14 May


The Power of a Principle Centered Life

My goals written below are an on-going evolution.  Yours should be too!  The more you practice defining who you are. The more you think about who you want to be.  The more clear you get about all aspects of your life the more certainty you will have about what you should be dong in your life. You need to know what action steps you need to take to create the life that you want.  You need to have a plan.

Whenever things get tough in your life you will always have a resource inside your mind.  You will have a resource inside of you.  A powerful resource for you to grab onto whenever things get tough.  Whenever you are in a crisis you need to have a clear vision of what you want to focus on.  You do not want to find yourself caught up in the crisis.  You do not want to feed the crisis.  You want to fuel your intentions.  Continue to build your dreams.  You can heal or change anything you want to in your life!

My personal goal is to transcend my ego and recognize my spirit as self. I am excited to embody the characteristics of my higher self. I look forward to realizing any thought energy that is misplaced.  I look  forward to realizing anything that blocks me from this reality. I can’t wait to have full access to my most youthful energy, vigor, optimal health & pain-free range of motion. All of these desires I know are within me. I realize now my leanest, strongest, happiest version of me and that feels terrific! I am proud of myself. Pleased with my accomplishment of unconditional love for myself.  By knowing and loving myself I can now understand others.  By realizing and overcoming my separation from everyone and everything I can understand everyone else’s same errors. By overcoming my fears i can be compassionate of others and their fears. I am so happy to extend this same love to everyone around me that I have learned to give to myself. The feelings of peace, freedom & fulfillment are all so rewarding. I love the empowering feelings of being present with my life all of the time.

My relationship goal is to create more time to communicate, play and interact with my life partner Dora. I am so pleased to see this time becoming my reality. It offers me greater opportunity to develop and explore further our passion filled relationship. I accept Dora now completely. Just as she is. I am so proud of what she has accomplished. It brings me joy to know and support her completely as she becomes everything that she wants to be. I want to experience the boundaries of human love with her. I am so grateful to share the joy of each moment with her. To be present and completely happy and free together. Its a great wish of mine to create something unique together that neither of us has ever know individually.  It is my goal to inspire her to move forward in her life.  To help her heal and overcome any obstacles she has. I want to be supportive, encouraging and patient with her as she grows into her best self.  I hope I can encourage and inspire that. I want to give her all the love and support that she needs to feel safe, free and full-filled in her life.

My relationships with my children are a deep-rooted priority for me. I want to provide for them all what they need to be fully functioning individuals.  I want to lovingly support, teach and guide them all as individuals. To inspire them to define and reach their own personal best selves by stepping into mine daily. It brings me great joy to witness them fully empowered with the truth of our reality. To be present with them as they step into their own capacity to live, love and create fully in their lives. To witness them creating ANYTHING that they could ever want for themselves. I am so excited to step into my abundance now. To assume the resources NECESSARY to create the time and freedom to share the space with them. I am excited now to realize the joy of being fully present with them whenever I can right now!  Time and financial resources provide me the opportunity to interact more fully with my children.  These are my greatest goals to create opportunity.  As more time and abundance grow in my life I commit myself to embracing the tiny daily opportunities I have to be present and loving in their lives.

I am passionate about my career. It’s my goal to grow and build my business. To learn all that I must to do so. I am excited to meet the people and gather the knowledge I require to gain the information I need. To learn and understand and gain the insight that is required to reach a larger audience. I love the people I meet and have been given the opportunity to help. I now recognize I will meet everyone that I require to expand my business and create my future and that idea settles me. I gather peace from the thought of progress in my ability to provide wellness for others and share greater opportunity for my family. I see that growing my passion will create freedom for me and those I love most. I am excited to learn how to automate, delegate and duplicate myself better. I am motivated to learn any knowledge or wisdom I need to grow my reach. I am grateful now for the current progress that I see. Thank you for placing all of this in my heart.The thought of becoming the world’s greatest personal coach brings me great joy. I aspire to inspire millions of people with a lifestyle system utilizing exercise, nutrition and personal development. To meet, help, inspire and empower people to realize their full potential. I want to share the truth with the world. I love to let people know they have all the power inside of them. It would be so rewarding to meet and support people all over the world. To learn all that I would have to in order to do that. I am so excited to see how I grow and develop myself from having that world class experience. The idea of speaking publicly to a room filled with enthusiastic participants excites me like no other. I want to realize the self worth of that accomplishment now. To feel and embody that self worth now.

To be financially independent is a major goal of mine. To create time and possibility not only for myself but to spend with my wife, my children and my extended family and friends. To allow me the freedom to go and do and interact with them as I please. I can’t wait to be able to see the world with them. To be able to play and interact and inspire them. To be able to give support to my extended family, friends and to others less fortunate on this planet makes me feel great!
I am excited to be successful enough that I can support my children getting a comfortable start in their lives. To create a non-profit charity that contributes to housing, education, healthy water and nutrition for people in need. That my systems and methods for success can be shared with and by people all over this planet.  That by sharing a positive message of love and personal encouragement and empowerment with the world that I can help people personally and financially.

03 May

Weight loss expert and nutrition in Burlington Fitness Center

John depass Gratitude list

The most important things in My life!


What you focus on grows.  If you take the time to think and talk about the things that you are most grateful for in your life those things will grow.  You can grow anything you want in your life with your attention and focus!


