27 Sep

Drop fat, fluid, and toxic waste fast with our Skinny Juice


Our “Skinny Juice” is our patented toxic waste eliminator. It’s the secret sauce in our 7 day fat flush Competition and its so simple to apply into our lives. Add “Skinny Juice” to your lifestyle with simple natural raw ingredients you likely have in your home right this minute.

Get the science behind our patented quick natural fat-loss strategy below.

Our modern society is chronically congested and constipated. The average cadaver 110 years ago had 15 pounds of fecal waste inside its small intestines. Rest assured that is 20-30 pounds on average now.

How can that be healthy? This is just it. Fecal matter draining toxic waste into your system is fat causing, pain producing and a major contributor to disease.

When i made the switch to a raw food diet i lost 40 pounds in the first 16 weeks!

Want to see your energy improve, your mood get better and your body drop fat, fluid and toxic waste fast? Start incorporating our “Skinny Juice” protocol today.

See the science behind our skinny juice in the video below. Reach out to me to discuss the best application for your life.

Here is a super additional resource:

Watch my interview with Martin Lara the “Cabby Doctor” below.  Martin was a doctor in his country before he emigrated to the US 30 years ago.  He drives a cab in Manhattan and is an author of numerous books.

25 Sep

Raw Vegan Personal Trainer Leading The Way To Total Health!


Get My 7 day Fat Flush Nutrition Plan by Clicking Here Now!

I’ve been a personal trainer for a lifetime.  I understand you may not agree with everything that I say.  I understand that you may not agree with everything that I do.  I realize that you may not do everything that I do.  You can choose to do as you wish.  That is your right!  It is my job to share with you the truth.  I am your personal trainer because you have chosen me to provide you with the very best information available to help you achieve your goals.  I am 100% committed to that goal.  I stand behind everything that is included in my program.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.  If you need support with any aspect of this program please simply ask.  I want to help you succeed.

You can’t get someplace new doing the same old things.  In order for you to lose the weight and keep it off for a lifetime will require you to learn some new information.  It’s new thoughts, words and actions that will create a different outcome for you.  I can provide you with information and support however in order to really overcome our mental road blocks we will likely need to do some personal study of our own.  My two favorite book recommendations that will assist your new success mindset are The Mucus-less Diet- By Dr. Arnold Ehret and Man’s Higher Consciousness- By Hilton Hotema.  You can access both of those resources below:

The Mucusless Diet System- By Dr. Arnold Ehret

Man’s Higher Consciousness- By Hilton Hotema

If you follow the 7 day Fat-Flush completely you will realize the truth soon enough yourself.  I encourage you to commit 100% to the 7 day plan.  It is only 7 days.  If you really follow through with the experiment yourself then you will learn for yourself what it takes to get into your best shape ever.  By moving through the experience of the 7 day Fat Flush you will personally learn how to lose weight and keep it off forever!

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24 Sep

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer discussing Detoxification

Every animal on this planet eats specific food. The cow eats grass. The tiger eats meat. The panda eats bamboo. The Bear eats a little meat and berries. The ominvores eat the most variety of foods and the human has been past off as an omnivore. Feed any animal the wrong foods and he will get sick. That is the truth about life.

So are humans omnivores like they say we are? Well truth be told that doesn’t make sense. You always have to use logic to escape the programming we have received. All omnivores have very different teeth than we do. We don’t have sharp teeth. All Omnivores have claws. We don’t have claws. All omnivores have a shorter alimentary track so meat doesn’t get lodged and trapped and cause fermentation. Omnivores have different stomach acids than we do. They all walk on all 4’s and they all have acidic urine. Our urine is alkaline.

The animal we are most like is the chimpanzee. Our DNA is almost a match. They have hands instead of claws like us. They have a longer digestive system just as we do. We share the same stomach acids. The same number of teeth. Same number of molars and canines and incisors. They walk upright like us. Their urine is alkaline also. Just like ours. If you watch them they choose a mate and have communities and families as we do. We are closest to the primates who eat 95% fruit.

We are not omnivores as we have been taught and told. We are frugivores. We are fruit eaters. Most evolved and designed to ingest the most evolved highest energy foods. Fruits digest the fastest and eliminate easiest. Perfect for our digestive tract. If we ate fruit and vegetables we wouldn’t have to mess with all this detoxification science that we have had to unearth and understand. The reason we have all the problems with our health is that we have been taught the wrong information and we have been eating the wrong foods and engaging in the wrong behavior.

The wonderful thing is that detoxification is a simple science to understand. Its simple and its perfect and once you understand it you will be able to heal, or change anything that’s going on negatively inside your body and life.

The simple science of detoxification goes like this… If we eat the wrong foods they create toxicity inside our bodies we must remove that toxicity or else in time we will suffer the consequences. Allowing toxic elements to remain within the body for extended periods of time will eventually lead to weight gain, sickness, illnesses, disease, lethargy, depression, anxiety, unhappiness, low motivation and poor performance in all areas of life.

