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August 12, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Live Raw Food and Fasting is the healer of all things!

Take a look at Ron in the picture below.  He lives in California so we have been training and communicating on-line!  🙂  He’s 66 years old so I love how he’s such a great example of your ability to make changes in your life at any age.  Congratulations Ron on making some rapid and impressive changes in your life buddy.  Your experience is inspiring the masses buddy!  Thanks for doing your best brother.

Raw Food Vegan Personal trainer in the GTA, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Stoney Creek

Ron age 66 is down 12 pounds in his first 7                         days of Rawgust!

It’s a series of incorrect thoughts that are holding you back. A host of limited beliefs are standing in your way. Incorrect thoughts are causing inappropriate outcomes. Showing up as problems or obstacles in your life.

Manifesting personally in your body as weight gain, pain, low energy, lethargy or disease. Wrong thoughts are creating separation in your relationships and standing in your way of freedom and abundance.

Don’t worry. Your body can heal. You can change all of your outcomes. You can lose weight, you can make more money or find joy and happiness with less. The difference requires a change of thought. identify the wrong thought and correct it.

You don’t need protein, or vitamins, or minerals or any nutrient to be healthy. There is nothing outside of you that you need to heal. You don’t need to see you doctor to get an antidote. Health and vitality are within you. A gift of our creator. A fact of in your life.

Remove the thought or thoughts that tell you otherwise. Step out from the illusions of the mainstream public and the medical association. Don’t blame the doctors. They are lead by the pharmaceutical companies. It’s the ideas that the food and drug association want you to hold that are the issue.

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