Take Back Control of Your Life- Nutrition

Take Back Control of Your Life- Nutrition

If you want to be your best self then you have got to take some action.

The idea that something is going to happen to you that is going to change your life for the better without your best effort or involvement is false.

We all must identify the incorrect thoughts the limiting beliefs that we are holding onto that are interfering with our success.

It’s not only action that you need… You must take appropriate action!

What is right for one is not right for all…

I think that many people have the idea that if they want to get themselves to their best they must give everything up that they love.

I also think that that idea is another incorrect thought that is standing in your way.  It’s a belief that is limiting you from taking the appropriate actions for success.

We all must address our own personal limiting beliefs.

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods or things in your life to get back to the best version of yourself.

You simply must take back control.  You are in control, right?

Or did you forget that…  You are in complete control of what is going on in your life.  If you want to make things different then that is your choice.

Who has time for anything less than their best self anyways?

You can still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks in your most successful life you just need to make sure you keep them under your control.

You must reduce the frequency of your favorite things.

In our day and age we have all fallen prey to this…

We all need to challenge the things we are doing habitually.

Often the idea that we need to do this or have this right now is an incorrect idea.

It is one of your limiting beliefs.

You can stop doing it.  You can change that thought.  It starts when you stop saying you need to do this or you need to eat this in order to be happy or successful.  It begins when you decide to take back your power.

Often if we have been trapped by a food or an action or a habit for an extended period of time, it is a great thing to take a little time away from that behaviour or food.

Taking a short break is empowering.

It show you that you are in control.

I like to encourage new clients to take a minimum of 7 days or even 14 or 21 days at the start to take back control of any limiting habit or behavior that is standing in the way of your success!

Discipline is empowering.  You will feel better about everything in your life when you are in control again.

It will make you feel happier about everything that you do.

True success is a combination of success and reward.

Surely it cannot be all sacrifice.

How could it ever be a success if it was all sacrifice?

It’s not… after a 7-14 detox period I always encourage people to make a commitment to 4 super healthy days each week.  You have got to get your nutrition right at least 4 days a week to be moving towards your goals.

If you can commit to exercising 4 times each week for 30 minutes this time you will guarantee your forward progress.

It doesn’t have to be all sacrifice.  However, if you really want this you will need to make some sacrifices to get it.

The incredible thing is that when you challenge yourself, your limiting beliefs and behaviour you will actually feel stronger and happier.

When you take back control of yourself your energy and focus will improve.

Once you stop thinking and saying things like “I can’t do that”  “I can’t live without that”  “I don’t have time to do that”  “It’s too hard”  “I don’t like it”  Your energy and mood will improve and you’ll start to feel back in control of yourself.

Once you take a couple of days away from that thing that you are doing you will realize that you really can do this.

The rewards of joy and energy will spill over into everything else that you do and your life will unhinge itself.

Watch and see how everything starts to move forward for you as you challenge your limiting thoughts and beliefs and move back into the drivers seat!

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  1. Nika Washington Author August 4, 2018 (12:21 pm)

    I am up for the challenge. The ready to cleanse my mind body & soul.

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