Toxicity is quite simply anything inside of our skin barrier that isn’t supposed to be there. It includes chemicals, medications, hormones, inorganic elements, parasites, fermentation, acids, excess anything, mucous, fluids and inflammation to name a few. Food material waste that the body has had or created a chemical response to adds further to toxicity. All of this extra stuff inside of our bodies that should not be there is toxicity. All of it creates a response within us. The body does its best to deal with all of these incorrect items. Mucus is created to remove the toxins. Inflammation is the secondary response to toxic elements.

At the cellular level the body is dealing with toxicity via the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system collects waste from the cells and shuttles it away. Each cell is a microcosm of us. We eat and poop. They eat and poop. Cellular waste must be collected and removed just as our waste is collected and removed through the digestive and alimentary system and organs. The lymphatic system collects waste at the cellular level. The lymphatic beds over time get clogged up with cellular toxic waste from the excess and incorrect food ingestion. As the lymphatic system grinds to a halt from overuse and incorrect food material waste the toxic items collect around the cells creating an acid soup that burns cells and creates pain in the body.

At the organic level the digestive organs become overly taxed trying to remove the toxins. The fermentation of food inside our extended small intestines adds further toxicity. The liver and kidneys are over worked trying to remove waste from the blood. The skin and the lungs are also taxed by toxin removal. blemishes, rashes, acne, skin disorders, bad breath, chest colds, sore throats or pneumonia are all examples of toxins building up to a critical mass in these related organs. Inflammation or clogging and slowing of the cleaning process is the result of a liver or kidney that has been subjected to years of toxin removal. As these organs get over worked and congested they slow down their ability to do blood purification. The body begins to get over run by the toxicity.

After eating the incorrect foods and or overeating for 30, 40, 50 years or more the organs and glands of our bodies become congested. This congestion is at the root of digestive constipation. Constipation happens at the cellular level at the site of the lymphatic vessels and at the organ level inside the kidneys, liver, small intestines or glands. The glands have to over produce hormones to respond to support over working organs and our demands for energy, performance or our desires. Congestion and constipation is at the root of toxicity within all organs and glands. All tissues become overcome with mucous, fluids, inflammation and bacteria. Disease takes over the body.

Mucous and inflammation is our bodies response to toxicity. As the body identifies toxic elements it tries to remove them. Our bodies expel toxins by creating mucus. Mucus is a viscous fluid that flows and moves toxic elements out of our body orifices. All of our digestive organs and respiratory organs create this fluid. All of our tissues and glands create this fluid. The vessel walls in the circulatory system and the lymphatic system all create mucus. Mucus is the bodies 1st defense to toxicity. Mucus washes toxicity away through the nose, out through the skin, out through the kidney and urine and out through the colon.

Mucus is the way our body eliminates toxicity all throughout. After years of overeating and incorrect eating the toxicity builds to critical. Eventually congestion and constipation starts to affect performance. Too much mucus or a hardening and drying of mucus to form a plaque causes the constipation. This plaque needs to be moistened and removed. The mucus must be removed. The inflammatory response is second. The body draws fluids to an area where bacteria or pathogens are coagulating. Stuck by congestion from mucus secretions bacteria has a home to fester.

Pain, sickness, illness and disease all grow in this congestion. Inside our dark warm incubating bodies diseases grow. However none of this is necessary. All can be corrected. Fix the food choices and amounts of food ingested and stop the mucus creation. By choosing the proper foods we can reverse the entire process. Inflammatory response can be halted. Hardened plaque waste can soften and be removed from the body. With the right food choices the human body can return to its youthful energy state.

The detoxification process is the removal of the congestion. Its a release of constipation at every level. The organs, the glands, the cells, the lymphatic fluids and system all must be cleared so the immune function can return to health. In order for energy, vigor and inspiration to appear again in your life you need to clean your body. You must detoxify. You need to adapt a fruit and fasting lifestyle.

Why are we so toxic? its the incorrect foods and food amounts that are causing it? Why is this information and understanding not being shared? It doesn’t profit like the idea of consumption does. It requires each individual to take responsibility and change their habits and behaviors. It always boils down to money doesn’t it? Just follow the money. As long as humans believe it is ok to eat all the things they do. As long as we believe its ok to eat ALL THINGS they buy more food every day. More and more food addictions are formed. We return every day to buy and consume more. We are addicted. We are perfect consumers. Desire is at the root here. We need to understand the problem and overcome our desires.

We have been taught to desire these foods. We have learned that they taste good. We have been told we are omnivorous. We have been taught these poor food behaviors because it drives our economy. Over-consumption, incorrect consumption and then illness and treatment is all a huge profitable business. Unfortunately its just business. A business that generates huge profits for a special few at the top. All at the expense of your health and well-being. However you do not need to accept this fate. Aging does not need to be about getting fat, being in pain and getting sick. You can learn a new healthy natural paradigm of health and vigor.

