Fiber is One Key Element of Your Successful Nutrition Program

Fiber is One Key Element of Your Successful Nutrition Program

We have all been in better shape at some point in our lives.  Is it time for you to get back to your best?

Your best self really means that you need to get back into an exercise routine, you need to start getting conscious about your food again and you need to make up your mind to stop treating yourself poorly.  It all starts with a decision.  You need to recommit to creating the best version of you…

What is the best version of you?

When I ask myself that question I must consider my energy.  Having enough energy to get through work and still have something left for my family is a vital part of me creating my best self!

Starting my day, moving through my day and ending it with the right mood is also very important to me.  I want to feel happy daily and I realize that there are a few things that need to happen to maintain that.

I know that exercise is a component of my happiness.  I know that our bodies need movement to function optimally.  I know that our physiology needs to be primed for us to feel and be at our best.  I know that we need a positive way to cope and manage our stress in our lives.  Exercise is a positive way to begin to take back control of your life.

I also know that it’s nutrition that allows my body to recover from my workouts.  It’s my nutrition that sustains my energy so that I can make it through my day.   I need the nutrients from my food to maintain my health as well as look and feel my best!

When I break down my nutrition into key aspects and details I can’t overlook the importance of fiber when I’m ready to get myself back on track.

Fiber is actually a carbohydrate.  It’s a very magical carbohydrate because although it provides the body with some very valuable care and support it yields no calories!  🙂

…Did you hear that? -No calories!

So, eating lots of it will make you feel full but will not add anything to your total caloric consumption!

How awesome is that?

You can eat tons of this stuff.  It will make you feel totally full.  It will help your body release waste and toxins and it will not add any calories to your day!  Fiber is the magic in a Healthy Rapid Fat-loss nutrition plan.

Get your fiber best in it’s most natural form.  Eat as much Cruciferous vegetables as you can!

Here is a list of cruciferous veggies for you:

  • Arugula
  • Bok Choy
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Collard Greens
  • Kale
  • Mustard greens
  • Radish
  • Turnip
  • Watercress

These vegetables have the exact same plant genetic origins.  They were all created over centuries of natural selection and healthy farming practices.

Two vegetables that I would like to add to this list that are not cruciferous but are also high in fiber are celery and spinach.

Eat these vegetables raw in salads or boil them, sautee them or steam them.  Whatever works best for you…  Eating them raw and steamed preserves the most content of fiber and nutrient however eating them is the most important thing so if you can’t personally enjoy broccoli without boiling it then please boil it as lightly as you can stand!

These vegetables contain plenty of very valuable immune building vitamins like vitamin A, potassium, folic acid, protein and vitamin K to name a few.  These vegetables have been show through numerous scientific studies to be beneficial for reducing inflammation, shrinking tumors, stimulating the immune system, protecting the brain and even fighting cancer.

I could write about the list of benefits from the consumption of these vegetables for days but probably the biggest benefits to your rapid fat-loss program are that they don’t provide calories and they help to maintain low blood sugar.if you want to lose fat as fast as you can you need to keep your blood sugar level constant as effectively as you can.  As your blood sugar climbs so does the insulin you have in your body and your body cannot burn fat in the presence of insulin.

You need to maintain your blood sugar level to maintain your steady energy supply and ensure your body is burning fat fast!

Combining cruciferous vegetables with protein is the best way to do that.

Keep your calories low, provide your body with nutrient dense food, and clean your body out with high fiber for terrific elimination.

If you would like some help creating some food choices and alternatives including these foods then consider getting involved with my Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition Program.

My Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition and wellness program can be done on-line or in person.  You can utilize the physical training component to the program or choose to just do the nutrition alone if you already have an exercise program you would like to continue.

You can choose what aspect of my program you would like to participate in.  Exercise or Nutrition or Exercise and Nutrition.  Mindset is always the key to life-long success in any endeavor.

Email me if you would like to discuss alternatives in greater detail.

We can work together privately, with a partner or in a semi private group if you need training support to!

Accountability is the driving force when you want to create a change in your life.

Here’s my email if you’d like to talk:

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