Two drastically opposing views

There are literally 2 different schools of science and physiology that are available today. There is the one that Big Pharma the giant food corporations and most of the health and wellness community know about and support and then there is the natural “your body can heal itself” alternative view that exists within the healing community.   If you continue with the prevailing view you will eventually meet with the truth when your Cancer reaches stage 4.

Which community do you think has more dollars and more marketing power?

Which community do you think has influenced the population more?

What do you think that has done to the population?

The strong marketing power and position and the extended time that the conventional model has existed has created a dark cloud of fear and uncertainty towards the natural alternative views of wellness.

We have all been duped by the idea that you can eat more and drink more and have more…

Cause all of that is really making us really happy isn’t it…?

The prevailing Big Pharma position is that you have caught or contracted a disease from some external source or exposure. In order to heal it you need to take some foreign substance you can only get from them. This substance will heal your symptoms but do nothing to address the true nature of your disease. However you will pay dollars to the community for their support and the community will happily move along.

The problem with this model is that you have taken a foreign substance and placed it into your body. That substance now adds additional toxicity to your body. It contributes to further sickness and deterioration (often refereed to as old age). This model is flawed. It addresses only the symptoms of your disease. It does not address the root cause which is your nutrition.

This model keeps you sick. You must wake up and get the new knowledge and understanding. Your body can heal. It can heal itself. If you allow it to come to it’s most natural space it will heal. When you get sick it’s not that you have contracted something from outside of yourself. It’s that YOU have made yourself sick.  YOU have put too much toxicity within yourself.

The new healing paradigm requires you to take responsibility for your health and wellness. Your body when in a natural state heals.  It always has.  It always did before. In order to return your body to it’s most natural state you cannot put foreign substance into it. You need to get the foreign substances out of the system.

Step 1 is that you need to stop putting more toxicity into your body.  Animal products, processed foods, grains, wheat, antibiotics, medications, prescription and non prescription drugs, pollution, chemicals, heavy metals, candida, parasites, bacteria, mucous, inflammation and acidosis. You need to stop the over consumption.  You need to develop some discipline and self control.  Self mastery is the true happiness.

The way to get the foreign material out of your body and allow true healing to occur requires that you detoxify your body. You must remove the toxic elements in a natural way so that you do not create more toxicity.

These views are opposite. The prevailing view profits some at the expense of most. The new healing model profits no one. That’s why it cannot gain support. Big Pharma and the Giant Food Corporations don’t allow it to move forward. If the new knowledge gets out people will consume less and need less of their products.

Our true optimal health requires us to eat real live healthy food.  We all need to take responsibility for what is going on in our lives. You do need to develop some self control.  You do need to stop put toxic things into your body.  You really do need to consider what you think about or speak about.  Thoughts are things and words are literally thought vibrations that affect every cell inside your body when you speak them.

We all need to get specific about our personal goals.  About where we personally want to go.  Each one of us needs to make sure that our thoughts words and actions are in alignment with the direction that we want to go.  All of the healing ideas place the burden of responsibility upon you for your health and wellness.

Are you ready to learn the new healing model for health and wellness?

I am ready to share it.

My next 30 day detoxification and elimination program kicks off Monday September 25th.


  1. I will share what the actual physiological and nutritional misunderstandings that have created all of the division in our lives.
  2. Get going again with your exercise on-line or live in my club.
  3. Start a beginner yoga you can do in your own home.
  4. Begin a meditation practice.  Learn the basics to begin.
  5. Do some goal setting.  Change your nutrition.  Heal your life.
  6. Get re-motivated and inspired
  7. Get accountable to a professional
  8. Lose your belly, overcome your pain, lose weight

All you need to do is show up with an open mind.

Have you registered yet?

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If you want to get more details check out this link: 30 day Fruit detoxification, Exercise and Weight-loss program


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  1. Andrea Berg Author August 5, 2017 (4:20 pm)

    Confirming seminar time of 12 pm.
    Thank you,

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    • jdp1.depass Author August 13, 2017 (2:20 pm)

      just got this…. not sure if you registered by email. Are you in the detox group? I am going to be sharing the free detox program again. Hopefully you can make it to the next one if you missed this. Just send a personal email for registration. I’m sorry i missed this comment. These comments are not received as timely as an email.

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