Overcoming Chronic Pain

Overcoming Chronic Pain


Hi Guys,

I workout with 20-30 people a day.

Most of the people I work with are over the age of 35 which means a large percentage of them have pain in their bodies daily or at least from time to time.

Often we associate our pain with maturity.  Many people just accept that the pain they have is just apart of life and something they have to live with.  While I agree that sometimes this is true I disagree that most of the time this is so.  I really believe that with strengthening, lengthening, nutritional augmentation, cleansing and detoxifying the body and by aligning your deepest root energy with your goals and actions that your body can heal itself of almost all things.

I believe family doctors are so over burdened by patients dealing with pain that they themselves just accept it as natural and share this accepted understanding of the aging process.

Unfortunately for most people, when their doctor tells them that their pain is natural and normal and a part of their future, people tend to learn to accept it.

I have to admit that I did begin to accept my aches and pains as a natural part of my life until most recently when I discovered some deeper insight and understanding into my own personal pain and what I needed to do to overcome it.  I will try to explain how I have learned to overcome my pain this year in layman’s terms for you.  It is a complicated process that I believe is being routinely misdiagnosed.  I am confident that with this information, your awareness, commitment, practice and rehearsal you can learn how to heal your body of pain and illness too!

In order to understand what I have learned I believe you need to have a little bit of understanding about bio-mechanics.

Bio-mechanics is the simply the study of human movement.

It may sounds a lot more exciting than it really is…

Bio-mechanics requires us to have a little understanding about the muscular system.

It’s our muscles of course that produce our movements.

In order for a muscle to create a movement in our bodies it must shorten or contract.  All of our muscles work in tandem or pairs.  In order to create a movement one muscle contracts.  In order to create an opposite movement another muscle must shorten or contract.

Muscles on opposite sides of a bone shorten to create movements at a joint.  In the example below the biceps must contract to flex the elbow joint.  The Tricep must contract to extend the elbow joint.  In order for the Bicep to contract the Tricep must relax.  In order for the elbow to extend the Bicep must soften or relax.

Physiotherapy Burlington

This contraction and relaxation system between opposing muscles is complex and must be organized inside your cerebellum.  A highly specialized area inside of your brain.  The working muscle is called the prime mover or the Agonist.  The opposing muscle is called the Antagonist.  With age, or inactivity or sitting or standing too much or after an injury or after a stressful situation this system of coordinated contractions can malfunction.  During a muscle contraction some of the fibers of the Antagonist muscle can remain excited and create resistance for the prime mover.

Does that make sense?

If opposing muscles are firing or contracting at the same time then the muscles are working against each other.  Over time this will cause resistance in the body. The prime mover will not be able to contract completely if the Antagonist is even partially contracted.  At the elbow joint this may appear as an arm that is not completely straight.  The elbows may always maintain a slight flexion.  This problem is very common and does not typically create pain.

Pain is always our greatest teacher.  Our bodies are actually trying to indicate to us that there is a problem when we feel pain.  Our body is trying to get our attention when we feel pain.  It wants to let you know that there has been a failure in your cerebellum.  Your natural muscular coordinating system is out of wack.  The result is that when you contract your Prime mover the muscle cannot shorten completely due to the resistance of the Antagonist.  If the Antagonist is interfering with extension at your elbow joint the result will be an elbow that doesn’t straighten out all the way.  However,  If this same malfunction occurs with your spinal erectors and spinal flexors the result will eventually lead to pain.

When we have a similar malfunction happen along the spine it leads to pain because our posture is affected.  Healthy posture is so important in our bodies.  Muscles that are responsible for posture are made up of different fiber types and structures.  They are designed to support the body for long periods of time.  Postural muscles are placed ideally to create leverage in the body.  They maintain a highly balanced system.  If the Agonist and Antagonist postural muscles get out of wack the results can be very painful.  As you sit or stand or move around with incorrect posture some muscles can be misfiring for hours or days or weeks or years at a time.  The result of your spinal antagonists misfiring will mean that you will display unnatural curvatures in your spine.

Unnatural spinal curvatures lead to alternative muscles being called into action.  Pectoral muscles, Rhomboids, Traps, Lats can get called into action to help support a spine that is holding an unnatural curvature.  Tightness may be felt in the neck, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs.  These muscles may be holding tight doing the job of posture although they are not postural muscles.