There is a new science of health. There is a raw natural paradigm of well-being that can fix your issues. It is something you can all choose to do and change and implement in your life. It is a choice. You can restore your health with a new decision and different behavior. With some exercise, fasting and nutrition changes you can correct this. With a little motivation, accountability and new information you can heal and change your life. You have that power inside of you? Just ask yourself 1 question. Are you ready to make a change?

I’ll see you all on the call tonight to help you overcome these problems.


23 Sep

7 day Raw Food Vegan Personal Training & Nutrition Challenge!


My 7 day Fat flush Competition will start up Monday night September 24th. This program has been designed specifically for 3 different groups of people.  All participants in this program will get daily support from me on-line.  Please follow me at the link below to get daily support:

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First of all the 7 day Fat-Flush is designed as a competition.  It was designed to choose a winner!  It was designed to introduce the latest version of my program to 10 new participants.  These 10 people will be totally new people.  People who have never tried my program before.  They will be an awesome example and inspiration for 100’s of others who will do exactly the same things with me this year.  The information i will be sharing in this program will be all the most current information that I will be sharing with all of my most personal clients I work with for the remainder of 2018.

I have registered 10 new people into my program for a crazy $97 start-up offer. These people will get to test drive my program. The exercise, the nutrition, the motivation, the accountability and even my “skinny juice!” These people will be a great demonstration of what can happen if you apply yourself completely to the program. The winner of the weight loss competition is going to win 6 weeks access to our training and nutrition program.  I encourage you 10 participants to apply yourself completely to this program.  Really commit to this trial.  Make it a true experiment for yourselves!  Test yourself.  If you see that this 7 day trial teaches you some different things about your nutrition and exercise then apply what you learn fully into your life.  Integrate what you learn this week into your life!

This program is also created for my existing membership. It is for all my current members that need help getting back into their nutrition program after the summer. We all slip off track sometimes.  Summer time can have that effect on many people.  Life sometimes gets in the way.  Work or family or emotional or physical sickness or illness sometimes gets in the way of our pursuit of our best selves.  Now is a fantastic time to get back on track!  The fall season is here and this is a great time of year to get back into it. Get your body back this fall with our 7 day fat flush competition.  All of my current members can participate in the exercise and nutrition aspects of this program for free. I will be providing my members with all the information and details about this program.  They can always choose to apply as much of the program as they wish.  Only the 10 registered participants have a chance to win the 6 weeks free prize.  I will include all of my current members with all of the webinar links, information emails, video messages and program updates.  Participate as you choose to as always.  I understand that not everyone thinks or views food and nutrition and exercise the same way.  We are all at different places upon our life path and journey.  Each of us is ready to do and receive and change different things in our life.  We are all free to choose to participate to whatever degree we choose.  If there is an aspect of this program that you do not like just leave that part out.

This program is also created for a 3rd group of people.  You may not be among that group of people.  This program is designed to service all of my clients, family and friends from all over this planet.  Some people are at a different point in their healing journey.  What I have learned from connecting with people all over the world is that in different parts of the world people are in different places emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  All of these things make a huge difference in healing and in method.  I have found that people that live in Africa or South or Central  America or the Caribbean are open and willing to participate in different healing methods than those in the west and that is perfectly ok.  You choose to participate in whatever aspect of this program you wish.  Just understand that this program will be used to heal the world and people all over this planet have different world views.  People from all over the worlds have different perspectives.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or heal pain or change your relationship, your finances or some other aspect of your life we are talking about creating the very best version of yourself.  This program is designed to help you express your very best!  If you want to be your best at work, with your primary partner, your kids, your family, your friends or just for your self the information in this 7 day plan will help you to do that.  Body fat is just a symptom of what is going on inside your body.  I am suggesting to you that your relationship issues, emotional issues, pain, poor sleep, low energy or lack of motivation all have the same root cause.  All of these things happen because your personal physiology if off track.  This program is designed to help you get back on track in your life!  By resetting your personal body science back to natural your body will naturally do what it was designed to do.

The 3rd group of participants this program is made for is people who want to work with me on-line.  People who will watch this program recorded.  People who won’t be in the competition however may want to try out my program fully for themselves.  People from anywhere in the world can tune into our workouts live in our private studio or they can participate fully by doing the exercise and nutrition from the video messages that will all be included inside this program. This program is also for new people who have interest in me or my wife and our program. I will be using the recorded version of this program as an introduction for new people to see what we and our program are all about. People that wish to get to know me and my wife, our private training studio, our clients, our members and friends and understand how our program works. Whether you are in group 1, 2 or 3 you are important to me. My wife and i have made a lifetime commitment to helping people make changes in their lives.  I am here to help you make a change.  If you need help at any point please just send me a personal email if you have any questions:

This 7 day fat flush is a raw food challenge.  It is a natural resetting of your body.  It is a restoring of alkalinity within your body and life as quickly as possible.  Realize that you have been eating and living the way you are for 5,10,20,30 or 50+ years.  This raw food test is only a 7 day challenge for you to witness the results. You cannot heal all things in 7 days.  You can only learn some of the methods you will need to heal all things completely. This program is hear to so that you can witness the results of this process.  It is designed to help you connect the dots in your life.  It will teach you what you need to know and understand to lose the weight and keep it off for a lifetime.  It will also provide you with everything that you need to change or heal any sickness, illness or disease in your life.  This program is the same program that I would support completely myself to change or improve any aspect of my life or the life of anyone that I love most dearly.

