This is how you do it!

This is how you do it!

Take a look at Karen in the Picture below!  She is down 21 pounds this year!  Do you want to make a change in your life?  Stop wasting your time… Recommit yourself to yourself.  Start putting your best foot forward again.  Stop wasting time living in a shadow of yourself.  How is that a better life for you?  Step out of your shadow.  Realize everything that your life can become now!  You could be down 20 pounds and toned up in the next 8-12 weeks!

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Acomplishing a goal in any aspect of your life is ALWAYS the same. ALWAYS! 🙂

It starts with a thought in your mind. Let’s say you want to lose 20 or 30 or 50 pounds. You have a desire. A want. A goal…

First it helps to put it on paper. Then you’ve got to explore and understand all the reasons why you want it. By knowing clearly all the benefits you will receive by the accomplishment of your goal you anchor your goal. This is very important because goal attainment isn’t instantaneous. When you know all of the rewards associated with the accomplishment of your goal it helps you to push through the tough challenges.

See in your mind and write it on paper all the aspects of your life that will be improved by the accomplishment of your goal.

How will your goal affect your relationship with yourself? With your partner or a significant other? With your children or your closest family? How will it affect the relationship you have with your friends, your career, your finances, your future?

See how the accomplishment of your goal will affect every single aspect of you and your life?

Next… what do you need to do today to move forward towards your goal? What do you need to eat? What does that mean for your schedule? Do you need to get to the grocery store? When? How often? What do you need to put in your cart to make sure you have the resources available to do this?

What do you need to do today with your body? How should you move it? For how long? How hard?

What do you need to think about today to make this happen? What do you need to think about tomorrow to keep it happening?

You need systems. You need successful methods of eating, for exercise and for thought.

To accomplish your goal and make it something that you have attained for the rest of your life means that your new healthy lifestyle needs to become apart of your subconscious.

Somethings that you just do automatically. Something that just happens without a second thought.

The new you. The accomplished you, will be a result of you changing yourself at a level below thought. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind.

It can happen. You can do it. We all have this power. I would love to help you do this…

Let’s arrange a conversation. Please email me here: or text me here: 905-512-5421 to initiate a conversation.

I have been a Pro-trainer for 27 years.  My wife for 17.  We’ve helped a hundreds of people to change there lives.

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