Plant Based Nutrition

Plant Based Nutrition


Good Morning fitness Enthusiasts,

Dora and I included our children in our 2nd episode of the Fitness Report below.

We wanted you to see the realities of healthy nutrition choices at the family level.

The Fitness Report is a little fitness and wellness skit that Dora and I are working on together for the next few weeks!

Both Dora and I would agree that eating less animal protein would be a good thing for many people.

We would also agree that Protein is probably the macro nutrient that gets missed most often in people’s nutrition plans.

If you have pain in your body then reducing  Animal Protein and refined sugar can be helpful.   Animal Protein and refined sugars can be contributing to your pain by increasing inflammation in your body.

There really are many different plant based nutritional choices you can make that can help you meet your protein requirements.

You can never go wrong eating more vegetables and live food.

Live food contains live enzymes that bring energy into the body.

Eating more live food will raise your energy.

Try to make sure that you are eating something alive each time you eat.

The problems that the mass production of meat create are contributing to the deterioration of our health.

The ill treatment of animals has a negative affect on us the consumers.

Hormone’s and antibiotics are being used on animals to increase production and size.

Animals not getting the correct nutrition or exercise and animals being raised and slaughtered in small confined spaces creates a stressed environment for the short lives of our food.

The affect of eating food that is emotionally not correct is not understood.

The costs involved with eating all organic food make that choice impossible for most people.

The cost of raising beef on our environment is really devastating.

The amount of food, water and land that is needed to raise beef cattle and the problems that arise from the elimination of their waste make meat production unsustainable for our planet.

The simplest choice any one of us can make in any day to improve our health and energy and do something valuable for our planet is to eat less meat and eat more vegetables.

Although we are not a meat free household we eat far less meat than we used to and will always encourage vegetarian or vegan alternatives first.

We do realize that each of us does have a personal protein requirement and that is related to our age, our sex, our activity level, our height our weight and our body-fat.

We weigh and measure all of our customers when they get started with the program and outline their personal macro nutrient requirements like protein.  We discuss and outline personal needs for each of our customers.

No body will ever be perfect with their food.

We all get off track sometimes.

We all feel much better when we make that decision to get back on track!

We hope you enjoy our second episode of the Fitness Report:

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