14 May

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I always hear people talking about eating reduced carbohydrate diets.

People always ask me if they should cut out bread and pasta from their diets.

I don’t like to ever tell people what they should eat.

Eating is so personal. It’s like religion.

Most people are equally attached to their nutrition.

Some people don’t eat meat some people want to be gluten free.

Over the last 25 years I have had experience working with people with all sorts of nutritional habits, preferences, allergies, and digestive issues and I realize that no one diet can be the answer for everyone.

I never tell people what they have to eat.

I only share scientific nutritional facts and ask people what it is that they would like to achieve.

Your nutrition must be in alignment with your goals.

If you are trying to run a half-marathon and your training 5-10 km per day multiple times each week then you need plenty of carbohydrates to support your goals.

If you have a desk job or you’re a stay at home mom that hasn’t been maintaining regular exercise then your caloric needs differ drastically.

Sex and Age also play an enormous roll in how much of anything you personally need in your diet.

If your goal is to try to reduce your body-fat then you’ve got to consider your caloric intake and your macro nutrient balance.

When people say that they cut their carbs what do they mean?

If you cut out your carbs then what do you eat?

I think when many people cut their carbs they really just further reduce their calories.

That’s not what it really means… Cutting carbohydrates is something that is supposed to be done over a short time period.

When carbs are cut they must be put back in accordingly.

The idea of cutting carbs is really supposed to be something that is done in a cycle.

When carbohydrates are reduced you have got to increase something in order to fill yourself up.

What is that?

While I would recommend that you increase your protein there is a healthy limit for that also.

Beyond your personal protein requirement there is only one other thing you can eat if you want to get enough calories in your day if you’re cutting your carbs.

Do you know what Macro Nutrient that is?

If carbs are reduced and Protein is increased to healthy requirement limits then what Macro is left to raise to replace the hole in your diet created by less carbs?

You’ve got to eat more fats in a healthy lifestyle nutrition plan.

Do you know which ones are the right one?

Below is whole pile of information I have collected about fats over my last 25 years as a pro trainer:

If you would like to determine how much of each Macro nutrient is personally ideal for you to lose weight fast or how much is ideal for you to eat for the rest of your life then send me a personal email sometime this week to begin a little conversation.

Everything you need to know about Fats

Dietary fats come in all shapes and sizes, and are an exceptionally complex nutritional component. I will try to make it simple. Fats have been vilified in the past, and have been blamed for the current obesity epidemic. Let me put this as plainly as I can – fats do not make you fat (poor choices and over-consumption makes you fat.) That said, just like proteins and carbs, not all fats are created equal. Some fats have a much greater propensity to be stored as body-fat than other fats.

Fats can come from animal or vegetable sources and basically, the more natural and unadulterated the source, the better it is for you. Let me make this very clear: DO NOT FEAR FAT. Even saturated fat is fine and even good for you SO LONG AS the source is natural. Fat is our friend, and when chosen properly can taste awesome and help us drop body fat quickly.

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You’ve got to Eat the Right Fat to get Lean

To be sure there are “bad” fats: Highly processed “trans” fats (see below) like margarine’s and other man made fats are metabolic suicide while sources like olive oil, coconut oil and fish oils can actually extend life and promote fat loss.

Fats can be used for structural things such as cell membranes, various hormones, and organs and for energy requirements. That is in fact what body fat is: energy stored for future use. As you will read below I recommend increasing your intake of specific fats to optimize your metabolism, and completely eliminating other fats for the same reason.

Trans Fats and Why You Need to Hate Them

These days it’s hard to get through a day without consuming some form of convenience food. A muffin on the way to work, a snack from the vending machine, crackers with lunch, a snack bar on the way home, and then a convenient ‘just add water’ biscuit mix with dinner. Those days are gone – here’s why: Have you ever read the entire nutritional label on the pre-packaged snacks that we all know and love? If you did, then you would have seen the ingredient partially hydrogenated oil. This is a necessary ingredient that allows foods to sit on a shelf for months at a time without going bad—but along with the preserving quality comes a little something called trans-fatty acids. So what are trans-fatty acids? And why should you even care? Trans-fatty acids are produced during the hydrogenation of vegetable oil, and studies show that these manmade molecules are worse for your body than saturated fat. They even raise LDL (the bad one) cholesterol levels while simultaneously lowering HDL (the good one) cholesterol levels.