Lose weight fast in Burlington gym

Welcome to the 7 day Fat Flush competition.

You can access your Raw Food Shopping list below for the next 7 days. Monday night September 24th I will meet you on-line at 8pm if you are joining me live for the introduction webinar. everyone in this program, all of my current clients and registered competitors will receive a webinar link tomorrow.  Just click that link Monday night September 24th before 8 pm to attend our live introduction webinar. I will provide all the nutrition details of this program then. I will discuss all of your nutrition for the 7 day competition. I will reveal the ingredients and tell you how to create and utilize your skinny juice to help you drop fat, fluid, inflammation and toxic waste super fast!   I will provide a contact link to the 7 day raw food plan for everyone to access below.  If you cannot attend the live webinar it will be recorded and available for all involved in the program.  The complete specific 7 day Fat-Flush raw food diet will be provided and available for everyone tomorrow. All the ingredients and methods of creating and utilizing the Skinny Juice will be revealed then. That way everyone can begin at the same time.

From Tuesday until Tuesday the competition will run.  If you have not yet been in for your weigh-in make sure that you schedule your weigh in and measurements for Monday or Tuesday morning at the latest. Everyone will have from Tuesday until Tuesday to follow the plan as they choose.  The closer you commit to following the plan the more dramatic your results will be.  Participation level will be totally up to you. Just show up for your workouts and follow the plan.  If you stick with it then you will run an honest 7 day test for yourself.  See what happens to you and your body in 7 days of 100% raw food alkinization.

See My Fall Personal Training Schedule Here Now!

Maximize your results by managing the thoughts and words at the same time.  Choose optimistic thoughts and words over the duration of the program.  The final day for weigh in to finish off this competition will be Wednesday evening at 6 pm.  All participants in this competition must arrive for their final weigh-ins to complete the competition by Wednesday October 3rd at 6 pm.  Once all contestants have weighed in we will calculate the results and report them.  The person who loses the greatest percentage of their body weight over the 7 day competition will win 6 weeks free access in our personal training and nutrition program!  Get the start up 7 day Raw Food Nutrition & Shopping List below.  See you live on-line tomorrow night at 8pm to go over all the program details, 7 day food alternatives and total understanding and application of the program.

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16 Sep

Right and Wrong…

Life always has two sides. It needs two sides. Just like the opposite sides of a battery. The north and south poles of our earth have opposing forces.

The opposite energies of life balance us. They help us to appreciate all of life. They bring us back to earth and ground. They help us to see the truth.

The truth is that true happiness is within us. The truth is that all the power and resources we need are provided to us and for us.

Love is the power of our universe. The universe is constantly providing for us. We are always nourished by the universe. Every breath is supported. Every wish is supported. Everything that we focus on is provided for us and too us.

Recognize this truth. What is happening to you is the result of what you think about most. If you keep getting or having the same problems it is because you keep thinking, saying and doing the same things.

The universe is supporting you providing for you exactly what you are thinking about most often. Showing you in the physical material world what you are thinking about most often. Teaching you. Giving you insight.

If you want to change what you are getting you will need to change what you are giving. Change the way you are thinking about that thing or that aspect of your life.

Want a better more loving relationship? Gonna have to think and act more loving to the person or people involved. Want to make more money? Gonna have to change the way you think and act towards money. Want to lose weight and keep it off for good this time? Gonna have to change the way you think and act towards exercise and food and the way you think or speak about yourself.

We need to think differently about our life and the consequences we are encountering. We have got to see that our world is constantly supporting us. Our world is trying to give us exactly what we need to learn or to realize all of the time. It does this with contrast.

Our universe teaches us with contrast. This is how we learn. We would never appreciate joy without sorrow. We would never enjoy the warmth of the summer sun without the cold wind and darkness of winter. If we can’t learn to enjoy the gift of the challenge we have before us we will receive it again and again and again until we learn.

We need to learn this valuable lesson. All things are provided for us from within. All the power we need to heal or change is inside. The love, the joy, the peace and the freedom are all inside of us. We can lose weight, heal pain or change our consciousness. Its all choice and a decision. We need to first choose to change our mind.

You need to get fed up with the unhappines. You need to choose joy. Until you can be happy with nothing you will never get anything more. Can you find the joy and the value of being broke again? Until you can see that broke is only a season and a mindset and an aspect of having it all, it will return for you again. Until you realise that food is not happeiness and exercise is your friend you will be fat. Only you can change your mind and the way you act towards those aspects of your life.

