Urine Therapy?

October 20, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset


Urine and Weight-loss

Omg! lol…

So many people can’t get there heads around this…

I understand that not everyone will see or understand. I understand that not everyone can. You have to be at the right vibration to receive the information. You must be ready and open.

Its always a thought that blocks us from success! Its always a belief or an idea that is blocking us from moving forwards in our lives. Want to move forward. Get over thus common thought error.

“Urine is a waste product”

No… it’s not! 😃😂

lol. waste goes out the back end so we never have to see it or look at it again!

Love comes through the front. It’s not waste. It’s excess. It’s excess inside the body right now so the body gifts it back to you. It gives ut to you to use it. It gives it to you to use topically and to reingest it.

It is given back to you because it contains knowledge. It contains the knowledge of you and your body. It contains the knowledge that your body and life needs to move forward. To heal.

It contains some toxins. Yes it does. There are toxins in your food. Toxins in the air and toxins in your mind too! lol… your life is full of toxins. So silly all if a sudden you’re anti toxin but you won’t do a detox? silly silly, make sense.

What does it mean toxin? it means something that is foreign. Something that needs to get out if here. Something that needs to go away… True. But not completely. Realize… We need to have some of the toxic elements.

These toxins provide healing information. They are your toxins. Your negative elements and thoughts. You need to see them and know them. You need to see your shadow. You need to know your shadow. Your shadow provides you with some very valuable things.

You must get comfortable with your shadow. You need to see it, know it and embrace it! In that process which doesn’t happen overnight by the way you learn and grow and move forwards. You grow from shadow work. By exposing your negative or surpressed emotions you come to know and love yourself. All of you needs tour love.

You need to see and accept your negative emotions. Your negative emotions have value. So do those negative aspects of your urine. Its all of you. Your body is not getting rid of it waste. Its giving it back to you. Its a feedback loop. Everything works this way.

Thus is the water cycle. The water evaporates, cools to form clouds and falls as rain to nourish and heal us all and our world. This is the natural cycle of our planet. Its how all things work. See it. See the truth of this natural healing paradigm.

You think negative things. You think fearful thoughts or sad thoughts or angry or frustrated thoughts and your life provides you with more negative stuff! It keeps producing negative circumstances for you until you learn to adjust the way you think and act. Adjust! Adjust! Adjust the way you think.

Wake up and adjust. This is always the message life is giving you. It gives it to you againa and again. Each time larger and louder. You don’t get it yet? then hear you go. Here us some disease to go along with that poor opinion you have. See the block is always within ourselves.

Change the way you look at the world and the world will change for you! Urine is no waste. Its the magic elixir thats missing from your life!

Get some deeper insight into this real life healing elixir at the video below!

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