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February 28, 2017 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

In home training in Burlington Gym

Hey Guys,

Can you believe the weather we have been having?

Isn’t it insane!

I don’t even remember a nice day in February before!

I certainly don’t think we have ever had a nice week.

I’m sorry for the skier’s and snowmobiler’s but am loving that winter sun and mild temperatures.

Can you believe that we are only 12 weeks away from May 24.

Many people consider that the beginning of the summer!  🙂

Boot-camp in Burlington Fitness Center

How are you doing on your new years resolutions?

Are you eating and exercising better than last year?

Are you moving towards that better version of yourself or have you put on a couple of extra pounds over the winter?

How would you like to get yourself back into your best shape ever?

I have a super opportunity for 5 people right now!

I have a small private training studio inside my house.

In my past I have run large fitness facilities and large bootcamp style workouts!

Check out some of the action from my past below!

I’ve been a pro trainer for over 25 years!



Now I am running my business in my home.

That way I can do what I love to the best of my abilities, cut my costs and still be close to my family too!  🙂

Working from home offers me all the benefits.

It also means that I can focus more on Private training, Semi-Private and small intimate groups.

I think working with small groups of people allows me to offer much more personalized programming than larger bootcamp style training does.

I think it gives me the opportunity to really address people’s individual needs.

Because my private space isn’t large I can only allow 5 people to enter into this Exercise, Nutrition and Training Summer Special opportunity.

The official start date of this Program will be Monday March 13th.

However if you get registered early you can get started next week at changing your nutrition exercise and mindset for free!

That’s the great bonus of getting registered early!

Sign up today and get 1 additional week absolutely free!

On-line personal trainer in Burlington

The program starts off with a private consultation.

I will arrange a time to meet with you to discuss what’s currently going on in your world.

I want to know about any pain or injuries.  I want to know about your past history.  I want to know about your current exercise and what’s happening right now with your food.  I want to discuss your Summer Body Goals with you and create your customized nutrition plan with you.

We can weigh you and measure you and determine your individual metabolic rate through some basic calculations.

We can outline for you some personal nutritional boundaries and provide you with an app to help you track your food.

That way I can keep tabs on you weekly and make sure you are moving as quickly as possible towards your Summer Body!

All participants in this program will  get my Rapid Fat-loss nutrition, accountability and support.  All will have unlimited access to my group training sessions.

Small group training sessions are fun, fast paced, 30 minutes of full body strength and fat-burning.

Sessions are held multiple times each day 6 days a week!

Scroll down the page HERE to see my group training schedule!

I’ve got 3 alternatives for you to get involved in this Special program but I only have room for 5 people.

You can get started with 30 days access to the Summer Body Special – $299

Get registered for 60 days of access in the Summer Body Special for- $449

Or do the total 12 week Summer Body transformation program for- $549

Message me today to get registered or if would like to arrange a phone consultation to discuss any additional information.

Send me a personal email here: or a text message here: 905-512-5421

Participate in this program in my private training studio along with myself and my wife Dora or work with us on-line.

All you need to do this program on-line with us is a laptop with a video camera.


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