Your relationship will never get better until you learn how to give love. Love is never right or wrong. Love is not judging or correcting or competing with your partner. Loving is first accepting your partner or your circumstances. You will have to improve your relationship with yourself if you want to love your partner better. You can learn how to love your partner better. You can learn how to love your children better. You can learn how to love your neighbor or your current circumstance or situation.

Stop getting sad, angry, frustraded or depressed about things. Do it differently this time. Really feel it all this time. Really accept the fear. Really feel the sorrow or the pain. Realize how valuable it is. If you can find the joy in this lesson you can always find the joy in your life. Get excited about this opportunity you have. See the opportunity to embrace all of your life and circumstances.

The universe is always supporting you. It is always teaching, providing and nourishing you. It does this from within. It does this from without. Internally you are supposed by the power. Externally the power supports you the same way. Find and see the love and light all around you.

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09 Sep

vegan weight loss program in Burlington gym


Take a look at Renee in the picture above.  She has made such a magical transformation over the past 7 weeks.  Every week I speak to her the results just become more and more incredible.  This week we were able to co-ordinate our schedules for a follow up measurement.  I was just amazed by the results and just have to share.

When Renee started less than 2 short months ago she had pain in her body.  Her shoulder and her elbow were acting up.  She was wearing an elbow brace and could barely lift her arm over her head.  Pain in the body is so common over 40 years of age.  As we age it just more and more prevelant.  People have just accepted pain as an aspect of the aging process.  This however is an incorrect world view.

It’s a broken paradigm that has us all accepting these aches and pains and weight gain.  Renee applied herself fully to the alkalization process.  she was committed and determined to make a change.  The results speak for themselves.  In  7 weeks Renee lost 19 pounds.  17 cm’s off of her chest, 15 cm’s off of her waist and 16 cm’s off of her hips.

Congratualations on what you have learned and applied and what you have gained in this process Renee!  Thanks so much for following through on your committment.  Your work will inspire many!

What is the Magical New Paradigm of weight-loss, pain reduction & improved performance?


The body only has a few ways to eliminate toxic elements. Through the digestive tract. Releasing through the colon and including the organs of the liver, stomach and intestines.

Toxic elements can also release through the kidneys exiting through your urine. They can also exit through your skin the largest organ of your body. Toxic elements get into our bodies from our air for sure but the most common toxic source in our bodies is our food.

Overeating and the ingestion of low energy foods contribute rapidly to toxicity, weight-gain, sickness, illness and disease in our bodies. The beautiful thing is that with new information and understanding you can reverse and correct all of it!

Constipation and congestion inside our bodies is very common. So many are utilizing laxatives or antacids for digestive and eliminative relief. At the root it’s all constipation or congestion caused by our food amount and choice.

Constipation and congestion inside our bodies is very common. So many are utilizing laxatives or antacids for digestive and eliminative relief. At the root it’s all constipation or congestion caused by our food amount and choice.

The congestion and constipation causes a back up of toxic elements in the body. We need to get them out! Holding onto fecal matter on the walls of our intestines or having it trapped in our lymphatic system or smothering our cells and creating an acidic environment within our bodies is the root cause of body-fat, pain, illness, and disease.

There are 3 great methods of attacking the constipation and congestion that currently exists within your body and reversing it. This is what healing is all about. Eliminate the mucous caused in response to the toxicity and watch your body open up energetically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

My first recommendation for healing includes regular exercise. Build your exercise program around high intensity intervals and flexibility and mindfulness too! Your body needs movement to eliminate waste and heal. Along with your regular exercise you need nutritional change.

Reduce to minimum your cooked foods. Do this slowly. You must transition gradually to raw live food. Fruits are the best. They are the best food healers. Emptiness is where the magic happens. Fasting is what allows the bodies energy to be directed towards the tasks at hand. Drink distilled water if you need water however eating your water in the form of water filled fruits is the best hydration of all. Many natural herbs can be helpful in the elimination process. Boil to make a tea and drink morning and night and during your day. Herbal teas, coffee, lemon juice or Plasma Ultrafiltrate can be used very effectively for an enema.  This is an excellent waste removal method and wonderful addition to your self care and extended longevity plan.

A more aggressive attack on constipation iies will salt water. You can manufacture your own ideal salt water at home with simple ingredients you can attain from your super market. You can sip your salt water mix throughout your day or you can drink it quickly to create a dramatic toxic waste elimination response in your body.  I recommend 1-4 cups of water 4-6oz diitilled water, each cup with with a teaspoon of pink hymilayan salt.  If you can tolerate this drink 3 or 4 times each day it will be very beneficial for constipation relief.

The third and final method will seem most aggressive although the greatest challenge here is only within your own mind. Healing is really an overcoming of the limited beliefs you have been fooled into accepting as truth. Plasma Ultrafiltrate is our bodies natural remedy for all health related issues or body fat problems. It will certainly loosen your stool and at the same time help to rapid heal and remove constipation and congestion throughout your entire body!  –Can You Say Massive Detox!!!