  1. I am most grateful for my life. For the breath of life in my lungs.  For the continuous pumping of my heart.  This is the gift of life.  Thank you!  Thank you for my senses with which I can experience my world.  Thank you for the experiences and the understanding I have gained from them.  This is the gift of my life.  I am grateful for the joy and the sorrow as I realize this is the way I learn and evolve.  Thank you for my body, my mind, my emotions my consciousness.  My arms, my legs, my eyes, my ears and my nose.  Without my body I could not experience this physical world.  I am grateful for my time in my physical body to experience sensation, emotion, feeling, inside the physical world.  Our human life is a great gift.  A wonderful experience and playground for our higher self.  I love my life.  I love myself.  I love the energy of life within me.  My health and vigor is something that is natural and inside of me.  I am grateful for that vibrant energy that is within us.  That energy is me.  I love me!
  2. I am grateful for my wife. I am grateful that she has stayed with me through “thick and thin.”  I am so thankful that she stayed with me when I did not deserve it.  I am grateful that she stayed with me when I was not loving her as well as I should.  I am grateful that I can learn how to love better.  I am grateful that I can learn to feel love fully with her.  I am excited to learn how to remove all my personal stumbling blocks regarding love with her.  Love without condition is our nature.  A capacity we have all forgotten.  I realize that my primary partner is the gift of the universe that I have been given to experience physical and emotional love.  I am excited to feel and learn the capacity of human love.  I am grateful to know what the capacity of passion is.  That idea is exciting to me.  I am grateful to encourage her to feel and experience it too.  I am excited to learn more my self from inspiring her.  I am happy and excited to learn whatever I need to grow in any way I need to love to my human capacity.  I am happy and excited to apply what I learn from each physical loving experience into the rest of my life. I am excited to learn what my limited thoughts, ideas are regarding love. I am happy and excited to overcome those.  I am grateful for this opportunity to learn how to love fully and apply it in all aspects of my life.  I am excited to live a life of love.  To love my entire life and all that is in it.  My relationship is my number one opportunity to learn how to share love with others.
  3. I am grateful for each of my children. I am grateful for my first born who I think first awakened me to the possibility of so much more from life with regards to loving.  I am grateful to my first for being the biggest reason for me staying married in our early years.   I am grateful for my 2nd as she seems to bring out the most in my wife.  I am grateful for the understanding I gain of my wife from her.  I am motivated and inspired by my two daughters to know how to treat a women with respect.  Watching them both grow into young ladies has taught me so much about women, about my wife.  I am grateful for that.  The have taught me how to love and teach to the level of my best self.  I am grateful for the desire they both put inside of me to be a better parent.  I am grateful for my son for our communication.  For our deep understanding of each other as men. I am excited to see how we grow together as he has a passion for sport that is potentially greater than mine.  I am happy and excited to help him move forward in his life.  I am grateful for the responsibility of my children they force me to produce at a higher and higher level.  To grow personally and financially to support them.  I am grateful for how that helps me grow as a person.  I am grateful for the challenge that the responsibility of children makes in my life.  I see how that pushes me forward and I see the value.  Thank you to the universe and to my children for coming into and being in my life.
  4. I am happy for all my secondary relationships with my father, siblings and friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to share fully with them what I have learned in my life.  I look forward to having more opportunities to do that at another time in my life.  I am grateful for the time and energy my father, my siblings and my friends has had on my life.
  5. I am grateful for my career. For a job that I love. I am grateful that this desire was placed in my heart.  I am grateful that it motivates me and inspires me to be better.  I am so grateful that I want to be the best in the world at it.  I am so grateful that it pulls me forward. I am so grateful for all the endless opportunity it provides to communicate and grow.  I am so grateful for all the people and information and experiences that it offers me.  I am so excited to fully apply my full loving, peaceful, happy self to my career. I am so excited to see the results of becoming whole inside my job and interacting with others in a way that fully raises my energy and theirs.
  6. I am so grateful for the other souls on this planet that I can one day contribute more too. I am excited to see what happens to my life as I can contribute more to others in this world.  I am happy and excited to see what that means for feeling full-filament in my life.  I am so excited to see what giving fully to our needed world will mean for my life.  I am excited to know and grow into whatever I can to give whatever I can to this world.
  7. I am so happy and excited to travel this globe and see and hear and smell and feel the full capacity of the human experience.  I am grateful for the planet we live on and all the mystery and experience it offers.
  8. I am so happy for my home, my car, my studio, my financial situation, my freedom and opportunity.  All of it I realize is such a wonderful gift.
06 Feb

Burlington nutrition and weight loss program

If you just finished my 7 day diet then there is a good chance that there is a picture of you below!  Take a look at my top 15 transformations from last week right here on this page.

If you liked the 7-day diet then you will love my 6 weeks to total success in 2018.  Check out the transformations and some details about my new program that starts up next week Monday February 12th.

  • Learn the single decision that you have made that is holding you back from your ultimate abundance
  • Learn how to apply your new energy most effectively in your life
  • Learn 10 new strategies of healing you can start to add to your life right now
  • Learn how to bring passion back into your life and your relationships
  • Learn how to continue making progress with your alkalization process
  • Eliminate toxicity from your body and life
  • Get 6 weeks of motivation, accountability and support, weekly informative seminars, guided meditation, exercise, nutrition and so much more…

Jessie in the video above had already lost 24 pounds exercising and alkalizing her body and life over the past year!  Last week she dropped another 6 pounds following the 7 day diet!

Last week I launched my brand new completely free on-line nutrition, exercise and behavior modification program.  The 7 day diet started last week Monday or Tuesday for the top 15 body transformations posted below.  All of the participants in the program were asked to try their best to participate fully in the program for 3-7 days.  Every one in the program was given the choice as to how long they wanted to comply completely with the program.

Get all the information and get registered in my 6 weeks to total success for 50% off right now!

personal fitness trainer in burlington gym

Monique is pleased with the rapid progress she made in 6 days. She lost 9 pounds and 1 inch off her waist using the 7 day diet.

The program was designed to give everyone a free opportunity to try a completely alkalizing nutrition and lifestyle program for 3-7 days and see the results.  Alkalizing your body has many (including Tom Brady) claiming that they can not only lose weight fast but also raise their energy, reduce their pain, gain mental clarity and heal or prevent disease. I think that the claims of the alkalization process are so grand that many people just dismiss them as untruth and don’t do any further exploration.  Well the truth is that the process of alkalizing your body is even more magical than all the claims. I set out to show that to everyone that participated in the 7 day diet.

fitness center and nutrition program in burlington gym

Melissa had already lost 53 pounds in the last 5 months working out in our program so she was amazed that when she cracked down with the 7 days diet that she lost 6 more pounds in 5 days!

I created the 7 day diet to allow people to see that they could change their lives in a short week if they wanted to.  I created the program as an experiment for participants to test the alkalization process for free against a lifetime of acidic behavior…  You see just about everything that we think, say, do and eat creates acidocis in our bodies.  We have accepted routine behaviors as normal and healthy that actually contributing to our weight gain.

Lose weight in burlington Fitness center

Dorthy lost 5 pounds in 6 days on the 7 day diet!

We are slowly adding to our body fat, reducing our joy, happiness and energy and creating pain and disease in our bodies with our day to day thoughts, words and behaviors.  The 7 day diet was created to give people an short term opportunity to test whether or not 3-7 days of full alkalization would have an effect on that?  You can see all the positive results of what people found with their short experience on this page.

Lose weight fast in burlington gym

Andrew lost 6 pounds and 1.5 inches off his waist in 4 days following the 7 day diet!

Check out all the transformation images I have collected for you here.  I got them all last week after I launched the 7 day diet.  If that doesn’t prove to you that the alkalization process can create dramatic and rapid changes in your life then I don’t think anything will.  Many people are sitting on the fence waiting to hear “peer reviewed studies” before they will try something.  If you are one of these people then this program is probably not for you…  I suggest you stop wasting your time waiting for concrete proof before you start taking your weight loss, your energy and your well being back under you’re control.  Let all the positive results on this page inspire you.  Now take this next step with me to explore a deeper understanding of this entire process and start really applying it in your life this time!  Wheat else could this mean for your life?  I say a great deal more.  Jump on board with my pioneer program I am just about to launch.  Get started today for 50% off and be one of my first 12 participants.