Trans-fatty acids are also linked to higher rates of insulin resistance. That, my friends will stop fat loss in its tracks. In her book, The Omega Diet, Artemis P. Simopoulos, M.D. states that, “Trans-fatty acids
interfere with normal fatty acid metabolism by crowding out essential fatty acids from the cell membranes and interfering with the conversion of the shorter chain fatty acids (such as LNA) into longer ones (such as DHA). As a result, there are fewer long-chain fatty acids in the membranes. This makes the membranes less fluid and reduces the number and sensitivity of the insulin receptors.” Bottom line, you store more fat.

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Food items that contain trans-fatty acids

•commercial baked goods
•prepared mixes
•snack food
•artificial cheese
•deep-fat fried foods
•cakes and cake mixes
•corn chips
•cinnamon rolls
•muffin mixes
•pie crust
•potato chips
•tortillas and tortilla chips
•biscuit mixes and dough

Any Foods with “Partially Hydrogenated” on the label

Simopoulos goes on to say, “It is difficult to live in the United States and avoid trans-fatty acids because they have infiltrated the entire food supply. Anytime you see the words, ‘partially hydrogenated’ on a label, know that lurking within are trans-fatty acids. Take the time to go through the supermarket aisles and read the labels on baked goods, snack foods, and mixes. Virtually every one contains trans-fatty acids.”

So I don’t like to tell people what to eat but if you wanted to remove something from your diet the best choice would be Trans Fats.  Now after saying that I would say that no one is perfect and the elimination of anything is very challenging.  Can you keep your trans fats down to 1 day a week.  If you need to have some trans fats can you keep them on your cheat day?  Keep your trans fats as low as you can!


EFAs / Omega -3’s

So you know which fats to hate – now let me show you which fats to love: EFAs. EFA stands for Essential Fatty Acids. In dietary terms “essential” means that your body cannot make it by itself. There are two families of EFA’s, Omega-3 (linolenic acid) and Omega-6 (linoleic acid). Omega-3’s (also referred to as “Fish Oils” ) are the one we care most about because most of us get sufficient Omega-6’s in our diets. EFA’s are special because they are the building blocks that make our hormones, membranes, eyes, ears, brains, sex organs and are a part of every cell in your body . And again, you must get EFA’s from your diet, because your body cannot make them. Omega-3 EFA’s are found in the body oils of cold-water ocean fish like cod, mackerel, halibut, herring and tuna.

Health Conditions linked to Omega-3 Omega Deficiencies

•Eczema and psoriasis
•Hair loss
•Water loss
•Reduced immune function
•Behavioral difficulties
•Poor healing
•Circulatory disorders
•Abnormal behavioral changes
•Impairment of vision
•Spread of rheumatic and arthritic disorders
•Deteriorating motor coordination
•Glandular atrophy, which in turn leads to infertility, growth deficiency and weight disorders

The benefits of EFA supplementation are vast and varied. Essentially (no pun intended), EFA’s are anti- inflammatory. That means they can benefit most if not all types of inflammation. You might not be aware that heart disease is actually a form of inflammation. That is why EFA’s are currently recommended to all cardiac patients. EFA supplementation greatly reduces the risk of many heath related conditions in addition to cardiovascular disease, such as cancer, depression, inflammatory diseases of joints and connective tissues, kidney disease/renal failure, osteoporosis, asthma, prenatal and postpartum support, diabetes/insulin resistance and many other diseases as well as increases resting metabolic rate, and improves body composition regulation. In addition, EFA’s have been vital in accelerating fat loss by turning on the lipolytic genes (fat burning genes) and turning off the lipogenic genes (fat storage genes).

In days of old – like caveman old – we consumed ample quantities of EFA’s. We did not suffer from arthritis nor did we die from heart attacks. Generally we were eaten by lions or some such beast. As our diets have become more and more processed and pre-packaged, our intake of EFA’s has dramatically plummeted leaving us severely deficient. There is simply no debate – optimal health requires optimum levels of EFA’s. The bonus of that is that EFA’s aid in fat loss. One study showed EFA’s can increase metabolism as much as 400 calories per day – PER DAY! For many that in and of itself should be reason enough to get your EFA’s. In my opinion there is only one supplement I recommend to everyone, and it is EFA’s.

