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January 21, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

7 day Fast Nutrition

One thing I have learned from 30 years as a professional trainer and coach is that I cannot make anyone change their food.  Food is like religion to people.  I will share constant information in this program with you.  I will teach natural raw food healing.  You can move in the direction of the alkaline lifestyle as far as you feel comfortable to.  If you do not wish to participate in the nutrition in this program that is also your choice and option.  I will not push you into anything.  This program has 7 different levels of participation.  You get to choose whichever level you would like to participate at.  All I require is that you make yourself accountable to me by letting me know which level of participation you choose and for how long you are going to commit to your fast!  Everyone can commit for 4,5 or 6 days.

Please provide me with your weight tomorrow morning when you wake up.  Please email me your weight to:  Please also measure your waist at your belly button with your tape measure.  Please measure and report that number to me in centimeters.  I want to know your weight and waist measurement at the beginning of this program.  I will ask you to report your weight and measurements to me again at the end of the fast.  You choose your level of nutritional participation.  You choose your fast length.  You report your weight and measurements at the start.  You participate in the exercise all week and at the end of the week you report the results that you have accomplished.  Does that make sense?

If you have questions about the program please send them in to me now:  If you have not chosen your level of nutritional participation please do that now at the link below:

Choose From 7 levels of Participation Here Now!


It is my opinion that if you want this year to be different you need to get some new ideas and beliefs about your nutrition.  You need to get a different understanding about nutrition.  You need to understand what is blocking you from success.  I will share with you information that i have learned from 5 major bodies of work.  Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Arnold Ehret, Dr. Morse, Dr. Sebi and Professor Hilton Hotema.  If you would like any additional resources from any of these men please reach out to me.  You can get their books or look them up on Google, Facebook or YouTube to get additional information or understanding.

For the past two years I have been applying the alkaline food lifestyle into my life to a greater and greater degree.  I have only found benefit to the application of the information that I share inside of this program.  It has been a life transformation for me.  I have helped 100’s of people just over the past few years move in the direction of plant based nutrition.  You move as quickly or slowly as you wish.  Results can be dramatic if you embrace these most natural ideas that have been suppressed.  Why have these weight-loss and natural healing ideas been suppressed?  Simply they are just not profitable ideas.  Natural healing profits no one.  As a result Natural healing does not get any support from science or from the press.  The unfortunate reality of our world is that money talks.  Science and health is a business.  It’s a multi-billion dollar business that unfortunately generates profits as you stay sick.  Take responsibility for your health and well being.  Shift towards the alkaline lifestyle today!

Over the past two years I have also reached out to numerous natural healing professionals from all over the world to learn and grow further myself.  Please take a look at just a few of the interviews I have had with influential healers from all over the world below.  Learning new ideas and information comes from watching and listening and applying the information into your own life.  Personal trials are the very best way to learn and grow.  Everyone in this program is free to choose their own level of participation.  See some new content and information below about Natural Raw Food Healing.  Listen to what can happen to you and your body when you shift in the direction of live high energy alkaline nutrition.

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