Watch my video about Congestion and constipation below.  This is at the roots of healing our bodies and keeping the fat away forever.  Let’s talk sustainability, let’s talk longevity, lets talk about clarity and performance.  This is all round improvements to life.  Once you can attain improved function and link it to an engine that is taking you to the place you want to go you have a success principle.  Any system that is self generating is infinite.  This is the goal of the alkalization process.  A solid aligned internal self generating system of infinite proportions.

Watch for my 7 day Fat Flush Competition coming all week.  Let’s drop 3-11 pounds over the next 7-10 days.  The person who loses the most Toxic hazordous, waste, fat and fluids  over the 7 day contest wins the prize.  6 weeks free Training and Nutrition with my wife and I.  Contest will start up Monday September 24.  If you want any details send me a message:

05 Sep

For the Fall season at ANYTIME FITNESS we want to welcome a new dynamic duo.  John & Dora dePass seen in the picture below are on board with us now to bring in some new fall programs to the club. They are going to kick things off with a 7 day detoxification nutrition and exercise challenge.  The person that loses the most weight in 7 days will win 6 weeks free access to their personal training and nutrition program!  Check the blog post from John about the fall program below.

Get more information about John & Dora Here!

lose weight fast in Burlington Fitness Gym

It’s hard to believe that the kids have gone back to school.  Labour day has come and past.  It’s time to start booking your pool closing and the Halloween candy is already showing up in the stores.  I don’t think we can avoid the reality that our Canadian summer is coming to its end again.

Is it time for you to start getting back into your fitness and nutrition?

Now that the kids are back at school is it time for you to think about you again?

If you are at your very best will that make your relationships with your family, your co-workers, your employees or your friends better?

Can you see how taking an action towards recreating the best version of you will spill over to create success in other aspects of your life?

This is the realization you need to make this time to really make this switch in your life.

vegan weight loss program in Burlington gym

Renee lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. She lost 17 cm’s off her chest, 15 cm’s off her waist and 18 cm’s off of her hips. She also reduced and overcame the pain she had in her elbow and shoulder. Fantastic rapid transformation

If you want to lose that extra 20,30, 50 pounds or more and get rid of it for the rest of your life then this is the realization that you really need to make.  You need to see that it isn’t just about losing the weight.  It’s all about you choosing the very best for yourself in all aspects of your life.  If you make this about loving yourself this time.  If you make this about creating the very best version of you then it’s going to make everything better and you will never get off track again!

What we really need this time is a new fitness and wellness lifestyle.

A new lifestyle is easy to maintain if you love it.

If it makes every part of your life better then you will be happy to keep doing it.

It’s a new health and wellness mindset that you need.

You need a new fun workout routine.  One that is quick and fits into your busy life and schedule.

That routine needs to cover your entire body.  Strengthen everything, tone everything and take all the guess work out of your training.

You need a new healthy meal plan that is current, acurate and science based.  You need to get into a program that by passes all the crap that is out there.  You need to get away from all those powders, potions, pills, vitamins and gimicks.  You need a fitness and nutrition program that really works and you really enjoy.

I want to introduce you to a program that is not only going to help you lose those summer pounds before Halloween but also reduce your pain and get you back into your exercise and feeling better about yourself too!

Take a look at Richard in the picture below!

fitness and nutrition weight-loss program in Burlington gym

Richard lost 21 pounds in his first 6 weeks! He continued to lose 32 pounds in 12 weeks! He changed his nutrition and added a new fun exercise program to his life this summer!

For the Fall season we want to introduce you to a brand new fitness and nutriton program with the 7 day Fat Flush competition.  The person who loses the most weight over the 7 day competition will win 6 weeks personal training and nutrition with John & Dora.

The 7 day Fat Flush Competition

The 7 day Fat Flush Competition will give all participants a free private traininig session with John to get things started.   Have a personal discussion on how to integrate a new healhty lifestyle program into your personal life.  Johh will weigh you and measure you to begin the competition.  Everyone in the competition will also get 4 personal training sessions with John & Dora over the 7 day Fat Flush Competition.
Everyone in the contest will get a guranteed seat at our 7 day Fat Flush information night on Monday September 24th at 8pm.  The introduction seminar will be fully recorded so if you cannot make it that night don’t worry… you will still be able to watch and receive all the content if you still wanted to participate in the competition.
The cost of the competition is only $97.
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Congratulations Roxanne! She lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks. 14 cm’s came off of her chest. 7 cm’s came off of her waist and 6 more came off of her hips.

Want to get some more details about the upcoming Fitness and nutrition seminar happeing at the club September 24th at 8pm?
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Check out Ron in the picture above. He has lost 21 pounds in his first week. Want to know how he did it? Click the link above to get more details.

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13 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discussing getting Present

You can’t change the future unless you can get to the present

Here is a problem that is an epidemic.  If you cannot fix this trouble you will never be able to change your life.  If you can’t learn how to solve this then you are destined to be doing the yo yo, weight-loss, weight-gain thing for the rest of your life.  The present moment is where all the power is.  It’s the present moment where the magic happens!

