16 Nov

Burlington Personal Training, Nutrition and Coaching Special Offer of the Year!

Do you need some help getting back into the gym?

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If you want some motivation and accountability then this is exactly the program for you.  I’m John dePass, I’ve been a professional trainer for lifetime and I am just about to release my very best Personal Training Special Offer of the year!  It’s my Black Friday Cyber Monday Special!

Raw food vegan personal trainer in Burlington Privat training studio

There is system and method to losing weight!  It’s the same system and method to reducing pain and eliminating disease.  That same system for creating success can be implemented into any aspect of your life!

You can heal your relationships, you can make more money, you can be happy healthy and full-filled.  It starts with exercise, nutrition and love for yourself and it can spread into everything else you do or want to in your life!

I will have this Black Friday Special available on Thursday November 22nd for 6 days!  This special will be available until Tuesday November 27th.  Get your exercise, get your nutrition and get your motivation and accountability too!

Get your 4 personal training sessions each week!  Get your grocery list get your nutrition customized.  Track your food and we will work back and forth to personalize a plan that will be perfect for you to create what you want to in your life!

Crazy Special Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Price –

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Burlington personal trainer

Crazy Special Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special Price –

6 months personal training for 2 people: $2097.00

5 spots available!

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You have 1 year to utilize this offer after it has been purchased.

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15 Nov

Raw Food Health & Wellness Coach healing Parasites, Yeast, Candida & Fungus

For 20 years i have had sleep issues. For the first 5 years i explored the allopathic options. I bounced around from the lightest to the more heavy medications and then returned to the zopiclone for sleep management for years before realizing that using medication was altering my life.

I was told by my doctor that zopiclone was non addictive and not an issue for long term use. However I began to realize that I started to lose my joy as i used it over the longer term. Medications aren’t natural and the do not heal or fix the real problem that is going on in your life. We all need to take the time to get to the root of the problem and correct it.

I started to learn about the power of natural foods and the healing power of plants and herbs. By studying the work of Dr. Arnold Ehret, Dr. Sebi and Dr. Morse I began to believe that. healing is possible. We can all discover what is wrong with our lives and correct. We are the power and the creators of our circumstances. All things can be healed, changed or corrected naturally.

By restoring ourselves to what is natural all things in the body and life will naturally correct themselves. Naturally we are alkaline and electromagnetic beings. We need to Oxygenate our bodies with exercise and restore our natural physiological environment with the right nutrition. We need live raw foods. Live raw foods bring enzymes, nutrients and electricity. Current electricity is a real property of live food. Live foods conduct electrical impulses. We need live food.

i noticed improvements in my life by making the first switch to reduce animal proteins. Reduce or eliminate the dead foods from your life. This is an important shift you need to make. Moving forward i shifted to raw vegan and then began extending my fasting time. I learned the body heals itself when we remove the obstructions and unhealthy behavior, practices and elements

All of my natural healing practices were beneficial to helping me gain greater control over my sleep so i continued moving in a raw and natural food healing fashion.

As i continued my research and personal experience i came across the testimony and experience of Dr. Jennifer Daniels. Her work inspired me to try her antiparasitic cleansing protocol. Within 8 days my body released a parasite and I have been sleeping great ever since.

If you have digestive issues, sleep problems, anxiety or depression, food cravings, body temperature problems, unhappiness, constipation, headaches, allergies, addictions or weight gain i encourage you to consider a parasite or an overgrown of yeast or candida in your body.

If you have used antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, coffee, or any prescription drugs for an extended period of time you are very likely to have created a poor gut flora which is an enticing place for a fungus or paresititic guest to enhabit. Meat, fish, poultry, dairy, cooked or processed foods all create an acidic environment within the body. The perfect place for these unhealthy house guests.

These unwanted beings in your system will create havoc in your system. There are so many different kinds of bacteria and yeast or fungus or parasite that can grow inside your body. Each of us can have different kinds that can manifest themselves in a variety of different ways within our bodies. This is why the list of potential effects above is so long. Ultimately these low vibration beings that have found their way into our lives bring disease, decay and death. We must remove them. We need our sleep and our peace of mind back. The good news is we can get it.

We can begin to sleep. We can heal. We can lose the weight and get our energy back. We can use that energy to change anything we want to in our lives. You can heal your body naturally. You can do it slowly and systematically. You can shift further towards a life that will heal whatever your symptoms are. All things in our lives can heal and change and grow. All of it can be done naturally. See Dr. Daniel’s work for removing fungus, yeast and parasites in the video at the top of this page.

