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September 9, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

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Take a look at Renee in the picture above.  She has made such a magical transformation over the past 7 weeks.  Every week I speak to her the results just become more and more incredible.  This week we were able to co-ordinate our schedules for a follow up measurement.  I was just amazed by the results and just have to share.

When Renee started less than 2 short months ago she had pain in her body.  Her shoulder and her elbow were acting up.  She was wearing an elbow brace and could barely lift her arm over her head.  Pain in the body is so common over 40 years of age.  As we age it just more and more prevelant.  People have just accepted pain as an aspect of the aging process.  This however is an incorrect world view.

It’s a broken paradigm that has us all accepting these aches and pains and weight gain.  Renee applied herself fully to the alkalization process.  she was committed and determined to make a change.  The results speak for themselves.  In  7 weeks Renee lost 19 pounds.  17 cm’s off of her chest, 15 cm’s off of her waist and 16 cm’s off of her hips.

Congratualations on what you have learned and applied and what you have gained in this process Renee!  Thanks so much for following through on your committment.  Your work will inspire many!

What is the Magical New Paradigm of weight-loss, pain reduction & improved performance?


The body only has a few ways to eliminate toxic elements. Through the digestive tract. Releasing through the colon and including the organs of the liver, stomach and intestines.

Toxic elements can also release through the kidneys exiting through your urine. They can also exit through your skin the largest organ of your body. Toxic elements get into our bodies from our air for sure but the most common toxic source in our bodies is our food.

Overeating and the ingestion of low energy foods contribute rapidly to toxicity, weight-gain, sickness, illness and disease in our bodies. The beautiful thing is that with new information and understanding you can reverse and correct all of it!

Constipation and congestion inside our bodies is very common. So many are utilizing laxatives or antacids for digestive and eliminative relief. At the root it’s all constipation or congestion caused by our food amount and choice.

Constipation and congestion inside our bodies is very common. So many are utilizing laxatives or antacids for digestive and eliminative relief. At the root it’s all constipation or congestion caused by our food amount and choice.

The congestion and constipation causes a back up of toxic elements in the body. We need to get them out! Holding onto fecal matter on the walls of our intestines or having it trapped in our lymphatic system or smothering our cells and creating an acidic environment within our bodies is the root cause of body-fat, pain, illness, and disease.

There are 3 great methods of attacking the constipation and congestion that currently exists within your body and reversing it. This is what healing is all about. Eliminate the mucous caused in response to the toxicity and watch your body open up energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

My first recommendation for healing includes regular exercise. Build your exercise program around high intensity intervals and flexibility and mindfulness too! Your body needs movement to eliminate waste and heal. Along with your regular exercise you need nutritional change.

Reduce to minimum your cooked foods. Do this slowly. You must transition gradually to raw live food. Fruits are the best. They are the best food healers. Emptiness is where the magic happens. Fasting is what allows the bodies energy to be directed towards the tasks at hand. Drink distilled water if you need water however eating your water in the form of water filled fruits is the best hydration of all. Many natural herbs can be helpful in the elimination process. Boil to make a tea and drink morning and night and during your day. Herbal teas, coffee, lemon juice or Plasma Ultrafiltrate can be used very effectively for an enema.  This is an excellent waste removal method and wonderful addition to your self care and extended longevity plan.

A more aggressive attack on constipation iies will salt water. You can manufacture your own ideal salt water at home with simple ingredients you can attain from your super market. You can sip your salt water mix throughout your day or you can drink it quickly to create a dramatic toxic waste elimination response in your body.  I recommend 1-4 cups of water 4-6oz diitilled water, each cup with with a teaspoon of pink hymilayan salt.  If you can tolerate this drink 3 or 4 times each day it will be very beneficial for constipation relief.

The third and final method will seem most aggressive although the greatest challenge here is only within your own mind. Healing is really an overcoming of the limited beliefs you have been fooled into accepting as truth. Plasma Ultrafiltrate is our bodies natural remedy for all health related issues or body fat problems. It will certainly loosen your stool and at the same time help to rapid heal and remove constipation and congestion throughout your entire body!  –Can You Say Massive Detox!!!

Watch my video about Congestion and constipation below.  This is at the roots of healing our bodies and keeping the fat away forever.  Let’s talk sustainability, let’s talk longevity, lets talk about clarity and performance.  This is all round improvements to life.  Once you can attain improved function and link it to an engine that is taking you to the place you want to go you have a success principle.  Any system that is self generating is infinite.  This is the goal of the alkalization process.  A solid aligned internal self generating system of infinite proportions.

Watch for my 7 day Fat Flush Competition coming all week.  Let’s drop 3-11 pounds over the next 7-10 days.  The person who loses the most Toxic hazordous, waste, fat and fluids  over the 7 day contest wins the prize.  6 weeks free Training and Nutrition with my wife and I.  Contest will start up Monday September 24.  If you want any details send me a message: john@hiendfitness.com

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