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Intermittent Fasting is an idea that has gained in popularity in the Fitness and Nutrition industry over the past decade.

In my personal opinion this ideas has been influenced greatest by the trainer/writer/entrepreneur Brad Pillon and his digital book Eat Stop Eat.

If you want to see the real hard core science and study to support this modern law of successful nutrition look up this source or check out more about it on Youtube.

Eat Stop Eat is a short read and a fantastic resource for the true nutrition and fitness enthusiast.

Now before I discuss my important realizations about fasting or begin to share countless success stories or any of my own personal experiences with this trans-formative idea I first have to discuss Balance and Harmony.


I have helped hundreds of people lose weight or change their lives over the past 25 years and the one thing that I have learned is that any idea that you ever want to try or utilize with your nutrition or exercise program should also pass through the theories of successful living.

I personally cannot be taken off of my routine for just any new idea that pops into existence.

Every year there is a new magic pill, potion or diet plan that storms the world with marketing dollars, star endorsement and viral images.  As a leader in the fitness and wellness industry I must make sense of the new ideas and utilize and integrate what is beneficial into my own program and life.  I must also realize the truth and disregard ideas that are not beneficial.

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To be successful long-term with fitness and wellness means that you have got to walk the walk.

No body will follow a leader that does not demonstrate his work.

As a professional trainer my life is a testament to what I do and the way that I live.

The best way to lead is through example.

If you observe the most successful people you will see that they all do, think and say similar things.

A successful fitness and wellness idea must be in alignment with all other successful thoughts, words and actions in your life.

A successful idea must be reproducible by others.

A truly successful idea must be able to be replicated in other peoples lives to create success too.

A good idea requires testing and it must be able to be sustained long-term.

If it cannot be woven into a long-term solution to real life problems It cannot be apart of your successful life strategy.

Life is a marathon not a sprint.

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Don’t be fooled by short term simple solutions to your health and wellness routine.

Being healthy is really about becoming the best version of yourself.

Do you have time for anything less than the best version of you?

The best version of yourself is achieved through creating successful habits and routines and maintaining them long-term.

There is no get rich quick routine that works.

There is no overnight cure for weight-loss and well-being.

You need to commit to the lifestyle.  It needs to be the way you live or you will never maintain it long-term.

Having said all of that I must say that Intermittent Fasting is one of those great thoughts that just cannot be over looked.

It is supported and well documented with study.  I would suggest that to be successful with your health and wellness you must learn how to incorporate this idea into your life.

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For me personally the greatest argument for Intermittent fasting is the one of balance and harmony.

Whether you are a religious person, a spiritual person or a true scientist you cannot deny the absolute order of our universe.

Everything works all the time.

There are no exceptions.

The atoms and molecules that make up the cells of your body are the same ones that make up the stars and planets millions of light years away.

Not only that… But you are, in your personal body, in balance and harmony with the universe proportionately ALWAYS!

Do you realize that you are the same proportions of Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Oxygen, Beryllium and Carbon and every other material as there exists on any other planet in our solar system or any other star in our universe.

The universe is truly outside us and inside of us.

We are an expression of the whole.

The whole is within us and we are within the whole.

To be successful with anything we must be in harmony with everything.

We have to be able to sustain it.  Success happens after long term commitment.  After long-term discipline has been achieved.  It does not happen by accident.  To be successful at it you need to be able to get through the peaks and valleys of life.  You must be able to stay the course until the end.  Until you reach your target.

As you learn to hold your course and continue to press through towards your goal you will surely arrive there.

Your skills are sharpened by obstacles that arise as you continue to move forwards.

You as an individual must grow and adjust to realize your goal.

It will surely come to you if you can achieve a balance and harmony with your new successful habits.

Intermittent fasting needs to fit into that successful life.

Intermittent fasting is a principle that can stand the test of harmony and balance.

It will help your body to come back to balance and in our day and age we need to bring ourselves back into balance frequently.

Everything in our lives pulls us out of balance.  Here is one great idea that can help to restore your balance.

You cannot be successful if you cannot get into harmony with this idea.Burlington Personal Training and NutritionIf you are hating ANYTHING you will never be successful at it.

You must learn and understand this idea.

You must learn how to love it.

You must get into harmony with it.

You must create balance in your life.

See the balance and order of our universe and realize you must implement balance and order in your life.

Bring balance and harmony into your body.  Into your physiology through Intermittent Fasting.

Your pancreas releases two hormones.

One is responsible to manage your blood sugar when you are eating.

The other is responsible to manage your blood sugar when you are not eating.

The hormone in charge of blood sugar maintenance in the presence of food is insulin.

The hormone responsible for blood sugar maintenance in the absence of food is Glucagon.

In the presence of Insulin the body cannot burn fat.

It simply cannot.

In the presence of Glucagon your body will mobilize and utilize fat.

If these hormones have become unbalanced in your life your body fat will be out of balance.

Your body will be storing fat improperly, inconsistently.

You can restore the balance of these hormones in your body.

You can turn your body back into a fat-burning machine.

You can restore your youthful energy, vigor and pain-free movement.

The secret is your exercise, your nutrition and your mindset.

Intermittent fasting is a key nutritional idea that is an essential part of resetting your metabolism to create the new you!

There are a number of key nutritional and exercise ideas that you must learn and get into harmony with if you want to be successful long-term.

I want to share and teach all of those ideas to you.

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Are you ready to use the most current and up to date science, theory and information to get you there?

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