When non postural muscles tighten up we may sit or stand or walk differently.  This can continue for years.  Over extended periods of time joints will wear out and even eventually require replacement.  At its roots the problem was caused by a malfunctioning of your muscle coordinating system that over time and misdiagnosis has lead to real pain and limitation in your life.

Pain that we often accept as old age due to misdiagnosis over extended periods of time.

Healing this system is not over-complicated.  If we can realize postural abnormalities early then we can correct them quite quickly.  When postural abnormalities have been permitted to remain for long periods of time and non-postural muscles have started to do postural jobs then it can require real practice and rehearsal to learn how to sit, stand or walk again properly.

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The good news here is that you can heal your pain.

You can bring your body back to it’s natural healthy routine and coordination.

Our muscles are ours.  We can learn again how to co-ordinate them.  We can contract and relax our muscles.  The truth is that we are very accustomed to contracting our muscles to do work.  We are less accustomed to relaxing our tense muscles but we can learn how to do it.  Sometimes by contracting the agonist we can create a deeper relaxation within the tense muscle.

It may take a little practice… But you can learn how to do this.

It’s done with flexibility and strength and awareness.  It includes stretching… But not just regular stretching.  It requires a very focused stretching.  It may require some PNF stretching, deep tissue massage, acupuncture or manipulation. It requires some quiet time set aside for your recovery.  It requires your focus and attention.  It requires moving through some of your most primal movements again.  By practicing movement patterns that are safe and natural for your body we can relearn your natural body co-ordination again.  Your cerebellum can be reset.

Primal movements are important because they are our most original movements.  Movement patterns that all humans do.  Universal movements that we all learned.  For instance we all learned how to extend our spines when we were little babies.  Spinal extension was one of our first movements that we practiced as little babies.  Planking, crawling, walking, running and jumping are all examples of primal motor patterns that exist within our bodies.

When we were young we played freely.  We practiced and trained all our body systems.  With our age we have become inactive and this has lead to a loss of abilities, degeneration and pain in our systems.

We must return to the free movement of our youth.  We need practice and rehearse again our original movement patterns.

A motor pattern is a collection of movements of many muscles that are coordinated and saved inside our subconscious.

For instance consider sitting down for a moment.  When you sit down you don’t have to think about it.  It just happens.  You naturally sit back and down.  It’s a learned motor pattern.  There are numerous learned motor patterns that we have like this stored within our subconscious mind.  With a motor pattern there are hundreds of muscles that must shorten or lengthen in order for us to move fluently.  Each muscle must contract or relax in specific order for us to sit down smoothly without interruptions.  If any of our muscles involved with sitting are being used incorrectly for posture then we may feel pain while we sit or stand.

Does that make sense?

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Your subconscious mind is the key.  It’s the key to success truly.  At least the key to successful healing of our bodies or lives.  You see the subconscious is extremely powerful.  It is exact.  It is impossibly consistent… For instance your subconscious never forgets to beat your heart or take a breath.  You never have to think about these things.  They just happen because they are a natural motor pattern.  The subconscious mind is so powerful because it never stops.

Even while you sleep it’s working on the same things.  If you can recall your natural sitting, standing posture again.  If you can rehearse or practice your proper posture.  If you can lengthen the muscles that have shortened or gotten too strong from overcompensation.  If you can practice and rehearse the proper movement behaviors again you can put a successful new program inside your subconscious.

You can program your subconscious to work on your healing in all aspects of your life.  Your movement, your nutrition, your focus, your attention and your awareness can all be reset for success!

It’s a very complicated system.  It requires a great deal of understanding.  It is not an easy diagnosis and is often overlooked unless it is being diagnosed by a physiotherapist that has a deep understanding of your case history. Unfortunately your doctor is unlikely to be able to understand this detail about your movement and your pain.

The result is often treatment for the pain and not really a solution to the problem.

Do you have pain in your body?

Do you feel discomfort or tightness in your neck, shoulder, hips or legs?

Then you may have some malfunctioning inside your cerebellum.  If you would like to correct your pain then let’s make contact to discuss it.  I work in association with a Physiotherapist to help people overcome their pain.  If you have a work health benefits package then your active care sessions with me can be covered through your work health insurance benefits plan.

Email me here to discuss your pain further:  john@hiendfitness.com

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