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September 24, 2018 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer discussing Detoxification

Every animal on this planet eats specific food. The cow eats grass. The tiger eats meat. The panda eats bamboo. The Bear eats a little meat and berries. The ominvores eat the most variety of foods and the human has been past off as an omnivore. Feed any animal the wrong foods and he will get sick. That is the truth about life.

So are humans omnivores like they say we are? Well truth be told that doesn’t make sense. You always have to use logic to escape the programming we have received. All omnivores have very different teeth than we do. We don’t have sharp teeth. All Omnivores have claws. We don’t have claws. All omnivores have a shorter alimentary track so meat doesn’t get lodged and trapped and cause fermentation. Omnivores have different stomach acids than we do. They all walk on all 4’s and they all have acidic urine. Our urine is alkaline.

The animal we are most like is the chimpanzee. Our DNA is almost a match. They have hands instead of claws like us. They have a longer digestive system just as we do. We share the same stomach acids. The same number of teeth. Same number of molars and canines and incisors. They walk upright like us. Their urine is alkaline also. Just like ours. If you watch them they choose a mate and have communities and families as we do. We are closest to the primates who eat 95% fruit.

We are not omnivores as we have been taught and told. We are frugivores. We are fruit eaters. Most evolved and designed to ingest the most evolved highest energy foods. Fruits digest the fastest and eliminate easiest. Perfect for our digestive tract. If we ate fruit and vegetables we wouldn’t have to mess with all this detoxification science that we have had to unearth and understand. The reason we have all the problems with our health is that we have been taught the wrong information and we have been eating the wrong foods and engaging in the wrong behavior.

The wonderful thing is that detoxification is a simple science to understand. Its simple and its perfect and once you understand it you will be able to heal, or change anything that’s going on negatively inside your body and life.

The simple science of detoxification goes like this… If we eat the wrong foods they create toxicity inside our bodies we must remove that toxicity or else in time we will suffer the consequences. Allowing toxic elements to remain within the body for extended periods of time will eventually lead to weight gain, sickness, illnesses, disease, lethargy, depression, anxiety, unhappiness, low motivation and poor performance in all areas of life.

Toxicity is quite simply anything inside of our skin barrier that isn’t supposed to be there. It includes chemicals, medications, hormones, inorganic elements, parasites, fermentation, acids, excess anything, mucous, fluids and inflammation to name a few. Food material waste that the body has had or created a chemical response to adds further to toxicity. All of this extra stuff inside of our bodies that should not be there is toxicity. All of it creates a response within us. The body does its best to deal with all of these incorrect items. Mucus is created to remove the toxins. Inflammation is the secondary response to toxic elements.

At the cellular level the body is dealing with toxicity via the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system collects waste from the cells and shuttles it away. Each cell is a microcosm of us. We eat and poop. They eat and poop. Cellular waste must be collected and removed just as our waste is collected and removed through the digestive and alimentary system and organs. The lymphatic system collects waste at the cellular level. The lymphatic beds over time get clogged up with cellular toxic waste from the excess and incorrect food ingestion. As the lymphatic system grinds to a halt from overuse and incorrect food material waste the toxic items collect around the cells creating an acid soup that burns cells and creates pain in the body.

At the organic level the digestive organs become overly taxed trying to remove the toxins. The fermentation of food inside our extended small intestines adds further toxicity. The liver and kidneys are over worked trying to remove waste from the blood. The skin and the lungs are also taxed by toxin removal. blemishes, rashes, acne, skin disorders, bad breath, chest colds, sore throats or pneumonia are all examples of toxins building up to a critical mass in these related organs. Inflammation or clogging and slowing of the cleaning process is the result of a liver or kidney that has been subjected to years of toxin removal. As these organs get over worked and congested they slow down their ability to do blood purification. The body begins to get over run by the toxicity.

After eating the incorrect foods and or overeating for 30, 40, 50 years or more the organs and glands of our bodies become congested. This congestion is at the root of digestive constipation. Constipation happens at the cellular level at the site of the lymphatic vessels and at the organ level inside the kidneys, liver, small intestines or glands. The glands have to over produce hormones to respond to support over working organs and our demands for energy, performance or our desires. Congestion and constipation is at the root of toxicity within all organs and glands. All tissues become overcome with mucous, fluids, inflammation and bacteria. Disease takes over the body.

Mucous and inflammation is our bodies response to toxicity. As the body identifies toxic elements it tries to remove them. Our bodies expel toxins by creating mucus. Mucus is a viscous fluid that flows and moves toxic elements out of our body orifices. All of our digestive organs and respiratory organs create this fluid. All of our tissues and glands create this fluid. The vessel walls in the circulatory system and the lymphatic system all create mucus. Mucus is the bodies 1st defense to toxicity. Mucus washes toxicity away through the nose, out through the skin, out through the kidney and urine and out through the colon.

Mucus is the way our body eliminates toxicity all throughout. After years of overeating and incorrect eating the toxicity builds to critical. Eventually congestion and constipation starts to affect performance. Too much mucus or a hardening and drying of mucus to form a plaque causes the constipation. This plaque needs to be moistened and removed. The mucus must be removed. The inflammatory response is second. The body draws fluids to an area where bacteria or pathogens are coagulating. Stuck by congestion from mucus secretions bacteria has a home to fester.

Pain, sickness, illness and disease all grow in this congestion. Inside our dark warm incubating bodies diseases grow. However none of this is necessary. All can be corrected. Fix the food choices and amounts of food ingested and stop the mucus creation. By choosing the proper foods we can reverse the entire process. Inflammatory response can be halted. Hardened plaque waste can soften and be removed from the body. With the right food choices the human body can return to its youthful energy state.

The detoxification process is the removal of the congestion. Its a release of constipation at every level. The organs, the glands, the cells, the lymphatic fluids and system all must be cleared so the immune function can return to health. In order for energy, vigor and inspiration to appear again in your life you need to clean your body. You must detoxify. You need to adapt a fruit and fasting lifestyle.

Why are we so toxic? its the incorrect foods and food amounts that are causing it? Why is this information and understanding not being shared? It doesn’t profit like the idea of consumption does. It requires each individual to take responsibility and change their habits and behaviors. It always boils down to money doesn’t it? Just follow the money. As long as humans believe it is ok to eat all the things they do. As long as we believe its ok to eat ALL THINGS they buy more food every day. More and more food addictions are formed. We return every day to buy and consume more. We are addicted. We are perfect consumers. Desire is at the root here. We need to understand the problem and overcome our desires.

We have been taught to desire these foods. We have learned that they taste good. We have been told we are omnivorous. We have been taught these poor food behaviors because it drives our economy. Over-consumption, incorrect consumption and then illness and treatment is all a huge profitable business. Unfortunately its just business. A business that generates huge profits for a special few at the top. All at the expense of your health and well-being. However you do not need to accept this fate. Aging does not need to be about getting fat, being in pain and getting sick. You can learn a new healthy natural paradigm of health and vigor.

There is a new science of health. There is a raw natural paradigm of well-being that can fix your issues. It is something you can all choose to do and change and implement in your life. It is a choice. You can restore your health with a new decision and different behavior. With some exercise, fasting and nutrition changes you can correct this. With a little motivation, accountability and new information you can heal and change your life. You have that power inside of you? Just ask yourself 1 question. Are you ready to make a change?

I’ll see you all on the call tonight to help you overcome these problems.


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