Get more details or register for 6 weeks to total success here now!

Lose weight in burlington fitness center

Lisa has been working out for a couple of months but just broke through this week with the 7 day diet. She lost 7.5 pounds in 6 days and was really excited when I saw her.

My 7 day diet is just an on-line extension of my physical work as a professional trainer for the past 27 years.  I believe if you really want to change your life it’s something you can do in an instant.  It’s a decision you can make right now!  The problem is that most people are living with decisions that they made when they were in their twenties, in their teens and for many even younger.  Once a thought, idea or a behavior gets into your subconscious mind it gets repeated in your life daily without you even knowing about it any more.  You begin to believe and accept your thoughts and behavior as just your nature.  “the way you are.”  The truth is that you can change the way you are is a very short time with a total body and life transformation process like 6 weeks to total success!

Check out the top 15 transformations from last week from my customers and contacts who made some food and behavior changes to create quick alkalization in their bodies last week using the 7 day diet for free!

If you just finished the 7 day diet and you want to continue your progress and build on that momentum then you want to check out my new 6 weeks to total success in 2018.

Get my brand new content 

Get the secrets I will be sharing with my personal training clients this year

Learn how to overcome all of your limiting beliefs and step into your true abundance


Get more information or registration in 6 weeks to total success in 2018 now!

lose weight fast in Burlington

Doug wearing red lost 7 pounds and 1.5 inches from his waist. Doug said his cravings were minimal and he participated in the program with ease.

Does all this rapid change and success prove to you that there must be something to the alkalization process?  Hopefully it will inspire you to commit to your own personal experiments and decide once and for all for yourself if it works for you. Get all the information you need to understand this process fully.  Realize the incorrect ideas about nutrition and energy that you have that are standing in your way.  Learn how to love yourself and utilize your deepest root energy in your life in my brand new 6 weeks to total success!

Now I want to be very clear with you that not all of the success in the 7 day diet is just because of nutritional changes.  Absolutely not!  While nutrition changes are a huge part of the process it’s not only nutritional change that is going to heal your entire life.  Exercise,  thought management, spoken words, and behavior modifications are also apart of creating rapid changes in your life.   Do you want to make some quick changes in your weight, your energy, your self esteem or your pain?  Would you like to see some changes in all aspects of your life?  Would you like to continue the progress you just made with the 7 day diet?  Then you want to one of my first 12 people to get into my 6 weeks to total success program for 50% off!

Get more information or register for my 6 weeks to total success right now!

If you realized the benefits of alkalization this week with the 7 day diet and made the connection to the true power in your life then you may now be inspired to take your new found energy and direct it out into the rest of your life.  Are you ready to make some serious changes in 2018?   My new 6 weeks to total success in 2018 is your ideal opportunity to create change in your life.  Use nutrition, exercise, mindset and behavior changes to completely change your entire world over the next 6 weeks.  Get clear about what it is that you really want?  Do you want to lose weight?  How much?  We can do it!  Do you want to tone up?  Do you want to get your sexy self back?  I’ve got the motivation to raise your energy daily, the accountability to keep you on track and the thought and behavior modifications you need to learn and adopt into you life to create rapid success in your health, wellness, relationships, your career or your finances.  Learn real life skills that you can start to implement daily to identify and eliminate your limited beliefs.  Get clear about what you really want to create in 2018.  Borrow some energy from a professional coach that walks that walk daily.

Weight loss expert in Burlington gym

Jason has been stuck at the same weight for a few months until last week. He lost 9 pounds in 6 days on the 7 day diet. He was super excited about the big jump in his weight loss and also about all the extra energy he had for his workouts.

Don’t make the mistake of chalking up your results to calories in and calories out.  I promise you that is not what is making these incredible results.  Ask all the people that followed the diet this week and they will all tell you the same thing… They were all totally surprised by how easy it was to follow the program.  Everyone told me that they could not believe they had more energy following their 7 day diet than they did normally.  I hear this all the time from people who actually try out the alkalization process.  It’s not just calorie restriction that creates these rapid changes!  The mainstream view of calories, and protein, carbohydrate grams and energy are so off track that those ideas have a lot of people trapped in a body that keeps getting heavier and heavier every year.  There are so many people living a lives that feel plain, dull or unfulfilling.  My 6 weeks to total success program will teach you how to overcome the incorrect limited beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward.  I’m going to show you how to get really excited about your entire life again!

Get more details or get registered in my 6 weeks to total success right now!

Lose weight fast in Burlington gym

Terry lost 7 pounds and 2 inches off his waist in 6 days! He says his energy is way up and he feels more positive about things that usually have him worried. He was also pleased that the 7 day diet also saved him money on groceries.

If you eat just track it with the app and I will be able to hold you accountable to your food for the next 6 weeks!  Want to lose 13-27 pounds really quick?  I want to help you do that with my new 6 weeks to total success program.  Learn 25  different things you can do daily to maximize your results and create dramatic changes in your health, your weight and your life!  See the benefits of working with a professional coach for a fraction of the cost. Stay motivated!  Be accountable to someone.  Split your coaching cost among 12 others. Work on-line from the comforts of your own home.  Learn simple real life applications that will transform your life in minutes per day. Take advantage of this 50% off introduction offer to my brand new program.  See and learn the secrets i’ll be sharing with my clients to radically change their lives this year!

Learn the new nutrition understanding that you really need to get. 

Go through the process of tracking your food

Use an on-line food tracking app that will keep you accountable to me directly

Lose 13-27 pounds over the next 6 weeks

Weight loss expert in Burlington

Dave just got started with exercise, nutrition and motivation 7 days ago and already lost 6 pounds. He was really pleased with his progress last week!

Get your workouts provided for you on video.  Do them at your own gym or in the comforts of your own home.  This entire program will be on-line so you can participate in it from anywhere in the world.  Get your yoga and your flexibility.  I will meet you on-line every Monday night to provide you with motivation, information, directions and hold you accountable.  We will meet on-line for an hour.  I will take you through a guided meditation directly focused on helping your realize and overcome any limited beliefs that are holding you back!

If you just finished the 7 day diet and you have reconnected to the truth and healing benefits of this program then my 6 weeks to total success is exactly what you need to understand all the mystery.  Why do we need to change our food choices? Why do we need to change our water? Why do we have to change our words? What thoughts, habits and and behaviors are actually holding us back and why?.  When you get all the information you will understand the why…  you’ll have the knowledge and information that you need to get your sexy back.  After you understand the information that you will get in this program you won’t have to struggle to lose weight ever again!

Weight loss nutrition program in Burlington gym

Deb lost 9 pounds and 2 inches off of her waist following the 7 days diet. She said she wasn’t hungry and was surprised by how steady and available her energy was!