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Top 10 Reasons EFA’s are Essential

1. Fish oils, rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent depression, stabilize the moods of maniac-depressives, and alleviate symptoms of schizophrenia.
2. Fish oils are one of the few substances known to lower concentrations of triglycerides (fatty substances) that pose a cardiovascular risk, in the blood.
3. Increasing the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids has direct effects on serotonin levels.
4. Fish oils, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) help prevent heart disease, depression and cancer.
5. Research has shown that supplementation with fish oils can markedly reduce interlukin-1beta production and results in a significant reduction in morning stiffness and the number of painful joints in rheumatoid arthritis patients.
6. Several clinical trials have concluded that eating fish regularly or supplementing with fish oils can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death by as much as 50%.
7. Researchers at Mayo Clinic report that supplementation with fish oils, EPA and DHA is highly effective in slowing down the progression of IgA nephropathy, a common kidney disease.
8. Epidemiological studies have shown that populations with a high intake of fish oils have a lower incidence of inflammatory diseases such as asthma.
9. Researchers at The University of Tromso now report that fish oil supplementation lowers blood pressure significantly in people with hypertension and has no effect on glucose control even in people with mid diabetes.
10. Medical researchers in New Zealand provide convincing evidence that an increased consumption of fish oils helps reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

How Much EFA Do I Need?

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That is a good question – and the answer can vary depending on your goals, your activity level and how many calories your are consuming each day.  Before I even try to give you some prescription for EFA’s let’s realize how much fish oil are inside those typical EFA pills you may already be using.

Most “Fish Oil” or EFA pills are 1000mg. But of that 1000mg only 300mg is EPA/DHA (that stands for eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid respectfully, you don’t really need to know that but trust me when I say that is “the good stuff” we want from our Fish Oil / EFA supplement.)

So that means only 30% of the pill is the stuff we actually want. So why is that a big deal? Because to get the optimal benefits from our EFA’s (again, depending on who you talk to ) we need to consume somewhere around 5-6g of EPA/DHA per day (combined total of the two). That is the same as 5000-6000mg. So if each capsule is only 300mg of the good stuff we could be taking as much as 20 pills a day. That is a lot to choke down. For this reason I recommend the use of fish oil in the liquid form.

The good news is there are some very concentrated fish oil products out there. They have flavored ones to cover the fish taste too!

Summer is coming quick!

If you want to talk about fish oil, or vitamins or minerals, fiber, supplements or Customized Macro Nutrient Balancing to lose fat fast then send me a personal email to start a little discussion:

07 May

Female personal Trainer in Burlington Gym or Fitness Center

When I get started with a client I always like to weigh them, record their Chest, Waist and Hips and measure their body fat!

I think this is important information to gather at the beginning of your program for a couple of reasons.

First of all when you are trying to get into a fitness lifestyle it’s important to recognize your success.

Recording your starting point measurements are a super way to track and observe your progress.

Sometime the scale can be misleading.  When you have measurements and body-fat you can get a more accurate estimation of what is really going on with your body!

Because muscle is more dense it occupy’s less space.

Sometimes your weight can drop only a fraction and your measurements can make significant changes.

Check out my detailed video below:

The other benefit of getting your measurements is to personalize your nutrition boundaries.

If I know your body-fat I can calculate your lean mass.

Your total body weight minus your fat weight will provide you with your lean mass.

I establish fat weight with your body fat percentage.

With lean mass I can determine how many calories you need.

That way I can figure out how much of the foods below you should eat.

The list of foods below will give you a skeleton of what is ideal for you to eat most of the time.

NO-BODY is perfect.

I need all of my clients to strive to be as perfect as possible.

I want to see 4 days of perfection each week.

If you can do that and combine it with 4 Hi-End interval style workouts you know you will be moving rapidly towards your goals.

Here is a quick reference guide of an ideal day.

You choose your foods and track them with your Food tracking App.

Each week you will provide me with access to that information and your weekly weigh-in results.

This way I will be able to hold you accountable.

Check out the Quick reference guide to an ideal day below.

Track your foods and adhere to the personalized boundaries provided to you in your start up package.

Email me if you have any questions or need any help getting your nutrition worked out.

By working back and forth we will create your customized nutrition plan over the next 21 days!

Rapid Fat-Loss Ideal day!

Your ideal nutrition day! At least 4 days a week…
Below are my top food choices. My opinion of an ideal day.
You can substitute the order of any of the meals.
You can utilize any of the foods on the list over any period of the day


#1. 2 eggs any style with a vegetable or 2
#2. Pure natural juice made in the juicer
#3. Smoothie made in the blender
#4. 1-2 boiled eggs and a fruit and vegetable

Snack 1 

Any of the food choices from breakfast can be used as snack.  Feel free to change the order of any of the foods.

