The top 10 “I Am affirmations in my life”

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The Power of I Am Statements


Success is created in your life from the ground up.  It starts with your thoughts and your spoken words.  Have clear goals/ direction and right energy are the building blocks of successful days.  When you string successful days together you create a happy, full-filled life.  All of this infinite power is within you and you just need to access it and let it out.  There are so many simple behaviors you can get into the habit of doing daily that can help you get more contact with the source energy within you.

The words I Am are powerful action words in your life.  You can use these words to help you shape your life.  These words can be spoken affirmations for you that help you to align your thoughts words and actions.  When you have a detailed list created of your top 10 I Am statements those words will help clearly define you.  They will help to clearly outline your day to day actions.  Your clear thought and words will create your map.  Your internal compass.

When you clearly know your top 10 I Am statements you will be very certain of your daily actions.  When you begin and end your day thinking and talking or listening to your most powerful action statements it will become clear what actions you need to be engaging in and whether or not the actions you are engaging in are supporting with what you want to create.  Your internal voice will prompt you with thoughts, ideas or opportunities.  As magical as that may sound it’s the simple truth.

Begin to clearly define your top 10 I Am affirmations today.  If you have not yet created your gratitude list or clearly outlined your goals then you may not be ready to do your affirmation list.  Don’t worry if you cannot do this yet or if it takes time for you to create this list.  With practice and rehearsal of your Gratitude List and Your Goals your action statements will evolve with time.  Removing physical toxicity from your body will also assist your clarity and contact with the energy within you. All will correct itself as you commit more deeply to your raw food nutrition this will aid you in identifying the thought and word toxicity that are blocking you from creating your list.

The Top 10 “I Am” affirmations in my life for stepping into my Abundance


  1.  I am totally and completely committed to the source energy within me.
  2. I am totally and completely committed to fully serving that energy.
  3. I am fully dedicated to the expression of that energy in each and every moment of my life.
  4. I am excited to share that white light energy within me completely with my wife.
  5. I am looking forward to seeing that energy grow our relationship to the full capacity of human love and interaction
  6. I am happy and full-filled by that source energy being the commanding force in my relationship with my children.
  7. I am pleased to lead my relationships with my extended family, friends and all my gifted dependents with the same pure white light energy of my source.
  8. I am committed to my purpose of lovingly providing training, support, knowledge, information, motivation, accountability, inspiration and guidance to anyone who requires it in exchange for my income.
  9. I am totally committed to full-filling all of my financial obligations to allow me to conduct my business and gain the freedom to spend engaged, present, quality time with myself, my wife and my children.
  10. I am fully committed to my income out reaching all of my expenses and providing a savings fit to secure my future while allowing the freedom and presence I need with myself, my wife and with my children.
  11. I am ready to step fully and completely into my abundance.


I have recorded my top 10 I am statements so that I can listen to them anytime I wish.  The best time of day for affirmations are at the beginning and end of each day.  By recording them I can make create a video message I can place in a continuous play.  I can listen to my statements for 10 minutes at the beginning or end of my day while i meditate. I find that a very effective meditation tool.

Listen to my top 10 I am affirmations Here Now!

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