I made a new friend on Facebook over the last couple of weeks. Dr. Arelli is a Neuropathologist and a raw vegan natural healing advocate. I was pleased she reached out to me an made my acquaintance and made the time to have a conversation with me. Listen to what she had to share about the mainstream healing paradigm, her true passion and the raw food lifestyle.

15 Nov

The truth about natural healing is that you must pass through all of the negative things that you have done to your body and life through out your life again to heal and correct this time.

As we restore the natural balance in our bodies healing will begin. It is our nature to heal. As we commence healing the body will begin to release toxins that have been trapped inside.

As toxic substances and chemicals, drugs and materials are reintroduced into your system you will get side effects from it. Dizziness is a very common symptom that arrives as the body begins the detoxification process.

When drugs you used in the past get reintroduced into your system the chemicals can make you dizzy. headaches, energy fluctuations, hot and cold flashes, digestive issues, reflux, diarrhea, sore throats, pimples, boils, cold sores, skin conditions and even physical pain are common side effects; only to name a few.

This is all natural and normal. If you have been living with incorrect nutrition (as we all have) for 30, 40 or 50 years you just like the rest of us will have accumulated a substantial amount of toxic waste inside of your body. The removal of that old sludge is necessary for us to feel healthy and vibrant again.

Raw natural food healing is the way to bring your body back to its natural place. As you restore alkalinity, conductivity, oxygen, movement, positive thought, word and action your life will heal and correct. Your excess weight will drop away. The aches and pains will heal themselves. All issues will heal as the congestion and toxic residue are removed.

Do not be surprised by the “healing crisis.” You may catch a cold or demonstrate symptoms of the flu. Just rest if you can. Move slowly if you have to. Just try to do your best with your circumstances. All of these issues and challenges associated with your raw food lifestyle are all natural and normal aspects of healing. This is the way healing happens.

Look at the work of some of the great pioneers. Look at the work of Dr. Ehret, Dr. Morse or Dr. Sebi. All of them try to prepare you for this event. The healing crisis is a real challenge that happens to all who take the natural healing route. Being prepared for it is very helpful although it doesn’t eliminate the fact that we still must endure these hurdles.

Don’t be alarmed natural healing is a little bit of a rollercoaster ride. Its not a one size fits all formula. We are all individuals. Each of us has made different offences to natural laws. Each of us must correct our own personal offenses. Each individual must walk through our individual challenges and hold up the flag of victory on the other side. This is your personal walk that each of us must endure and make.

Rest and stay positive if you are walking through physical or emotional healing. Fear or anxiety or depression could rise up in your life. It may be time for you to step up to some different habits and behaviors in your life. Healing our bodies and lives will require us to make some new decisions and actions. No natural healing is not always easy. I don’t want to paint an unrealistic picture for you.

You have the power to lose weight or heal or change anything that you wish about your life. You will have to make that decision in your mind and stick with it. Rest when you have to. Relax and add some additional cooked food to your diet if you need to slow down what’s going on. Do your best to hold the course if you can.  As the toxins and congestion leave your body your organs and glands will return to proper healthy function and your body will heal of all things.  Hormones, and energy will return to your system and you will feel the changes of health returning to your life.

If you need support with losing weight or healing pain or disease or changing your life send me a message. Let me help you tip-toe through the chaos of raw natural food healing.

11 Nov

Burlington Fruitarian Personal Trainer

You need to get familiar with the information inside the body of work of 3 major healers over the most recent 100 year period. There have been many however I feel that understanding these 3 bodies of work will help you grasp an entry level understanding of true healing.

Understand how the lymphatic system works is at the grass routes of healing. Understanding the bacterial balance of the body and the sybiotic relationship that bacteria has with the lymphatic system is key. When you start to see how important bacteria is to your immune system you are a step closer to understanding the truth about healing.

Your body needs balance. It needs key bacteria. Your most personal key bacteria will be found within your own personal water. This is the science of complete healing. The circular loop of life. Embrace infinite.



08 Nov

Trying to lose weight?

Want to heal some pain?

Want to change your relationship or make more money?

How about stepping into your abundance!? Does that excite you? 😁

Your body-fat is just a symptom of something that is going on with you at the metabolic level.

