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Dr.Ehret healed 10’s of thousands of people in his sanitorium 110 years ago with fruit and fasting. His number 1 recommended healing protocol was a single fruit or mono fruit eating. He suggested grape sugar to be the very best healing food.

Ehret taught emptiness was the very best medicine for the human. Emptiness is when the healing happens. Healing is natural. The fruit helps the body to eliminate the obstructions or waste. The obstructions block the human from contact to its true nature.

Ehret himself performed lengthy fasts. Stretching his longest fast up to 49 days and setting the world record at that time for a controlled and medically monitored fast. Fruit and fasting was the healing protocol. His teachings for his patients was 1-3 days of fasting followed by a refeeding opportunity.

Fruit was considered the very best human food however Ehret taught a lot about the transition diet. Moving from meat, dairy and starch to a fruit focused diet plan may take a few years. His trannsition diet contains a comfortable mix of foods. The transition diet is mostly raw foods however he allowed some cooked staches, vegetables, dairy and even fish was mentioned at times during transition.

Ehret also strongly suggested sun bathing. He laid in the sun for hours each day. Fresh air, movement and exercise were all included in his healing clinic. The science of healing is not complicated. Exercise, nutrition and a change of mindset is all we really need to heal and change anything we want to in our lives.

Really the human can return to their very best quit simply. Challenge the addictions and the desires. Overcome the food addictions. i like to call it unfooding. I believe its done best by stretching out the length of your fast times. Fruit is really the very best food to help you accomplish success. Fruit digests the fastest and eliminates quickest from the body.

The greatest challengers i see for us today are all the brainwashing that we have received. Since kindergarten we have been bombarded with knowledge, information and marketing that has all taught that our health is a complex combination of nutrients all to be obtained by a vast array of meats, dairy, vegetables and superfoods. All to be supported with minerals and isolated vitamins and chemically treated water.

We have been taught that our health is too complicated for us to understand without 8 years of school. We have been taught that someone other than ourselves knows more about what we need than we do. We have been scared into the idea that emtiness is potentially dangerous and we must be filled up multiple times each day to be healthy. All in the name of profit.

Its these poor mindset ideas and the addictions to all the material things that are really blocking us from our true identity and our ultimate liberation. We must challenge our desires and learned behavior to discover the truth. We are completely supported by our source. We are in constant contact with our creator. All things have been provided to us and for us. Only poor information and marketing has lead us astray.

The human needs to wake up to see the truth. The human must turn his back against what he knows. She must unlearn to realize the truth. We have been mislead to profit the few and our addictions are the root cause of all of our pain, ailments and troubles. Challenge them to unravel the truth. To find the light that is within we need to stop all the distractions.

The challenge lies in turning our backs to what we know and swimming upstream against the current. Going the other direction of everyone else around us. The alcoholic is not supposed to frequent the bar after he stops drinking. The crack addict is told to make new sobber friends. What is the recovering food addict to do? We all socialize and interact with the poisons that are stealing our joy daily.

The very things stopping us from living the lives of our dreams are the habits we have accepted as normal behaviors. We justify and protect the very things that are taking us to our grave. Our holidays, our events, our past times and our weekends are all built around the very items that are quickly taking us to our graves. The common morning rituals are creating pain, lack and limitation all along the way. How do we interact with our lives when every part of it is killing us?

True healing means stepping out of the mainstream interaction. To heal we are going to have to learn how to be comfortable when everyone around you is giving away their lives. We have to learn to sit beside our addictions and not judge or indulge in them. This is no easy task. Tell a heroin addict to sit beside a friend that is shooting up and see what happens This is our reality.

You have to learn to smell the coffee and the pizza in the oven and walk away with a bowl of grapes in your hand. You have to learn how to be happy with the suttle energy of our creation. It’s not as powerful as a large starbucks special with all those yummy creams and sugars. We have to learn how to savor and enjoy those moments on occasion.

Save the common indulgences for special times in your year. Learn how to be content with less. We must learn how to walk away. Joy is not something we get from outside of the self. It isn’t the food or the money or the material thing that’s going to do it. It isn’t the person or the place that we need. Its the contact with the center that our lives are yearning for. Health, happiness, love and freedom are all the gift each of us has been given.

Clear away the obstructions and see that you are exactly what you need underneath. Unfood and peel away all of your habits and addictions. Challenge your desires. Fruits are cooked by the light of the sun. They contain all the nutrients and energy you need. They are filled with the magical distilled waters that cleanse and restore your vehicle. Healing is not complicated but you must challenge everything you know to have it.

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