All the power is in the present moment.  Everything that you need is in the present moment.  Everything that you need is given to you.  Do you want to make a change in your life?  Whether you want to lose weight or lose pain, sickness, illness or disease you need to know about the present.  You cannot affect your future unless you are in the present.

You can’t create a different outcome in your life unless you can think about something and speak about it first.  You first need to envision it in your minds eye before it can become a reality.  You have got to begin to speak about it before it is going to be real.  You need to get present and see clearly what you want to create.  You need to share that goal with someone that is positive and supportive with you.

Get clear about what you want to create in various aspects of your life.  Get clear about your personal goals, your relationship goals, your career and your financial goals.  Get certain about your adventure goals and also about how you want to contribute back to this society.  When you clearly know these items and you can bring those items clearly into your present moment they will become your reality.

It takes time to get clear.  It takes practice.  It takes thought practice.  It’s not easy work.  That’s why people like to avoid it.  At some point in your life you get to the point that you need to get out the pencil and paper.  It’s the time when you really need to carve out a life plan.  You have got to stop bouncing around like a pinball reacting to your life.  It is time to know exactly how you want to feel about yourself and those around you.  It’s time to gain certainty about what you want to do, how much you want to make and how you want to interact and give back to the other people and animals that you share this planet with.

This is important stuff.  The way you think about and towards these different aspects of your life will affect the outcomes you are getting in your life.  Want to get a different outcome?  Want a different or better life?  You need different or better thoughts.  We are what we think about most.  When we are very clear about what we want.  When we are thinking and talking about that all the time that will become our reality.  Knowing very clearly what you want to create helps you get really clear about what you need to do and not do.

Create your clear concise plan and take that plan with you into the moment.  When you can get present with your plan that is how you tune yourself to the vibration of your desire.  Thoughts are things.  They have vibration and they have an effect inside your body.  They alter your hormones, your endorphins and your brain neurotransmitters.  Your thoughts affect your DNA, your glands, your enzyme production.  Your thoughts and words tune your body and affect your emotions.  Your energy is lifted up to the level of your thoughts and words or dropped down to that level.

When you think and talk about what you want you bring energy and joy into your life.  When you think and talk about your problems you bring sadness and sorrow and low energy into your life.  The present moment is where the energy is.  It is the most powerful space.  It is the space that is most distinctly you.  It is your root energy and desire.  It is an alignment of what you truly want.  An expression of what you truly are.  You need to know what those things are clearly.  When you do.  When that is all that you think and talk about then you become totally aligned with who and what you truly are.

Aligning yourself with your loving force energy within you is getting into total harmony with yourself.  It is the ability to remain present and allow your self to flow through.  When you can just get into the loving flow of energy you don’t need to make an effort any longer.  Things start to happen for you on automatic pilot.  Once your deepest desires are imprinted upon your subconscious mind through repetition you don’t need to think about them anymore.  They happen as naturally as your breathing.

Your breath is the key to the moment.  In any given moment it is the breath that we need.  We all get caught up thinking that we need to this or we need to do that.  We all have the problem of trying to multitask.  While this is efficient for getting things done it is not the way to change your life.  Changing your life doesn’t happen from getting things done.  It happens from being.  It’s not doing that you need.  It’s being.

Doing takes effort.  Being is just natural.  Being requires no effort.  It is sustainable.  That is what you really want.  You really want sustainability. You don’t just want to lose the weight and gain it back do you?  Keeping it off really means doing something that you really love.  It’s easy to do things that you really love.  If you love the way you eat and exercise and interact with your partner and your kids and your career then you’ll keep doing it and the money will come or the weight will drop away.

Whether you want to lose weight, heal your relationship or make more money it requires you to do the same thing.  Clearly define the things that you want and bring them into the present moment with you so that you can love them.  When you love someone it’s like you think about them all the time.  When you love someone it’s easy to be around them.  When you’re in love your happy and full-filled.  You need to love your life.  You need to get clear about what you want and fall deeply in love with it.  Loving yourself, loving your life or any aspect of it really means getting into harmony with it or getting present with it.  Being present is being in harmony.  Being in harmony is being in love.  Love is sustainable because it is the force of the universe.  It is the force that runs through your body.  It is the energy that keeps your electrons in orbit around the nucleus of every cell inside your body.

If you want to make a change in your life that lasts forever then you need to tap into a force that lasts forever.   The eternal force of our universe is love.  Align yourself with the loving force energy within you and you will tap into an infinite energy source.  Something that will sustain you and your life forever.

Listen to the video interview below with my friend Jerry Snyder He is a professional life coach, a physiologist and an author.  Take a listen to what he has to say about making changes in your life!  Need to overcome some limited beliefs that are blocking you.  There is a fantastic resource attached below the video that will help you to break through any thought limitations.

13 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discussing the Pranic Lifestyle

You can get into loving harmony with your life!

The great law of the universe is the law of attraction. It can also be called the law of causation. Similarily you could call it the law of reciprocity. Most simply it is the golden rule or Karma.

