Stinking Thinking!

January 23, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Vegan Personal Trainer Says Mindset is the Key To Success!

At the root of all our trouble is incorrect thoughts inside of our heads. Anything inside our skin that isn’t supposed to be there is toxicity.

Toxic thoughts create toxic words and habits . Poor nutrition and inactivity create toxic personalities that replicate bad behavior daily.

We fall into subconscious programs that pollute ourselves and our lives on autopilot. A toxic identity is born. We relate to this inferior persona as our identity. We think that it is us. It is not us.

This low vibration ego is an impostor that is showing up in your life. He is representing you in your relationships, your career and showing up daily to your dinner table. She is the glutton that is creating chaos in your life and stealing your playfulness and joy.

That poor energy ego has allowed toxic physical elements to enter your system through poor nutritional habits. Food addictions and substance addictions and limited beliefs are holding you hostage.

Keeping you trapped in a microscopic model of your potential. You cannot see the infinite potential that you have.

The good news is you can change all of this. You have been hijacked but you can take back control. With movement, thought, word and action you can return to the true you. You can restore your youthful appearance, energy and optimism.

You can remove the physical toxicity the results of poor behaviors that stem from poor self talk born from negative, limited beliefs. It all starts with stinking thinking and manifests from there.

How would you like to take back control of your life. How would you like to lose the weight and keep it off for good this time? How would you like to break free of this negative programming and jump into a boundless, prosperous future?

Step back into your abundance! Affluence can be yours. You are immensely rich in love and health. You can step back into the frequency of health and vigor now. You can take a new idea into your mind. You can radiate a new vibration and restore your perfection.

Come back to the luxury that is inside of you. You are kings and queens living in poverty. Begin to take back control again today! Choose to become fruitful again today!

A new mindset is created best first thing in the morning or at the end of the day before bed.  Below is a link to a short guided meditation you can use to help you interact with your world differently.  Self awareness improves with practice.  Mindfulness is a great way to improve self awareness, focus and attention.  Also see a super resource below that discusses the success mindset!

Get A Guided Meditation Here Now!

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