As a professional trainer for my entire life I hear people complain about their diet and not getting the results they want all of the time.  I have created this program to solve all of that for you.  Once you get the truth.  Once you understand what is really going on.  Once you actually apply these simple behavior items into your day you are going to feel so much better that you just aren’t going to want to go back to your same old negative behavior that has you trapped.

Weight loss nutrition program in Burlington gym

Cyndi lost 6 pounds in 7 days moving to a more alkaline lifestyle.

Are you ready to make some serious changes in your health, your weight, your energy, your life in 2018?  Get registered in my 6 weeks to total success in 2018 today!  The program will start up next week.  Monday February 12th at 830 pm we will kick off the program.  Every week on Monday night at 830 pm we will meet on-line again for more content, motivation, information and life changing guided meditation.  Meet on-line every Monday night for 6 weeks.  Do your homework in between meetings.  Follow your emails and daily assignments and watch what happens to everything in your life.  If you can’t make it to an online meeting don’t worry.  All meetings will be recorded and provided to you in your daily information emails.

Weight loss nutrition program in Burlington Gym

Jeremy lost 5 pounds in 5 days following the 7 day diet!

Getting Alkaline really means coming back to your most natural state.  All living things are alakaline and electric.  Our nervous system requires us to conduct nerve impulses in order to move and to feel.  That is an electric process.  Life as we know it can be changed dramatically and rapidly if we apply some simple science.  We can alakalize and restore our physiology for success.  We can alter our personal internal science within a few short hours with food and behavior changes.  You can, I can we all can come back to our most natural most powerful selves and from that space we can create positive changes in ALL aspects of our life.

Lose weight fast with burlington Nutrition program

Courtney has lost 10 pounds in the last 30 days moving towards a more alkaline nutrition plan, exercise and motivation. She is super excited about what has already happened for her!

With the right information and motivation you can keep that going and build upon it.  Your most natural state is reconnected to your deepest essence.  We all need to reconnect with our divine energy.  That is your most passionate self.  We all need to learn how to apply that love into our lives.  Love is the energy of our universe.  It is the root power of our passion and our desire.  Learn how to apply the power of love fully in your life to enjoy your days and propel your relationships and your career.  If you have just made some rapid changes to your weight and life then take this next step with me.  Don’t fall off track now.  Let me keep you moving forward.  Let’s build on what you have just already completed this past week!

Joe had already lost 35 pounds in our program before he started the 7 day diet. 5 days after he started he had lost 7 pounds more! Joe told me he was surprised how easy it was to follow the program.

If you are ready to make some serious changes this year then jump on board with me next week in my 6 weeks to success program.  Send me a personal email if you have questions or need any additional information.

Get more details about the program or get registered here!

14 Jan
Weight loss fitness center in burlington

Hey Guys!

Want to lose 3-11 pounds over the next 7 days?

Want to get everything you really need to do lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life?

Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

It’s my 7 day diet challenge.

It’s a free on-line program that will give you your nutrition plan, your exercise and movment responsibilities and the behaviour and mindset modifications you will need to make to lose up to 11 pounds this week and then have the power the knowledge and the choice to continue losing or keep it off for as long as you like.

Can you imagine being able to control your weight, raise your energy, improve your sleep or heal your pain all with totally 100% natural foods, no supplements, potions, pills or financial requirements at all… That’s right!  This program is a completely free opportunity for you.

This program was specially designed for you for free so that you will really have no reason to not do it!  ALL I ask is full compliance in the program at that you share your results with me when you start and finish the program.  This program will be a great benefit for you and I would like to benefit from getting the opportunity to collect your feedback about your results.

You will get the 7 day diet nutrition plan, video workouts and instructions to follow for the week, aerobic recomendations, daily motivation and instruction emails and video messages all designed to maximize your results!

I have created this program utilizing 15 of my top 25 best things to do to lose weight fast and keep it off for the rest of your life.

Lose weight, nutrition, fitness, gym, Burlington

Congratulations Lisa on what you have accomplished in 10 weeks! Lisa lost 18 pounds and dropped 21 cm’s. 5cm’s off of her chest, 10cm’s off of her waist and 6cm’s off her hips. This could be you!

What will You Get in this Program?

  1. Everything you need to lose 3-11 pounds in 7 days and keep it off for good
  2. The power of making a decision. Making a choice.  Committing to a Goal.
  3. 7 day nutritional recomendations clearly outlined for you
  4. Daily exercise instructional video or aerobic recomendations (up to 30 minutes minimum 4 days for the week)
  5. Yoga or Flexibility exercises to lengthen your body
  6. Daily motivational videos to watch at night
  7. Habit breaking information and encouragement
  8. Food eaing habits, choices, timing change
  9. Morning and evening instructions for when you just wake up and for just before bed
  10. Save money not eating out
  11. Everything you need to raise your energy, your self esteme and improve your outlook ALL on-line
  12. Reduce inflamation, heal your pain and reduce your risk of ALL disease
  13. Reignite your passion
  14. Overcome your limited thoughts, words, actions and behavior
  15. Add years to your life

What does it cost me?

  • Nothing!  This program is totally FREE!

What do I need to buy?

  • Nothing!  NO Powders, Pills, Potions, Products!  Noting but natural food and water, exercise, movement, mindset and behavior changes!
  • Access the entire program from the comforts of your own home.  This is completly an on-line program.
  • No commitments or obligations to anything further.  All I ask is that you share your results!


7 day diet, weight loss, nutrition and exercise program in fitness center and gym

I specifically chose the short term diet plan structure to demonstrate something to ALL of you. You are going to see that you really had the power inside you all along.  That what you really need to do is simple and you’re actually going to love it!  That losing weight and keeping it off is really easy!

I’m going to show you the value of a variety of different simple things with this program.  I’m going to show you how you are standing in your own way and blocking your weight-loss and ultimate success!  It’s your incorrect information and limited beliefs that are blocking you.  Everyone should be able to follow through with a variety of things for 7 days.  It’s short term so you can truly test the results of full compliance.  Afterwards you will have a perfect nutrition, exercise, behavior and mindset model you can utilize to create the best year of your life.  You will gain some knowledge and insight from this experience that will help you make the changes you want to in your life.  You will be able to walk away certain of what you like and don’t like about nutrition and exercise.  You will know what you must do and do not need to do to lose weight.  With that knowledge you will be empowered to change yourself as you choose!

Get all participation information for free in our live webinar event.  The Event will begin Monday January 29 on-line at 830 pm EST.  Access the live webinar form your computer, your laptop, tablet, ipad or mobile device to get all the start up information.  If you cannot attend the live meeting it will be recorded for viewing afterwards.  Send me a personal email to register or discuss further:

Everyone that is registered in the program will recieve all the information updates.

Simply register at the link below:

Sign me up for the 7 day diet for free Here Now!