It often starts with body-fat or physical pain in the body. These are early warning signs of something more serious that’s about to begin. Body fat and pain are just the early symptoms of immune system breakdown and progressions further down the road toward disease.

Do you need help?

Would you like to reverse the decent towards old age, low energy and a loss of motivation?

You don’t need to get fat or old. You don’t need to live in pain. All aspects of your life can heal and change and correct themselves. There is a more perfect version of you.

Headaches, heart aches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, digestive sensitivity, emotional turmoil, addictions to substances, foods or negative situations or circumstances. Is chaos following you? Are certain relationships repeating themselves in your life?

Yeast, candida, and parasites are serious problems. They are epidemic in our population. There are ways to heal and eliminate toxicity from incorrect food choices and habits. We can correct our behavior patterns and change our lives. it boils down to a decision.

You need some support. You need some encouragement. You need motivation or inspiration. Let me hold you accountable. Lets get back to exercise, meditation, breath-work, goal setting, and fasting. Lets get going further with a raw food lifestyle. Lets maximize our planets most powerful natural medicine’s to change your life.

Does something just seem like its missing? I’ll tell you why there is something grey in your life. You need to make some changes. You need nutritional changes, behavior modifications and some organization and structure. You need some new information, new ideas and you need some help with the execution and application of all of this.

Let’s talk. Let’s talk about what’s blocking you from your very best. Let’s heal you. Let’s overcome your issue. Let’s heal or fix the problems created by emotional suppression, electromagnetic imbalance, nutritional acidosis and a de-oxigenated physiology.

You can fix it all naturally. The power to heal is within you. You can ignite that passion and desire inside of yourself again. Let’s have a short free conversation about what can happen in your life before the end of 2018. Watch for my Black Friday special offers and my crazy Online coaching special for the first 5 people who want to get started with a 6 week program.

I’ve got 3 spots left at this special price! Sign up for 6 weeks online training and get it for $197. Get exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching! 😁

Send me a personal message if you want to do a short chat!

Raw food vegan personal trainer

08 Nov

You can heal, you can change, you can
grow your life!

There are 10 fundamental elements that you must consider, restore or initiate to completely heal your life and step into the greatest version of yourself.

Weight loss, overcoming pain or disease, changing your relationship, your performance or making more money are all within your control and your power. You are the creator of your circumstances.

Before any natural healing can happen you must take full responsibility for your current circumstances.

To achieve your ultimate fullfillment and maximize your human experience you will need to restore balance to the following 10 aspects of your life.

This is the way to step into your Abundance:

1. Clearly direct your personal power
2 Oxygenate
3. Alkalize
4 Restore electrical conductivity
5. Eliminatie toxic elements
6..Release emotional blocks
7. Challenge your desires
8. Remain present/Get into Harmony with life
9. Cultivate & Harness your sexual energy
10. Get new information, motivation, accountability, guidance, coaching or a mentor.

04 Nov

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My new special offer is here just in time to help you work off those Halloween pounds!

Have you been digging into too many Halloween treats?

Did you slack off of your fitness and nutrition program over the summer?

Do you need a little help getting back on track?

Would you like to see what it is like to work with 2 professional coaches?

Now is your chance to test drive my program!  See if isn’t the very best Personal Training and Nutrition program in the GTA!

Come workout with me and my wife 4-5 times each week for 30 minutes in our Private Training Facility!

Just show up for your workouts!  Let my wife and I take care of all the organization for you…

Follow the clearly outlined meal plan.

Just buy the foods already outlined for you on the grocery list.

Get the exercise the food, the motivation, the accountability you need to make a quick change in your weight!

Weigh-in and do measurements at the beginning of the program.  Check in and measure again at the end of the program.

Lose 5-21 pounds over the next 10-14 days!

Check out our entire program.  See if you like our private facility.  See if you like my wife Dora and I.  See if you like our system and method of helping people lose weight fast!

When you combine exercise, nutrition and the right mindset results happen fast!

I have 3 spots left in this special offer and then it will be gone for 2018.

Get More details or Get Registered in My 10 day Special Offer Now!

29 Oct

Vegan Personal Trainer Being Transparent In Burlington

 There are 4 key aspects to Natural healing. We must restore the natural balance of the body.

