Physiotherapy Based Personal Training Program!

I have been a personal trainer for 30 years. I work along side a physiotherapist so I can provide support to those in pain and those who have work health benefit plans.

If you have pain in your body and a work health benefits package in your household or family then we can address your pain and it can be covered through your work health insurance.

There are 3 key elements to pain. By understanding and addressing all three aspects of your pain you will be able to cope with it and manage it better. Of course there is the physical aspect of your pain. The injury or whatever is wrong inside the body. Whatever your injury or issue is if there is pain then at it’s root there is inflammation in the body.  All pain has an inflammatory root.  We can address all physical pain by reducing the inflammatory response in the body with exercise and circulation. We can also reduce inflammation and pain by applying an anti-inflammatory diet. We can address the pain physically by strengthening and lengthening the inflicted muscles.  Exercise and nutrition combined together address your physical pain by 1st addressing the root inflammatory response of your body.

Often when there is pain in the body muscles can become tight and movement limited. Muscles in close proximity can get tight or weak due to limited movements.  People with injuries tend to adjust the way they move, sit or stand.  When muscles are ignored and natural motion interrupted from altered movements muscle shrink and weaken.  We call this muscle atrophy.  Strengthening and lengthening the muscles can help to restore natural range of motion and movement.  Restoring natural mobility helps to provide pain relief for the patient.

The second aspect of pain is the psychological aspect of it. Often when we get injured we become afraid of re-injuring the body or hurting ourselves.  People suffering with pain typically alter the choices they make and the things they do because of it. Fear becomes the driving motivation for the injured body.  This is not a positive way to build your life.  We want to think and talk and take action on the things we want and not make our choices because of the things that have happened in our past.  Pain is a chronic reminder of what has been.  It keeps us trapped in the past.  We need to restore confidence in our body and ourselves.  Strengthening and lengthening the associated muscles can allow the patient to regain their confidence in themselves and the muscles associated with the injury. Often through a consistent gentle strengthening and lengthening approach to the injury, confidence can be restored and the psychological aspects of the pain can be reduced.  Balance training, agility, mobility exercise, practice and rehearsal can all support the retraining of your self confidence.  A significant aspect of your pain is just an anticipation of it.  When you believe in yourself and your abilities again we can reduce the psychological component of your pain.

Combine the self confidence of exercise, strength, balance and mobility with the right nutrition and the mindset coaching to create a “tick tack toe” approach to your pain. Raise your energy and outlook towards yourself and your pain by working on your mindset. Our Physiotherapy Based Personal training program will include the success mindset coaching that we all need to overcome physical or emotional trauma’s in our lives. We all get hurt as we traverse our lives. Whatever our injury is we will have to spend sometime in the grieving and healing process. At some point we must take action to feel better. Just taking action makes us feel better and more in control of our circumstances. Working on the mindset with daily content and support from our program will help you cope better with your pain.

Pain also has an emotional aspect to it. Often with chronic pain a patient can have develop a hopeless mentality. Depending on the level of intensity of the pain and the degree to which the patient has been immobilized or affected by their pain the emotional response can be significant. If the pain has been around for an extended period of time the personality can be deeply affected. Depression, sorrow, sadness, frustration, anger, resentment can all be associated with the pain.  Sometimes forgiveness is necessary.  Forgiveness of self or others can be an aspect of your emotional pain. The patient could also still be identifying with “being a victim” or may be holding on to a “poor me persona” this can be a conscious or unconscious. Both of these character’s leave the patients self worth and energy challenged. We can address the emotional state of pain in two ways.

Exercise will help to stimulate the bodies physiology and trigger the energy producing hormones. Highly oxygenated, exercise stimulated blood, circulating through the body will enhance healing.  Exercise will stimulate the brain neurotransmitters necessary for the patient to recover emotionally from the injury. The high energy hormones like growth hormone, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine created by the exercise will help with your energy and healing.  The appropriate exercise in combination with the correct nutrition will provide the energy and motivation the patient needs to feel better. The happy or euphoric feeling induced by exercise is exactly what you need to take back the power they have given away to their pain. Brain neurotransmitters are actually natural painkillers in the body.  Serotonin and dopamine will both be brought into balance from exercise and oxygen being circulated in the body.

Just ask yourself one question. Do you want to give up and accept your pain or do you want to take a total mind, body, spirit approach to reclaiming your life?  You are the power in your life.  You are the creator of your life.  If you have given your power away to your pain you can take it back.  Don’t let pain control and direct your life any longer.  Send me a personal email to discuss the program details:

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