Oatmeal with nuts or nut butter and coconut

Oatmeal with a scoop of protein



Cottage cheese/fruit

Pumkin seeds/Fruit

Sunflower seeds/Fruit

Protein Bar


Goat cheese/Fruit






(with your choice of protein) chicken/Fish/Egg/Beans/Peas/Cheezes

with some quinoa, or rice.


Snack 2.

Juice like breakfast


1 fruits/Egg


Protein Shake

Protein Bar



  1. Veggie/Protein/sweet potato
  2. Salad/Protein/ cooked veggie or raw veggie


If you have not gotten in for your initial assessment yet then let’s make sure we schedule you in for next week.

If you need to get your personal calories determined and your protein and carbohydrate needs calculated then let’s arrange a time to discuss.

Send me a personal email:

We can do this face to face or on-line.

Here’s a quick fat-burning workout for you!

30 Apr

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To say you’re never going to enjoy your favorite foods again is impossible…  We need to create a balance with our nutrition that includes some sacrifices and allows for some indulgence too!

Before I get into the cheating rules, let me explain a bit more on how your body works.

Chronic overeating (especially the wrong things) makes you fat. You knew that.

Chronic under eating KEEPS you fat. You might not have known that.

That’s why normal “diets” stall and ultimately fail. We go from states of overeating to states of damn near starving. Your body freaks out and holds onto its stored body fat through a series of hormonal checks.

One of the big hormones involved is leptin. It is considered one of the most important hormones in body-fat regulation. Leptin is nice and high when we eat a lot. Also when we carry a lot of body fat. When leptin is nice and high your body has no problem allowing fat loss to occur.

Understand that it does not just happen because leptin is high, there has to be a reason for the body to give up the body-fat.
That is where a caloric deficit comes in. That means we need to consume less calories then we burn. Eat less and move more which means diet and exercise.

Simple, right?

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Uh, no. You see that is where the problem comes in. When calories are restricted leptin levels begin to fall. When leptin levels are low the body will bring all fat loss to a halt. Great, now what!?

It seems we have no choice but to eat more to get leptin levels up. But if we eat too much we get fat. See the problem?
But there is good news- We can use this information to our advantage. We can take what we know about leptin and
make it work FOR us instead of against us.

How do we do this? Simple: Carbohydrate and Caloric Cycling combined with Strategic cheating coupled with specialized high intensity workouts.

To be clear, a “cheat” is a pre-determined period of high calories. The best cheat for our purpose is high in carbs, moderate protein and low fat. But basically anything will work so long as your carbs are high. Do not stuff yourself, but
there is no need to limit either. I will further say that you should plan on only 1 big cheat meal / night per week.

So we will be keeping calories (relatively) low on “normal” days, but then going much higher on “cheat” days. By keeping calories low we will be creating a caloric deficit so your body must turn to body-fat for fuel. BUT we will also be using resistance training (specialized workouts) to maintain and even increase the metabolism.

This is backed by research that shows even when calories are dropped to RIDICULOUSLY low levels lean body mass and metabolism are maintained or even increased – so long as there is resistance exercise as part of the program.

Ok, no problem. You will be training 4+ times per week to maximize your results. So we have that covered.
But remember what I said about leptin levels when you diet? They drop. And what happens when they drop? Fat loss stops.

That is where the cheats come in. We will use the cheats to up-regulate leptin levels. You see your body produces
leptin when calories are high, and it does it fast too. So that means even a short cheat can get leptin pumping again and get you ready to burn fat once again.

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To be a bit more specific, leptin levels are influenced by 2 main things: Caloric intake and muscle glycogen levels. Glycogen is the stored muscle sugar (carb), and is in general a good thing. When dieting and working out glycogen levels will fall as we exercise and the sugar is used to exercise.

You can think of your muscles like sponges. When you workout they get rung out. And that is just fine as it forces your body to use fat for fuel. But to get leptin levels up we should refill these glycogen tanks.

Again, this is where the cheat comes in. So let’s put it all together.

When we diet calories and glycogen drop and thus so too do leptin levels. Then fat loss comes to a screeching halt. Ok, let’s fix that with the cheat. A short cheat of 4-6 hours will do the trick quite nicely for our 21 day plan. Leptin levels rise, and now you are in a perfect position to burn fat again.

So there we have it – a simple and effective solution.
(THIS PART IS OPTIONAL) We can do even better. Let’s super charge it.
First, let’s really get you primed for the cheat. To do this we are going to perform a “depletion” workout. Remember that muscles are like sponges? Well with the depletion workout we will ring the crap out of them. Getting the glycogen levels as low as possible. This does a few things, but the most important thing is now those muscle sponges will soak up your cheat calories (carbs specifically) like nobody’s business.

