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February 27, 2020 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

New thoughts and words can be practiced. All things can be healed. All things can change. You always have a choice. You can be stuck in a nightmare or you can be living a dream. All is a perspective. A decision or a choice taken in every single moment. Each one chooses consciously or unconsciously.

To get something different out of my life I had to give something different to my life. How are you interacting differently with your world? I suggest you participate in anything that elevates your frequency or your vibration. We live in a world of energy. A sea of different tones, different colors and different cultures. Each one of us has been influenced by a different past and holds different perspectives towards all aspects of life.

Our world needs a common ground. A realization that we are all united in the lifeforce as the thread of life woven together and separated only by a breath. Breath is our unified consciousness. We all must breathe. It is foundational. It is fundamental. Stay still with it. Watch the origin of every moment of your life. Our universe is mental. It follows and obeys laws.

Each one has the power to adjust their frequency through the mechanism of choice. Our distinct human advantage is choice. Choice is Consciousness if you are conscious when you choose. The human is the Being. The Trinity. The union of our electromagnetic universe.

The sun is our fire. Our light. Our divine masculine energy. The Earth our mother of all life. Masculine energy is electric. It is light. The active thinking mind. The decision. The choice. The discipline. We must choose our lives in our masculine mind. Cast the seeds of your dream life here.

The feminine mind. The creative mind can build or mend anything. The being. The imagination lives here. The engine of your life is here. Steer the ship with your centered mind and feel the vibration of joy elevate in your life. Get clear about your dreams. Feel them into your reality.

Your highest vibration is your highest self. Be in and with your best. Create your best. Be your best by thinking and speaking and conducting yourself with things that elevate your frequency, feelings, vibration or emotion. You can imagine your dream body, your dream relationship or your career. Each vision is a visual representation of an internal feeling or frequency.

You have the power to change your life. You just need to learn how to use it. Manifest your dream circumstances by meeting more of your life with your very best self. You can alchemically navigate through a 3-dimensional paradigm. You can learn the rules of the land. You can develop your human magical skills. The ability to transmute your energy is your special gift.

Transmutation is a practice of polarizing yourself to one thought regardless of the circumstance in which you exist. This is human magic. This is mentalism. This is human will. This is alignment with universal energy. The energy of our universe is available to each one of us. Access it within. It’s mindfulness. It’s self-awareness. It’s consciousness.

Each one can be more conscious. Consciousness is a practice. A skill we can all improve. Being more aware of self can happen. It’s less thought and more being. We are love at our root. By connecting with what we are we can give love or receive love from ourselves and to ourselves. Each one can learn how to love themselves and their life.

How do you get new thoughts? You must practice them. New thoughts create new circumstances and feelings and outcomes. New vibrations attract different things into our lives. Do you want to get back to your very best? Be what you are most of the time. Don’t be what you have been. Be who you want to be. Love who and what you are.

Spend time with yourself daily.

I recommend first thing in the morning while still in your bed. I recommend at the end of the day before bed. Go to bed early. Listen to something or read something or just sit in stillness. Stillness of food and digestion allows a deeper practice.

Your meats are your most dense foods. Your fruits are least dense. Fruit digests fast and helps your body to empty itself of fecal waste. Practice emptiness of belly and of mind. As above so below. See what happens in your world is only an expression of what is happening within.

Settle all things inside your mind and watch them setting in your life. Wayne Dyer said it best “Change the way you look at your world and watch your world change.”

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