Protein Nutrition

Protein Nutrition

At some point in our lives we get fed up with being lethargic and not being at our best!  At some point we realize that there is no benefit to being anything less than our best.  Once you know this there is only one thing that you can do.

Return yourself to your best!

If it’s time to start getting back on track you must consider this ultra important macro nutrient and how you are going to make sure you hit your personal daily requirements for it.

Rapid changes in Body-fat require both nutrition and exercise modifications.

When I work with a new client I like to start with sitting down with them to discuss their personal goals.

I like to discuss what is currently going on and what must happen if we want to accomplish them.  We all need boundaries and accountability if we want to make change.  I like to weigh them and measure them so that I can determine their personal caloric requirements and protein requirements.

Protein is just 1 of the 3 macro-nutrients but it is a very important element of a Rapid Fat-loss program.

Did you know that protein is the macro nutrient that has the highest thermic effect?  That means the digestion of protein burns more calories then the digestion of carbohydrates or fats.

Do you know how much protein your body needs?

Did you know that the amount of protein you need is personal?  It depends on your age, your sex, your activity level, your weight, your body fat and your goals.

Did you know that your needs for protein increase if you are following an organized exercise program?

If you are exercising vigorously to reduce your body-fat you need to consume at least .80 grams of protein for every pound of lean mass on your body.

To figure out your personal needs I need to get you in and weigh you.  I need to check your body-fat to determine your lean mass.

Once I have that information I can calculate your personal requirements.

We can discuss what you need to eat to full-fill your obligations.

We can choose foods that you like when we create your personalized plan.

We can work back and forth with your nutrition weekly until we create your ideal, personal Rapid Fat-loss meal plan. Once we have determined your customized nutrition you will be able to manage your body-fat for the rest of your life.

If you need help organizing your nutrition plan or getting re-motivated then just contact me at this email here:

Hopefully hear from you soon!

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