Right and Wrong?

September 16, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Right and Wrong…

Life always has two sides. It needs two sides. Just like the opposite sides of a battery. The north and south poles of our earth have opposing forces.

The opposite energies of life balance us. They help us to appreciate all of life. They bring us back to earth and ground. They help us to see the truth.

The truth is that true happiness is within us. The truth is that all the power and resources we need are provided to us and for us.

Love is the power of our universe. The universe is constantly providing for us. We are always nourished by the universe. Every breath is supported. Every wish is supported. Everything that we focus on is provided for us and too us.

Recognize this truth. What is happening to you is the result of what you think about most. If you keep getting or having the same problems it is because you keep thinking, saying and doing the same things.

The universe is supporting you providing for you exactly what you are thinking about most often. Showing you in the physical material world what you are thinking about most often. Teaching you. Giving you insight.

If you want to change what you are getting you will need to change what you are giving. Change the way you are thinking about that thing or that aspect of your life.

Want a better more loving relationship? Gonna have to think and act more loving to the person or people involved. Want to make more money? Gonna have to change the way you think and act towards money. Want to lose weight and keep it off for good this time? Gonna have to change the way you think and act towards exercise and food and the way you think or speak about yourself.

We need to think differently about our life and the consequences we are encountering. We have got to see that our world is constantly supporting us. Our world is trying to give us exactly what we need to learn or to realize all of the time. It does this with contrast.

Our universe teaches us with contrast. This is how we learn. We would never appreciate joy without sorrow. We would never enjoy the warmth of the summer sun without the cold wind and darkness of winter. If we can’t learn to enjoy the gift of the challenge we have before us we will receive it again and again and again until we learn.

We need to learn this valuable lesson. All things are provided for us from within. All the power we need to heal or change is inside. The love, the joy, the peace and the freedom are all inside of us. We can lose weight, heal pain or change our consciousness. Its all choice and a decision. We need to first choose to change our mind.

You need to get fed up with the unhappines. You need to choose joy. Until you can be happy with nothing you will never get anything more. Can you find the joy and the value of being broke again? Until you can see that broke is only a season and a mindset and an aspect of having it all, it will return for you again. Until you realise that food is not happeiness and exercise is your friend you will be fat. Only you can change your mind and the way you act towards those aspects of your life.

Your relationship will never get better until you learn how to give love. Love is never right or wrong. Love is not judging or correcting or competing with your partner. Loving is first accepting your partner or your circumstances. You will have to improve your relationship with yourself if you want to love your partner better. You can learn how to love your partner better. You can learn how to love your children better. You can learn how to love your neighbor or your current circumstance or situation.

Stop getting sad, angry, frustraded or depressed about things. Do it differently this time. Really feel it all this time. Really accept the fear. Really feel the sorrow or the pain. Realize how valuable it is. If you can find the joy in this lesson you can always find the joy in your life. Get excited about this opportunity you have. See the opportunity to embrace all of your life and circumstances.

The universe is always supporting you. It is always teaching, providing and nourishing you. It does this from within. It does this from without. Internally you are supposed by the power. Externally the power supports you the same way. Find and see the love and light all around you.

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