Sign me up for the 7 day diet for free Here Now!


14 Jan


Lose weight Burlington

Do you believe that you have the power to change your life? I believe that you do. I believe you can heal or change or fix ANYTHING that is going on in your life!

Is there ANYTHING that you want to change in 2018? Below are my top 25 things that you can do in 2018 to help you lose weight, tone up, change your energy, heal or change ANYTHING that you want to in your life.

I believe you must incorporate a scientific method to your madness and to your success in 2018!

We all come from a different life experience. We have all drawn our own different conclusions about reality. We all have different roadblocks and different limited beliefs.  I believe that we all can adjust our limitations and overcome our own hurdles in our lives.

The list of items below is in no particular order. I do not believe they can be placed in any particular order. We are all individuals. We all need different things and different information or different knowledge to overcome our specific road blocks, hurdles or challenges.

Once we overcome one limitation and peel back another layer of our social mask or life programing we arrive at the next barrier. Each barrier is another limited thought or behaviour that will require something additional or different to move past.

A life of true happiness and fulfillment in my opinion is a life where all limited thoughts are identified and eliminated. The human is thus totally free to experience and interact completely with all of their life in a happy, healthy unlimited way. This achievement likely requires more unlearning then it does learning as we have all been programed through life to exist as consumers, unhappy, overweight and on the verge of disease.

Because we are all at a different place the order of items on my top 25 things list and the value of those items is different for us all. As a result you cannot say one thing is more important or more valuable than another. Each one of us will find different value at different times from any of the below listed skills and practices. I suggest learning and understanding all of these very valuable skills.

The greater your understanding and application the more tools that you have. The more tools you have in your tool chest the more options you have when you become stuck. We all get stuck sometimes. However if you can remain patient, positive and open; If you continue to ask yourself the right questions; all blocks can be and will be overcome.

I don’t know what is blocking you from moving forward in your life although I believe that all road blocks in our life are limited thoughts. Thoughts can always be changed. We ALWAYS need to get some new idea or new information to realize or overcome our own personal limitations. Whether we want to lose weight, raise energy, love ourselves more or heal pain or disease we all need to increase our self awareness. We all need to deepen our understanding of the natural sciences to return back to our most healthy, natural happy selves.

Here are my top 25 things that you can do to overcome, realize, heal or change ANYTHING that you want in 2018. I have personally utilized all of these and would gladly support you using any of them.

Watch for my six week body and life transformation program to be released over the next 7 days.

Of course my NEW YEAR NEW YOU 2018 will include training and encouragement in all the following methods of healing. Learn how and why and when to apply these items best into your life to make 2018 the best year of your life.

1. ‘Ohming’- Sanskrit chanting or Christian singing. Positive lyrical singing. Vibrational or tone therapy. Solfeggio Frequencies.

2. ‘I am’- positive affirmations using the prefix I am.

3. Sun Gazing- holding the sun in your gaze while it’s low in the sky. 5-20 minutes/day. First thing in the morning or at the end of the day.

4.Tantra- utilizing your sexual energy most effectively in your life. Leveraging your passion and utilizing the energy that it offers.

5. Meditation- consciously raising and directing your energy appropriately in your life.

6. Yoga/Flexibility – utilizing postures and stretches and movement to free and elevate your energy.

7. Daily Exercise- consciously lifting and raising your energy. Directing it most effectively into your day and life.

8. Raw Food diet- eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Striving for 80% of your food from fruits. Alkalizing your body through your nutrition or from live unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices.

9. Loving the self- Forgiving yourself.  Stop blaming yourself.  Being conscious and careful of how you think and speak about yourself.  Arrives from gaining clarity and defining yourself.

10. Herbs- utilizing herbal formulas or real live herbs or cooked or boiled herbs.

11. Distilled water- drinking distilled water as much as possible. Only distilled if possible. Reducing drinking and showering and bathing or being inside of fluoridated water for any length of time. Reducing contact with fluoridated water.

12. Occulomotor exerxises- restore your vision with simple eye exercises. Reduce headaches, neck and shoulder pain or eye strain.

13. Reduce your medications to a minimum. Eliminate where possible. I am not a doctor. This is my opinion. You are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine.

14. Grounding- getting your bare feet into contact with the earth daily.

15. Journaling- especially helpful when struggling with a pain or challenge. I refer to this as ‘mind dumping. Great for immediate relief.

16. Reading- positive literature. success/motivation

17. Utube- watching world thought leaders and top coaches.

18. Being Present- conscious breathing.  Coming to the moment.

19. Practicing Gratitude- Seeing the goodness, value and gits of all things in your life. Developing an attitude of gratitude.

20. Non Judgement/Non Control/Forgiveness of self and others

21. Fasting- dry and hydrated. You are a self healing organism. Your body can heal itself. Healing occurs when you bring your body to stillness. Healing happens when you return to natural. It requires you to remove all obstructions. Removeall of all things that take you away from your most natural most still space is necessary. All agitations need to leave the body in order to heal. Fasting is arguably the most restorative tool in your tool chest.

22. Goal Setting- Having clear vision of what you would like to see in all 6 key aspects of your life: Personal/Health, Relationships, Career/Finances, Adventure, Contribution, Spirituality.

23. Surender- Although the power to create change is within you CANNOT force something into existence. Stop trying to micro manage your life. Follow your bliss and ALLOW your desire to manifest into existence.

24. Having a professional coach who walks the walk to help you stay motivated, moving forward and hold you accountable is priceless. We all need to invest in ourselves to move forward.

25. Duality- See the world as it truly is. Aknowledge and accept our reality. We live in a world of duality not a world of good and bad. When we can learn and accept this completely we are free to enjoy all.

Get my 6 weeks to success in 2018 to learn how to apply my top 25 things into your life most effectively.  Draw a line in the sand.  This year you can decide to make a change!

Does this list inspire or empower you? Would you like to learn or develop any of these skills? Send me a personal message if you would like to discuss any of these. Watch for my SIX WEEKS TO SUCCESS 2018 program to be released in the next 14 days.

I selected the video below that I thought could inspire anyone. Anyone that was looking for inspiration. I selected a video that anyone could relate to so no matter what your background, sex, race or culture you could find commonality. Even though inspiration has no cultural or sexual boundaries. Inspiration is boundless because it comes from within.

Watch the video below and take some forward action with my top 25 things you can do to change your life in 2018.

14 Jan

Are you fed up with things the way they are? If you are that’s terrific! Fed up is where we need to get to. When we are literally angry with ourselves that’s when we take or make action. Use your anger constructively now!

If you are ready to make a change in your life then listen up here… Change can happen in an instant. All it really takes is a decision. You need to decide once and for all that you don’t want things to remain as they are. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get more energy, over come pain or disability or cut out smoking drinking or some other negative habit or behaviour. You can decide right NOW! You can get a picture right now about what you want. You can get clear about a goal. A different way for your life to be.