(That is also why it is next to impossible to overdo a cheat. Don’t go nuts, but enjoy.)
Now your glycogen levels are full, you have temporarily spiked you calories and leptin levels are now flying high. That means your fat burring potential is VERY high.

Now it is time to fire up your metabolic furnace with the “Ignition” workout. This happens the day after the cheat. Because your leptin levels will be at their highest we need to take advantage of that and create a massive caloric deficit via getting back to the “normal” phase of our diet and attack the workout.

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So you should see a very simple pattern emerging: Workout, cheat, workout. You really earn that
cheat and then use it to incinerate your body fat.
So here is what an OPTIMAL week with a Saturday cheat would look like.

Monday: Normal diet + workout
Tuesday: Normal diet
Wednesday: Normal diet + workout
Thursday: Normal diet
Friday: Normal diet + workout
Saturday: Normal diet until cheat meal + Depletion workout prior to cheat
Sunday: Fast in the morning + Ignition workout + a comfortable lunch or dinner (fasting will mean less calories in total that day)

Also, optimally the depletion workout would be as close to the cheat as possible. Now this might not always work out
(no pun intended) exactly like above, but the basic rule of thumb is EARN YOUR CHEAT, BURN YOUR CHEAT.

Don’t freak out if you can’t do a depletion workout. You’ll still be just fine. But if you can…
The depletion workout does not need to be anything special. Remember the muscle are like a sponge. Just wring out the last remaining bit of glycogen with the little burner:
Basic Depletion / Ignition Workout:

Reps: 10, 20, 30, 20, 10 Moves:

Bodyweight Squats
Push Ups
Sit Ups

Do 10 Squats, then 10 push ups, then 10 sit ups. Then do 20 of each, then 30 of each, then 20 again, then 10 again.
So now you have the basic info. Stick to the “normal” diet on most days, cheat on specific days and workout 4 x per week. That’s it. Email me with any questions.

Bonus Fat Loss Tactic: Expanding on the 8 hours feeding window principle we can further accelerate the fat loss the day AFTER the cheat day by adding an intermittent fast. This can simply be accomplished by not eating the day after the cheat until the afternoon.

How long can you last?  1pm or 2pm?  Could you fast all the way until 5 or 6pm. At that time you will just eat a “normal” dinner. Do not try to eat all of your calories at that one meal (so your numbers will be off on this one day), just eat the one meal that day and that’s it.

Chances are after the cheat day you will not be hungry anyway, so this will probably be a lot easier than you think.

I help people organize their personalized caloric and carbohydrate cycles to optimize the fat-loss!  When you combine high intensity workouts with an ideal customized nutrition plan and motivation results happen very fast.

Summer is just around the corner!

Let’s arrange a time to talk about what’s going on with you!

Send me a personal email to start up a conversation:

Our program can be covered by your work health benefits plan.

30 Apr

In-home training in Burlington

What’s going on in our lives is the result of our daily habits and rituals.

If we want something different going on in our lives then we need to establish and create some different habits and rituals.

The best way to break a bad habit is to start up a new healthy one.

Get Started at building a new healthy habit right now!

Register for my 7-day Kick-start below and immediately receive your workout for today, your nutrition plan for the week, your aerobic recommendations for the week, plus information, motivation and accountability to get you back onto the right track.

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Each month 2 lucky people get to try out our program for a week Free!

You will get 1 free assessment and nutrition consultation, 1 private session and 2 semi private training sessions included in your free trial.

We only have space for 2 people each month.

Get Registered below




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Before we begin to inspire you to change your food and exercise let’s see if we are a fit for each other.

Get registered below for a free conversation.

We can talk over the phone or on a Skype call face to face.

I would like to provide you with all the details about my program and my philosophy.  I want to answer any questions you may have.  I would like to find out more about you.  I want to know what is currently going on in your life and where you want to end up.  I want to know if I can help you.  If I don’t think I can support your goals then I’ll let you know.

Watch the video below if you want to get more details about Dora and I or our program.

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26 Apr

I have my recommendations below for your workouts on your own if you can’t get into the our club.

These can be done at your home or at any gym with minimal equipment.

I can provide you with many more video workouts If you need them but these are the best for getting you started with developing that initial core strength and endurance.

There are two copies of the workouts.  The first one is a longer instructional version.  The second one is a short version for when you are working out.  I recommend taking the time to watch the instructional version before you work out or while you are warming up on the treadmill, bike or elliptical.  The short version is a simple reference guide for you to use during your workout.

