Carbohydrate Nutrition

Carbohydrate Nutrition

It’s not possible to discuss Rapid Fat-loss without talking about Carbohydrates.  Unfortunately, I think all the carbohydrate information and water fountain discussion has created a sort of “carb” frenzy!

There are a lot of people that are afraid of carbohydrates.  That is not good.  Fear is always the culprit.  Having your nutrition or your exercise or any part of your life being dictated by fears is not good or right or a successful method to create a happy healthy life.

We need to create a life filled with love and joy!

That requires the right motivation in everything we do.

I hope that I can do my part to clear the name of carbohydrates today as well as give you some valuable information about this high-energy macro nutrient.

Carbs, like protein and fats provide calories for the body.  Each carbohydrate gram provides 4 calories.  The same as each protein gram does.  Fat grams are the most caloric dense and that is the reason that many people have a fear of ingesting fats.  Again, miss information and a lack of true understanding has created this incorrect motivation.

Eating too many carbs will contribute to fat gain.  Eating too many protein grams or fat grams will too.

Carbohydrates provide the body with glycogen the bodies most useful fuel supply for exercise.  When exercising at Hi-intensity Glycogen is your bodies preferred fuel source.

It is for this fact that I don’t like to see people running scared from carbs.  We need them for energy for our workouts.

The question is how much do we need?  How much is too much?

And the answer is that everybody is different.  We all need different amounts of carbohydrates.  We all function differently without carbs or with less glycogen present in our bodies and we all have personal preferences and opinions about what is comfortable for us.

Everyone does need to determine how many carbohydrates their own body needs.  It is dependent very much on your personal activity level.  If you work at a desk then obviously, you don’t need as much energy as if you are a construction worker.

If you run 10k daily, then obviously, you need to get enough carbohydrates to support that.

Your carbs are closely linked to your goals, your activity and your bodies genetic ability to process and utilize insulin and glycogen.

By collecting some personal information from you I can calculate how much carbohydrates your body needs.

Carbohydrates when digested in the stomach turn into glucose.  When glucose enters the blood steam the blood sugar elevates.  When the blood sugar goes up the pancreas responds with the hormone insulin.  In the presence of insulin the body cannot burn fat.

Ugh…. did you hear that?  CANNOT burn fat!

This is the reason that Carbohydrates have gotten all the bad press over the past 20 years!

The insulin, blood sugar, diabetes and fat blocking effects of carbohydrates make them a major factor in our quest for total health and wellness as well as our goals for Rapid Fat-loss!

The solution for carbohydrate management is to create a personal carbohydrate cycle.  We can calculate personal carbohydrate boundaries for you.

No body wants to live the rest of their lives without cookies, cake or pizza.  Nobody really can….

…. But on the other hand if we eat ice cream everyday their is no way we are going to be burning fat fast!

Carbohydrate cycling is creating a personal balance over the course of the week.  Accepting that to achieve our goals we have to make some sacrifices.  Realizing that if we are over 35 we likely can’t eat whatever we want whenever we want to.

But having enough knowledge to recognize that being too extreme with our nutrition plan is a recipe for disaster.  You don’t want to lose this weight and gain it all back again do you?

Then you need to take a lifestyle approach to your health and your wellness.  You need a diet and exercise program that you can live with long term!

You need a lifestyle program.

You need to develop your own personal calorie and carbohydrate cycle.  A system of adding and subtracting carbohydrates and calories so that you can lose weight as fast as possible but still get to eat some bread, chips and cookies sometimes too!

Fortunately, this can be done for you personally.

Fortunately, I can help you design your own personal carbohydrate cycle.

Thank goodness you can have the freedom to eat all your favorite foods and lose weight as fast as possible too!  All I need is to get you in for some minor measurements, calculations and discussion.

Would you like to arrange a time?

Just send me a personal email:

Let’s arrange a free trial private session in my New Private Training Facility down on the Lakeshore in Burlington!   Check out some video from inside my club below!  I specialize in Private Training, Partner Training and Semi-Private Training.

I hope I hear from you soon.  I’d love to help you get your energy and body back ASAP!

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