Once you’ve got your goal you’ve got to think about how you’re going to do it. What you’re going to need. If you haven’t done it to this point then you may want to consider a coach here. You can’t get somewhere new doing the same old things. You need new information, new habits, you need a daily practice to develop those new behaviours. You need repetition to reprogram your subconscious mind.  It’s not the same person that creates a different result.

          Judy lost 22 pounds in 19 days!

A coach can share new information and inspire you. Let me keep you motivated. Let me hold you accountable to doing the practice, doing the work with weekly on-line meetings. Let’s connect every Monday night at 830pm for 6 weeks. I’ll provide you with information, instruction, and daily plans for you to execute.
You’ll get your workouts, your nutrition, yoga, guided meditation & all the systems and methods you need to make it a part of your life this year!

Get my brand new 7 day diet plan, get my 21 day Rapid Fat – Loss Program, get my 30 DAY DETOX in a BOX. Get all the information and support you need each week to really make a switch.

Want to lose 11-21 pounds over the next 6 weeks? Want to tone up, raise energy, heal pain or just start 2018 off right? Want some motivation and support for a really great price?

Lose weight, physiotherapy, fitness center, Burlington

        Gosia Lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks!

Get it all here with my 6 weeks to total success in 2018!  This Program will start up Wednesday February 7th. I will allow 12 people to participate in the program at 1 time. The value of this program is over $999. Get it all now for $169.

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Lose weight fast in Burlington fitness center

Melissa has lost 47 pounds in her first 18 weeks!

Who is this program for?

    • People who are stuck
    • People who want to lose 13-29 pounds
    • People who want to reduce their pain
    • People who want to change their opportunites and circumstances
    • People who want to tone up
    • People who want more energy
    • People who need some motivation
    • People who want to be held accountable
    • People who don’t want to do trial and error with their Health and Nutrition any more
    • People who want an organized system and method to create success
    • People who want to heal or eliminate their risk of disease
    • People who want to get back into shape
    • People who want their bodies back
    • People that don’t have a lot of time
    • People between 30-65 years of age
    • People with busy lives


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         Natalie lost 14 pounds in 21 days

What do you get in this program?

  • Information & Inspiration- Value priceless
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Weekly On-line meetings (Mindset Accountability)- Value $599
  • Professional Goal setting (Gain clarity about what you really want to create in your life)
  • Weekly workouts and aerobic responsibilities (Movement Accountability)- Value $99
  • Weigh ins, measurements, body-fat checking (Physical Accountability)- Value $149
  • On-line Nutritional tracking App. (Nutritional Accountability)
  • Weekly Yoga & Flexibility
  • Guided meditations- Focus and energy building
  • 24 hr. On-line email support
  • Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition Program- Value $149
  • 30 Day Detox in a Box- $149
  • Training, direction, and encouragement on all of my top 25 things for creating change in 2018
  • 13-29 sloppy pounds of fat gone from your body-  Value $$$$ priceless
  • A Coach that walks the walk with you- Value- Priceless

This program value is well over $1000!

I lost 35 pounds myselg this year to get back to my best shape ever using this this system  these methods and this program!

If you have a specific questions about this program please send me a personal email:  This is an On-line program.  You will be able to access it anywhere in the world live at 830 pm EST on Monday nights for 6 consequtive weeks. Starting Wednesday February 7th.  All workouts and information will be able to be accessed through your computer, laptop, mobile device or Ipad.  All information, video, webinars will be recorded and made available to everyone in the program.

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17 Dec

Top 13 Things You Can Do Right Now To Start Losing Weight Fast!

Here is a real quick reference check list for you.  Do any of these top13 things as much as you can as fast as you can to lose weight as soon as possible!  If you’d like to discuss any of the following items I would love to arrange a short telephone conversation.  Just send me a personal email: and let me know any questions you may have about this list.  You can text me here: 905-512-5421  or you can regsiter for a free trial session at the bottom of this page!
 “…ONLY A LUNATIC WILL DRINK UNSTERILIZED WATER.” — Nikola Tesla, when asked about his predictions for the next 100 years in an article appearing in Liberty magazine, February 9th, 1935 
1, STOP drinking tap water!  Do not drink flouridated water.  Do not drink mineral water.  Do not drink spring water.
2. Reduce to absolute minimum as quickly as you can any animal protein products what so ever!  Minimize or eliminate meat & dairy.
3. STOP  ingesting any vitmain or mineral products.


Nutrition, fitness and weight loss in burlington fitness center

Brandi lost 27 pounds in 12 weeks so can  you!

There is no doubt as to THE HIGH VALUE OF DISTILLED WATER USED FREELY as a retarder of the ossifying conditions which appear to constitute the condition of old age.”
— Dr. C.W. DeLacy Evans, M.D., from How To Prolong Life
4. STOP any fat burners, Omega 3 fat products and protein powders.
5.  Reduce to minimal or eliminate grains, cereals, breads
6.  Reduce to minimal cooked foods and starches.
Water has to be pure, free from fluoride, chlorine, and chemicals, which is why I recommend distilled water. To achieve optimum health, I recommend that you DRINK A HALF GALLON TO ONE FULL GALLON PER DAY.” — Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D., from, “Gary Null’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Program,” Kensington Publishing Corp., 1999, Based on the PBS Documentary, “How to Live Forever”
7. Reduce to minimal and eliminate ASAP or use as sparingly as possible any prescription drugs, stimulants, depresants, caffein products, alcohol, pain killers, antibiotics.  Use ONLY natural plant based herbs and products for detoxification and healing purposes.  Health comes from within!  It is your nature.
8. Eat live raw locally grown fruits and vegetables as much as you can.  Create your healthy, sustainable life around fruits and vegetables.
9.  Eat most of your food from fruit!  80+%  if you can!  Your fruits are the most astringent, most alkalizing, most powerful detoxification foods that exist on the planet.  Your body is designed to eat fruit.  You are a Frugivore!
10. Begin and end every single day of your life thinking about what you want and not about what you don’t want!
Nutrition and physiotherapy in Burlington Fitness Center

Dora was able to drop 50 pounds in 12 weeks after her 3rd child following an organized exercise and nutrition plan.

