My Personal Goals Spring 2018


The Power of a Principle Centered Life

My goals written below are an on-going evolution.  Yours should be too!  The more you practice defining who you are. The more you think about who you want to be.  The more clear you get about all aspects of your life the more certainty you will have about what you should be dong in your life. You need to know what action steps you need to take to create the life that you want.  You need to have a plan.

Whenever things get tough in your life you will always have a resource inside your mind.  You will have a resource inside of you.  A powerful resource for you to grab onto whenever things get tough.  Whenever you are in a crisis you need to have a clear vision of what you want to focus on.  You do not want to find yourself caught up in the crisis.  You do not want to feed the crisis.  You want to fuel your intentions.  Continue to build your dreams.  You can heal or change anything you want to in your life!

My personal goal is to transcend my ego and recognize my spirit as self. I am excited to embody the characteristics of my higher self. I look forward to realizing any thought energy that is misplaced.  I look  forward to realizing anything that blocks me from this reality. I can’t wait to have full access to my most youthful energy, vigor, optimal health & pain-free range of motion. All of these desires I know are within me. I realize now my leanest, strongest, happiest version of me and that feels terrific! I am proud of myself. Pleased with my accomplishment of unconditional love for myself.  By knowing and loving myself I can now understand others.  By realizing and overcoming my separation from everyone and everything I can understand everyone else’s same errors. By overcoming my fears i can be compassionate of others and their fears. I am so happy to extend this same love to everyone around me that I have learned to give to myself. The feelings of peace, freedom & fulfillment are all so rewarding. I love the empowering feelings of being present with my life all of the time.

My relationship goal is to create more time to communicate, play and interact with my life partner Dora. I am so pleased to see this time becoming my reality. It offers me greater opportunity to develop and explore further our passion filled relationship. I accept Dora now completely. Just as she is. I am so proud of what she has accomplished. It brings me joy to know and support her completely as she becomes everything that she wants to be. I want to experience the boundaries of human love with her. I am so grateful to share the joy of each moment with her. To be present and completely happy and free together. Its a great wish of mine to create something unique together that neither of us has ever know individually.  It is my goal to inspire her to move forward in her life.  To help her heal and overcome any obstacles she has. I want to be supportive, encouraging and patient with her as she grows into her best self.  I hope I can encourage and inspire that. I want to give her all the love and support that she needs to feel safe, free and full-filled in her life.

My relationships with my children are a deep-rooted priority for me. I want to provide for them all what they need to be fully functioning individuals.  I want to lovingly support, teach and guide them all as individuals. To inspire them to define and reach their own personal best selves by stepping into mine daily. It brings me great joy to witness them fully empowered with the truth of our reality. To be present with them as they step into their own capacity to live, love and create fully in their lives. To witness them creating ANYTHING that they could ever want for themselves. I am so excited to step into my abundance now. To assume the resources NECESSARY to create the time and freedom to share the space with them. I am excited now to realize the joy of being fully present with them whenever I can right now!  Time and financial resources provide me the opportunity to interact more fully with my children.  These are my greatest goals to create opportunity.  As more time and abundance grow in my life I commit myself to embracing the tiny daily opportunities I have to be present and loving in their lives.

I am passionate about my career. It’s my goal to grow and build my business. To learn all that I must to do so. I am excited to meet the people and gather the knowledge I require to gain the information I need. To learn and understand and gain the insight that is required to reach a larger audience. I love the people I meet and have been given the opportunity to help. I now recognize I will meet everyone that I require to expand my business and create my future and that idea settles me. I gather peace from the thought of progress in my ability to provide wellness for others and share greater opportunity for my family. I see that growing my passion will create freedom for me and those I love most. I am excited to learn how to automate, delegate and duplicate myself better. I am motivated to learn any knowledge or wisdom I need to grow my reach. I am grateful now for the current progress that I see. Thank you for placing all of this in my heart.The thought of becoming the world’s greatest personal coach brings me great joy. I aspire to inspire millions of people with a lifestyle system utilizing exercise, nutrition and personal development. To meet, help, inspire and empower people to realize their full potential. I want to share the truth with the world. I love to let people know they have all the power inside of them. It would be so rewarding to meet and support people all over the world. To learn all that I would have to in order to do that. I am so excited to see how I grow and develop myself from having that world class experience. The idea of speaking publicly to a room filled with enthusiastic participants excites me like no other. I want to realize the self worth of that accomplishment now. To feel and embody that self worth now.

To be financially independent is a major goal of mine. To create time and possibility not only for myself but to spend with my wife, my children and my extended family and friends. To allow me the freedom to go and do and interact with them as I please. I can’t wait to be able to see the world with them. To be able to play and interact and inspire them. To be able to give support to my extended family, friends and to others less fortunate on this planet makes me feel great!
I am excited to be successful enough that I can support my children getting a comfortable start in their lives. To create a non-profit charity that contributes to housing, education, healthy water and nutrition for people in need. That my systems and methods for success can be shared with and by people all over this planet.  That by sharing a positive message of love and personal encouragement and empowerment with the world that I can help people personally and financially.

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