It is a simple law. Do on to others as you’d have them do to you. The energy that you put out will come back to you. The vibration to which you are tuned is what you attract. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction.

As you react to circumstances poorly you attract further poor circumstances in your life. As you respond to something negatively you recieve an additional negative response. You are the creator of your reality.

Acept responsibility for what is showing up in your life. Meet all things with love and see what is truly possible. Our world is made up of opposing forces. Yin and yang. Positive and negative This is the nature of our reality. Duality is our dimensional reality.

Both negative and positive flows of energy will flow through your life. This is an unavoidable truth. To navigate inside this dimension flawlessly you must learn to traverse these energies without judgment or opinion.

They are two sides of the same coin. When you can whether the storm you have won the battle. You can hold the keys by learning how to love without condition. Can you learn to love the polarities of energy in your life. This is the life of harmony.

When you can begin to act positively to everything that comes to you then you step into your abundance. If you want to make more money then love and accept when you have none. Can you love your fat tummy? Can you be patient with your child when he is behaving selfishly?

Coming into harmony with your life is living the pranic life.  This is living a life of love. Getting into alignment with the force within you and the commanding forces around you. This is fulfillment. This is infinite Joy.

Feeling sorry for yourself is step one. The child feels sorry for themselves and cries when things don’t work out. As we grow and mature we recognize that while sorrow and crying is immediately necessary in many circumstances healing requires us to forgive, forget and move on.

As long as we hold ourselves in the low energy of poor me the more we will remain stuck receiving further things to feel sorry about. We are creating and recreating our reality. Stop stepping on that scale daily and affirming that you cannot do this or you cannot do that.

Get up put your bare feet on the earth if you can and stare upwards thinking and speaking what you want. What you are grateful for and where you are going. Give your life and your circumstances a great big hug and get ready to jump forward with your life.

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t eat that ice-cream cone? lol.. don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just eat it and accept responsibility for the outcomes. A responsible choice is a decision that you make where you are happy with the results of your choice.

If you want that new car you must love that car payment. If you want to buy your child that gift then you must be happy about the visa bills. You must love the consequences of your choices. This is accepting responsibility.

Only you have the power to change your life. Only you can change the nature and distribution of energy in your life. Only you can begin to act or respond positively to your circumstances. This is the way to lose the weight, love your partner or make more money.

Step into your abundance. Love your life! Watch this interview with my friend Akahi below. He’s a bretharian.  He has written a book about his experience as a bretharian.  Him and his wife both lived 3 years without food.  He has a retreat that he runs all over the world teaching people this alternative method of living. Living on the prana is the ultimate human experience for health, vigor, energy and longevity!

Here is a super nutrition resource for you to get a deeper understanding of the healing power and method of the raw food lifestyle.

Get a digital copy of the book 80:10:10 Now!- By Douglas M Graham

13 Aug

Raw Food Vegan Personal Trainer Discusses Fasting and Delayed Gratification

This is the battle ground. Here lies your opportunity. This is the way you must see it. As long as you fight with the situation you maintain the struggle. Can you learn to look hunger in the face with a smile. This is when you take back your power from the food, or the drink or the behavior.

It’s you that’s given cigarettes or chocolate bars control over your life. You are the only one that can give your power away. You are in charge. You are the creator. You can choose to take back the power whenever you like. Its a choice. Its a decision that you must make.

You can eat the pizza now or you can wait until the weekend or you can do both. Now the pizza isn’t going anywhere so you don’t have to eat it now. It will still be there tomorrow. Just because your partner or your friend or your kids are eating it doesn’t mean you have to.

You can join them if you like? Just be happy with the results. Delayed Gratification is an important thing for you to understand and apply in your life. To be truly happy you must master this skill. It is the skill of responsible action.

You have to learn how to be happy with the choices you are making. You have to learn how to choose emptiness and also joy. You must learn how to live the behavior you need to accomplish your goals. Can you be happy without the food. the fast is the way that you learn

Do you want to lose that weight and keep it off forever? Then you had better be happy with the fast. Do you want to love you wife or your husband? Then you need to find joy in being patient and supportive of them as they do some things differently than you do or differently then you wish they would. Can you love them anyway?

If you want more money then you must learn to have joy in your heart when you have none. If you are angry and upset then you are supercharging that circumstance and creating more of it.  The more emotion you add to a thought in your life the more you raise the vibration and attract more of it into your life.  We need to find joy and it begins with acceptance.

Losing the weight and keeping it off for a lifetime is more than just a meal plan or a workout program. its not calories, sets or reps that makes a size 2 a reality. Its joy. its joy when you are enjoying that glass of wine and its joy when you are not. If you want to fit into that size 2 you will have to say no to that glass of wine a lot.

You get what you give in our dimensional reality. Delayed Gratification is the skill you must learn to master here. Be thankful for what you have. Think and speak and talk about where you are going. Be happy with what its going to take to get there. Before it can become your physical reality it must be a thought and word reality.

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