It would be safe to teach that the GENEROUS USE OF PURE WATER both within and without the body has never yet done any harm; that the functional ailments that afFlict the great host of mankind, are in a great part due to the fact of the imperfect elimination of waste matter, and that GENEROUS LIBATIONS OF PURE WATER is a most potent agent TO FLUSH THEM FROM THE BODY, through the skin, the lungs, the kidneys and the bowels. The diseases caused by impure water are numerous and fatal.” —Dr. Arthur R. Reynolds, M.D., Health Commissioner of Chicago, from “Distilled Water and Longevity” by Elmer Ellsworth Carey, Chicago, in Suggestion magazine, Volume 10, January 1, 1903
11.  Get back to your exercise program.  Take a full-body, functional approach to your health and wellness.  Get involved in a core training program.  If you don’t use it you will lose it!  Exercise in an organized manner.  Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Make a minimum committment to Four 30 minute training sessions each and every week!
12.  Make your self accountable to someone.  Share your goals only with people who have your best interest at heart.  Putting your hopes and dreams out into the world begins to bring them to reality!
13.  Drink ONLY purified water.  Water that has been through the distilled process or water that has been through the process of photosynthesis.  That means only distilled water or the hydration you get from live raw fruits and vegetables.
Watch the video below when you get a chance.  If you have any questions or reservations about any of the information shared in the list above just send me a personal email if you would like to discuss any of them:  Let me know which points you would like to discuss.  Let’s arrange a short information call so I can share the truth and shed some light on a better understanding of ANY statement that I have made above.  If you would like to extend your life, your energy your vitality and look and feel your very best for the remainder of your life take action on these items straight away!  Send me a text message here: 905-512-5421 or register for a free transformation Session below!


Dora and I like to get our clients started with our 12 week Body Transformation Program.  This is a motivation, nutrition, exercise, accoutability and coaching program designed to give you everything you need to change your life.
  • Everything you need to lose 15-40 pounds
  • 21 days Rapid Fat-Loss nutrition
  • 30 day detox in a box nutrition
  • Customized nutrition
  • Start up weigh-in and measurements
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • 6 weeks follow up measurements and coaching meeting
  • 12 weeks Professional coaching and support
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • 12 weeks personalized exercise program
  • 24 hrs on-line support
  • 2-4 semi private full body functional training sessions each week with a Pro trainer
  • Toned up, refocused, energy supercharged, clear head, repaired self esteem, pain free, improved range of motion, improved balance, reduced body-fat, a wonderful nights sleep!


Initial visit incentive…  Buy two months and get 1 month totally free!

After your first 12 week introduction program we can arrange a maintenance program if you would like to continue.






Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition: People always tell me they eat well.  I always say… What does that mean?  The best way to evaluate what’s going on with your food is to do some personal calculations and follow up with some food tracking.  The first 21 days of creating your personal ideal nutrition plan is spent tracking your food and making sure you fall within your customized nutritional boundary.  AFTER our initial assessment I will have the data required to establish your individual nutritional boundaries.  I can tailor your calories and micro-nutrients to make sure you are consuming what is most appropriate for you and your personal daily activity level.  Tracking your food teaches you what you’re actually eating as opposed to what you think you are eating.  It also holds you accountable to us with your nutrition.  Each week you will weigh-in on our scale.  Accountability is an enormous part of creating change in your life.


30 day DETOX in a BOX:  Are you one of those people who has just tried it all and not been able to lose weight?  If this sounds like it could be you then Detox in a BOX will be your solution.  Let’s slowly and progressively eliminate foods from your diet to establish what’s cauaing toxicity in your life.  We need to establish the foods that really work best with your system.  Get 30 days digital content and information. Live recorded seminars, at home workouts, yoga, coaching and guided meditation.  Get the personal support and encouragement you need to stay on track with your nutrition this time.  Be accountable for 30 days as your body slowly rids itself of unwanted organic and inorganic matter.  Raise your energy and center yourself with the goal setting, energy lifting yoga postures, guided meditation  and mindfulness aspects of the program.



Customized Nutrition– 30 days of choosing what foods are really the best for you.  We’ll meet for a personal counselling session to discuss your food and your choices.  Let’s build your personal nutrition program.  Your favorite foods that provide you your best energy and enjoyments for your lifestyle and your schedule.  Everyone has personal foods that they just like.  We all have some habits and behaviors we need to change.  Foods or substances we need coaching and or encouragement to manage, reduce or eliminate from our lives.  Boundaries are necessary for ALL things.  Let’s clearly identify and outline what is best for you.​​​​​​​


Semi private training sessions–   Both Dora and I in the picture above have been pro trainers for over 20 years.  Join in for your semi private training sessions with us.  Surround yourself with people who are doing the things that you are.  Be around other action takers.  Get around like minded people that will create a positive social network for you and your goals.  Exercise in a semi-private style to get your personalized program, motivation and encouragement.  Do your personalized work around others who are doing theirs.  Get your workout done at a scheduled time with a pro trainer 2-4 times each week.  Early morning, late morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening times available 6 days each week.





17 Dec

Hi-End Fitness Nutrition and Personal Training

Personal Training Burlington, Nutrition Burlington, weightloss Burlington, Physiotherapy Burlington


Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition-  Value $199

At Hi-End Fitness Nutrition and Personal Training we recognize the importance of nutrition.  After all you are what you eat!  We like to start our clients off with a 90 day Nutrition and Personal training program.  That program will give you everything you need to lose 15-41 pounds.  Come in for your personal training session 3-4 times each week.  Follow up your workouts with our 3 phase nutrition plan to take you from where you are right now to where you want to go!  The first 21-30 days of our Personal training and Nutrition program is about our Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition program.  This is where we determine how much of all nutrients your body needs.  Everybody is an individual.  We each have personal requirements for calories, protein and carbohydrates.  We all have different favorite foods.  We all have different times and schedules.  We like to begin everyone with Rapid Fat-loss nutrition to establish your personal needs and boundaries.  Working back and forth over the first 30 days will be the first task in establishing how much nutrition your body needs to lose fat fast!

30 Day 2 Step Natural Detoxification Nutrition Program- Value $199

After we have established your personal caloric boundaries and nutrient needs in the first 30 days the next thing we focus on is our 30 day detox nutrition program.  This program is designed to determine if all of the foods that you are currently choosing are ideal for you or not.  Let’s try removing some of your foods.  Only the ones you want to or are willing to.  We realize that everything that you decide to participate in is your choice.  Why don’t you choose to experiment with the short term elimination of specific foods that are adding to your acidity and toxicity inside your body.  By reducing your acid forming foods and replacing them with alkaline foods your body will return to it’s most natural state.  Watch the fat drop fast as you alkalize your body with our 30 day detoxification Nutrition Program.

30 Day Custom Lifestyle Nutrition Plan- $199

After you’ve completed Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition and 30 Day detox Nutrition you will be read for the Customization process.  Let’s determine the foods that are most effective for you, your lifestyle and your goals.  Let’s create your personalized lifestyle nutrition.  Let’s create something that is sustainable.  Something that you love that produces the results that you want!  We need you to be specific about your goals.  We need you to decision about what you are ready to commit to with your nutriton and exercise for the long term.  It’s your choices and your committments that make this program so successful.  With education, motivation and accountability we will encourage you to make the right choices.  Ultimately the power of choice is always with in you!  We just help you bring it out and formulate your customized plan.

