How do we heal our lives?

August 12, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Healing Lives!

500 years ago Decartes the greatest influence of western thought said we must let go of what we know to find the truth.

2500 years ago Aristotle the great greek philosopher said to know the truth we would need to doubt everything that we new.

The misrepresentation of truth is 1000’s of years old. The masses have been mislead for so long that we have no way of finding absolute truth and we believe things only because this is the way its always been done.

Well the truth is that this isnt the way things have always been done. 1 book and one perspective on God and creation isnt enough. You dont have to be afraid to challenge the ideas that you hold. That is exactly what you must do to step forward with your life.

You must let go of what you think you know. You must challenge what you have heard and seen and read. Your understanding of science and spirit is built on 1/2 truths and those incorrect ideas are holding you trapped.

Science is the biggest religion on the planet. All are afflicted. The foods you eat and the fluids and substances you drink and allow into your body all supported by religion or science are killing you.

Raw food vegan personal trainer in toronto gymThe magical healing foods, behaviors and practices are hidden from your view the same way. The most beautiful aspect of the entire mess is that all of it can be healed and corrected. You can come back to your very best.

Its not too late. Age isnt really an obstical. You can actually live way past 100 years if you come back to the truth. You need to stop battling the natural healing and alternative world views that are finally gaining momentum on our planet. What a glorious time of awakening this is.

5000 years ago it was written in the first language of our known modern times that the healing water was actually inside of you. That you could actually bring yourself back to the light.

You who resist are only keeping yourself in prison. Get back to exercise. The hard and the soft. Your body and life need both. Change your food you need new information here. We have been lead far from the truth. Don’t drink the water it is poisoning you. The antidote is actually made within your own body. The promise was that all things would be provided for us and it is true.

The air is our life line and stillness is our very best friend. Be empty and be still and watch the loving supporting breath nourish your body. The earth is not round the urine is not dirty the meat is not nourishment the medications and incorrect view is making you fat and sick and ultimately you are causing your old age and death. Aging is not a matter of fact. It is a matter of behavior.  Take a look at the important message from a man that has become a super friend and influence in my life.  See a copy of his book at the link below.

The Healing Water’s Within- By Brother Sage

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