You can always email me if you have any questions or problems.

The more you understand the details of this program the more successful you will be.  You can change your entire life by manipulating your exercise, your nutrition and your mindset!

Introduction workouts:

Full Instructional Workout

Short Version to view on your mobile device while you train

Instructional Workout

Short Version

Full Instructional Workout

Flat Tummy workout

Tighten up my Butt

Butt tighten up Short version

09 Apr

Take a look at Karen in the Picture below!  She is down 21 pounds this year!  Do you want to make a change in your life?  Stop wasting your time… Recommit yourself to yourself.  Start putting your best foot forward again.  Stop wasting time living in a shadow of yourself.  How is that a better life for you?  Step out of your shadow.  Realize everything that your life can become now!  You could be down 20 pounds and toned up in the next 8-12 weeks!

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Acomplishing a goal in any aspect of your life is ALWAYS the same. ALWAYS! 🙂

It starts with a thought in your mind. Let’s say you want to lose 20 or 30 or 50 pounds. You have a desire. A want. A goal…

First it helps to put it on paper. Then you’ve got to explore and understand all the reasons why you want it. By knowing clearly all the benefits you will receive by the accomplishment of your goal you anchor your goal. This is very important because goal attainment isn’t instantaneous. When you know all of the rewards associated with the accomplishment of your goal it helps you to push through the tough challenges.

See in your mind and write it on paper all the aspects of your life that will be improved by the accomplishment of your goal.

How will your goal affect your relationship with yourself? With your partner or a significant other? With your children or your closest family? How will it affect the relationship you have with your friends, your career, your finances, your future?

See how the accomplishment of your goal will affect every single aspect of you and your life?

Next… what do you need to do today to move forward towards your goal? What do you need to eat? What does that mean for your schedule? Do you need to get to the grocery store? When? How often? What do you need to put in your cart to make sure you have the resources available to do this?

What do you need to do today with your body? How should you move it? For how long? How hard?

What do you need to think about today to make this happen? What do you need to think about tomorrow to keep it happening?

You need systems. You need successful methods of eating, for exercise and for thought.

To accomplish your goal and make it something that you have attained for the rest of your life means that your new healthy lifestyle needs to become apart of your subconscious.

Somethings that you just do automatically. Something that just happens without a second thought.

The new you. The accomplished you, will be a result of you changing yourself at a level below thought. You need to reprogram your subconscious mind.

It can happen. You can do it. We all have this power. I would love to help you do this…

Let’s arrange a conversation. Please email me here: or text me here: 905-512-5421 to initiate a conversation.

I have been a Pro-trainer for 27 years.  My wife for 17.  We’ve helped a hundreds of people to change there lives.

02 Apr

First of all one diet can never be right for everyone. We all have such different energy requirements and personal likes and dislikes.

Your meal plan must be customized for you and your lifestyle and food preferences.

The only nutrition plan that makes sense is one that is cutomized.

Your plan needs to consider your personal macro nutrient needs. We all have different needs for protein, carbs and fats.

Your plan needs to consider your activity level and your frequency of exercise. If you are working out more frequently you’re calories need to reflect that. If you have a desk job and you aren’t exercising then your energy balance is completely different.

Personally I would encourage all of my clients to combine nutrition and exercise together. This is the real lifestyle way to success!

Keep your metabolism active by starting up your energy expenditure frequently with exercise.

To lose weight and keep it off you need to begin systems and methods that you can maintain for a lifetime.

Everyone’s customized nutrition plan requires more than calorie and macro nutrient balance. You’ve also got to consider live enzymes, micro nutrients and trace minerals in your plan.

People get so stuck on the calories and macros that they forget that difficiencies of all kinds will only slow down your progress.

Don’t forget about the fiber and the water. You need to eliminate the toxins you’ve got in your body too!

Aside from what you need mindset plays a huge role in your weight loss results. Don’t get so hung up on that scale. If you eat right for yourself personally and exercise enough we will find your energy balance and have you getting consistent results you can maintain.

A customized plan takes time to develop. It takes a little back and forth to have it right. We need to calculate your energy balance and then put it to the test with real world application. You need to follow an organized approach and we need to track and observe the results to make sure it works. I can usually accomplish a personal customized lifestyle nutrition plan for you in 21 days.

Let’s talk about your food and exercise and what has stopped you in the past.

I got my exercise outside with my family today!

See our workout today in the video below and watch for the next episode of the Fitness Report to be out soon.