To do that we must:

1. Oxygenate
2. Alkalize
3. Maximize Conductivity
4. Mobilize blocked energy

Want to lose weight and keep it off?
Want to get your youthful energy back?
Want to heal pain?

Would you like to overcome sickness illness or disease. Look and feel your very best? Free up your emotional energy and alter your performance in every single aspect of your life?

Throw away your medications. Step beyond your limited thoughts and leap into your abundance.

We have got to get a New Paradigm

See the un-truth’s you have been taught.  There is absolute intention there.  Someone is profiting at the expense of your health.  You have got to get a new paradigm for health and well-being. Make a shift from the current beliefs you maintain about health and well being.  Health is not achieved from outside of the self.  You don’t get your health from your food.  It doesn’t come from vitamins and minerals.  See the inconsistencies in the story you have been told:

We are told if our bodies are lacking in iron (or b-12 or anything else) we are anemic and need iron supplementation.  This is backwards.  The truth is…

“Our bodies are being provided the nutrients, but are not able to absorb due to mucus and fluid, inflammation and toxic waste. We need more detox. Deeper detox. Less food. Proper live raw foods, juices, or extended fasting. Not an overdose of the said deficient nutrient. We need to shift to a pranic nourishment lifestyle. We need to get more nutrition from the rest of our lives and stop trying to get more nutrition from low vibrational synthetic unatural nutritional supplements  or dead over processed foods. A paradigm switch is what we need to heal. We aren’t nourished from outside of ourselves. We are nourished from within.”

Our understanding of health is backwards.  The things we need to do have been vilified.  The things we do are actually the cause of our disease.  Everyone is so mixed up they can’t make sense of the truth anymore.  We have been so mislead for generations.

Raw food vegan personal training in Burlington

Follow me Here!  Get daily information and support!

Have a listen to the interview with Dr. Jenifer Daniels at the bottom of the page.  Check this informative blog post regarding the healing benefits of your own natural distilled water:

 Natural Plasma- Ultra-filtrate Supplementation

Let’s discuss a 6 week Free start up program! Send me a text message: 1-905-512-5421 or a personal email to discuss your weight loss or healing program:

Listen to Dr. Jenifer Daniels recorded interview with Radio One Here Now!


28 Oct

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Exposes The Truth About Healing Your Life!

I have been trying to heal my life on overdrive for the last 3 years!

I was living with weight gain, chronic pain, digestive distress, athletes foot, insomnia, addictions, anxiety and depression for the past 10 years.  I personally will contribute 100% of my health issues to my own causes!  It was my incorrect thoughts that created my problems.  It was my own choices and actions that created my bad habits and caused all of my problems in my life.

I am the silly fool that followed the path into bodybuilding by choice.  I took on the food illusions involved with that.  I embraced the food addictions and the sexual addictions amplified by the anabolic steroids.  I piggy backed those steroids with marijuana habits and stimulant dependence.  I added sleep medications. All of it lead to yeast problems and digestive disorders which were at the root of all of my issues.  i am so happy that now these things are all coming back into alignment in my life!

The good news is that now I can say that I have healed just about every single aspect of my life and I have done that through natural healing methods.  I want to shout out at the top of my lungs to the world that you do not need to take medications for ANYTHING!

You can lose the weight, you can heal the pain, you can correct the sleep or energy or mood disorders or problems, you can re-motivate yourself, you can get your inspiration back.  ALL diseases can be cured.  ALL of them can go away!  You can reverse it all and you can do it naturally.

Weight gain & disease can be eliminated simply by oxygenating the body, alkalizing the body, detoxifying the body and restoring the natural electromagnetic force within the body.  All of this can be done with exercise, nutrition, nature and behavior modifications.

I encourage you to consider drinking your pee or drinking turpentine if you have ANY unresolved or long term chronic issues.

If you have any questions please reply to this message with a personal email:  If you want to gather some more information please watch the video message below!

21 Oct

Raw food, urine therapist, personal trainer, On-line personal trainer

I have to talk about how much i have been influenced by breath work most recently. i will share a valuable link below.

This has been something that i have overlooked while i focused so much on thought and word and have been so inspired by it this month.

Take the first moments of your day to interact with the prana. The energy of our universe. The energy of our breath.  Power yourself up with breath, thought and word first thing in the morning!

Here are some resources to help you start your day in the right energy and frame of mind:

Get the right thoughts and words for success right here now!

Get a Guided meditation to start your day now!