and weight… But to keep it off for the rest of your life you need to change your mind.

Your mindset is the key to accessing your infinite potential.  It is the key that can open the doorway to your true power.  By maintaining the ideal space with your mind you can move towards your goals and maintain your success while you enjoy the process.

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