The Root Cause of Cancer!

October 21, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Dr. Otto H. Warburg gives the best answer for how to alkalize your body naturally by using lemon water and a raw food diet. Dr. Otto H. Warburg was a Nobel Prize winner, famous for his breakthrough in the field of medicine – he managed to find the true cause of cancer. According to Dr. Warburg, oxygen deficiency is the main factor that contributes to emergence of cancer.

This deficiency results in an acidic state in our bodies. In addition, Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells are actually anaerobic and can’t live when they are exposed to high amount of oxygen which is one of the characteristics of alkaline state

Every healthy cell has certain need for oxygen, but cancer cells can survive without oxygen. If you remove 35% of the oxygen from any cell, it will probably turn into a cancerous cell after 2 days.

What we eat and drink on a daily basis determines the proper maintenance of body’s pH levels. The term pH balance is used to describe the balance between alkaline and acid content in every cells and fluid in the human body. Our bodies must find the ideal balance of the PH levels of our blood which is about 7.365 (a little bit alkaline) in order to stay healthy.

However, the typical North American diet today includes many acid-supporting and toxic foods including meats and dairy, refined grains, processed sugars, GMO’s ect.  The Standard American diet or S.A.D diet usually results in harmful acidic pH values. pH levels that are not balanced can disrupt the work of cells.

Greatly acidic pH can also result in the occurrence of many different health issues like heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and heartburn to list just a few of the typical diseases we see trending. If your body spends a lot of time in an acidic state, it can speed up the aging process.  We aren’t really aging.  We are getting more acidic.

According to Robert Young, the majority of health issues come as a result of the acidic state of the body. This state is great for the development and growth of viruses, bad bacteria, parasites and candida. On the other hand, alkaline state counterbalances their activities.

There are many things you can do naturally to alkalize your body.  You can do any of them that you wish to have you moving in the right direction.

Want to discuss an organized action plan to oxygenate and alkalize your body?

You can heal or change anything you want to in your life.  It’s only a decision you need to make to begin getting back to your best!

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