Get All 3 Nutrition Packages included in your 12 week Start up Program!

Click the appropriate link below to register for a Free Trial Transformation Session!  Once you’re registered Dora or I will reach out to you by email or text messge.  We will try to arrange a phone conversation time with you if possible.  Let’s arrange a conveinient time for both of us to get together for a Free Trial Transformation Session.

In a Free Trial Transformation Session we can get a chance to discuss all aspects of the program.  I can answer any questions you may have.  I can determine what has blocked you from success in the past.  I can plot out a plan to help you succeed this time.

In a Free Trial Transformation session you will get a chance to test drive my program completly.  You will see if you like our workouts and if you feel comforatable to workout with us.  We will get to see your current level of fitness and determine what will be necessary to help you move forward.

Get registered at the appropriate link below to arrange a Free Trial Transformation Session


Men get register for a Free Trial Session Here:


Ladies get registered for a Free Trial Session Here:

17 Dec

Burlington Fitness Programs

While there are dozens of ways to get into shape we really feel that strength training is one of the best fitness programs you can choose. I our private gym we can adjust and manipulate free weight exercises and different angles to specifically target your trouble spots.  No other sport offers the ability to strengthen and tone every single muscle on your body!

If you want to change your life it going to be a combination of doing the most effective things on the planet for creating change.  No body has the time with our busy lives.  We need to get into the gym and get our fitness Program dones as efficiently as possible.  HIIT is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to burn fat fast!

If you want to lose weight or tone up right here in Burlington then a total lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition program is exactly what you need.  You need a way to challenge your muscles as much as you can.  You need a fitness program that offers resistance, variety and challenge so you don’t get bored, you don’t out grow it and it’s always novel and fun!

At the same time your fitness program needs to includes nutrition also.  While you may stimulate your body during your exercise its your nutrition that aids the recovery and helps to restore homeostasis inside your body.  Your Fitness and Wellness program has to help you come back to your most natural state.

Your fitness needs to be personalized for you and your level committment and your current strength, endurance and conditioning.  Your personal goals need to taken into consideration when we are designing your program.  Your nutrition needs to be functional for you.  We need to customize your nutrition.

When your body is most Alkaline your fat will disapear fast. You old aches and pain will vanish.  Your mood will be the most happy.  Happiness is the true judge of your health.  Happiness is your nature.  When you are happy your energy and vitality are highest.  Happiness is the expresion of your best health.  When you are happy with your fitness and wellness program you won’t have any trouble sticking with it.

When you are most happy, lean, strong and healthy it’s going to spill over into the rest of your life.  When you are in a good energetic space you will attract more opportunities and the most ideal circumstances into your life.

Take a mind body spirit approach to your fitness program this time.  Work with a Personal training program that includes orgranized strength training sessions at conveinient times during the day.  Get into a fitness prgram that also includes nutrition and mindset.  Realize how much of your energy is connected to the thoughts you have inside of your head.  Work with a coach that can help you to really bring the best out of you and your entire life!

Let’s arrange a free trial transformation session.  Just click the appropriate link below to get registered.  We can have some talk time.  We can discuss the program details more completely and you can have an opportunity to test drive the program for free and see if you life it.

Register for a free trial session below.  Dora or I will follow up with some email or text message contact with you.  We can arrange a conveinient time for the both of us.  I want to know what’s stopped you from being successful in the past!  I want to help you be successful in the next 90 days, 180 days or over the next 365 days!

Men Register For a Free Trial Transformation session Here:

Ladies Register for a Free Trial Transformation session Here:

17 Dec


Professional Personal Trainers Right Here in Burlington

Burlington fitness gym and Physiotherapy clinic

Dora and I have almost 50 years invested into the Personal Training industry.  I have been a Personal trainer for 27 years now I’m 45.  My wife Dora has been a trainer for 20 years!  We have been maried for 14 years and we have 3 kids.  We run our private personal training studio right out of our home down on Burlington Lakeshore.

My name is John dePass and my whole life has revolved around fitness.  I studied Kiniesiology at Mcmaster in the 1990’s. I was a professional bodybuilder until I was about 30 years old. Now I’m 45. I’m a Professional trainer here in Burlington phys-ed Teach at a Montesori and the owner of Hi-End Fitness along with my wife Dora dePass.

Dora is physically fit mother of 3 who runs 10k each day. She is a raw food vegan who really believes that food, exercise and motivation is enough to heal any aspect of your life.

Dora and I have continued our growth and development in our industry our entire carreers.  That’s what it takes to become the best training duo in the GTA!  We learned the hard way.  We’ve tried all the diets, gimics, potions, pills, fat-burners, vitamins, powders and different style exercise programs in order to create our very own Hi-End Fitness Nutrition and Wellness Personal Training Program. Take all the guess work out of your new fitness and wellness lifestyle.  Get yourself around a couple of professional coaches.

We believe successful personal trainers have to walk the walk.  It really needs to become your lifestyle if you want to be successful.  That means you need to love it and it needs to be sustainable.  It must fit into your life if you intend to keep it up for the rest of your life.  Let Dora and I teach you how to be successful with your health and fitness goals this year!


quick weight-loss in Burlington gym with personal trainer

Gosia is a mother of two! She works out 4+ times each week for 30 minutes. She lost 19 pounds in her first 8 weeks!

Professional Personal Trainers in Burlington

Most Personal Trainers in Burlington are using old school bodybuilding ideas and mentality.  While this may be great for people in high school, and maybe in the 20’s once you get over 30 or 35 years of age you really need to get into a lifestyle program.  You certainly don’t want to lose the weight and gain it all back again do you?

A successful trainer needs to get up to date on what true health an wellness is.  True health and wellness is really our nature.  Our bodies really heal themselves.  They always have.  Dora and I realize that true health is what will be most visible as soon as we remove any obstructions we have in our minds, in our nutrition, in our bodies or in our lives.  We see the person and the program from a holistic point of view.  If we want your body to return to it’s most natural strength and vigor we understand that we must return you to your most natural behavior and condition.  All things created by God are Alkaline and electric.  We realize that your most healthy personal training program must be followed up with your ideal nutrition plan.

We know you need a plan that is sustainable.  That’s why we make our workouts full body and functional.  Rather than the old school bodybuilding style workouts.  After all our clients don’t really want to be bodybuilders.  Our clients are looking to get their energy back.  They want to lose weight as fast as they can.  They want to tone up and slim down.  They want to be happy and healthy for their families.

We recognize the importance of focusing on your core and work your entire body as a functional unit.  This is how your body works in reality.  Our training program has to be in allignment with nature.  If we don’t use it we will lose it!  As we age our exercise program has to evolve along with us.  Our Personal training program needs to stimulate the metabolic hormones to restore our most healthy state.

We know that your daily energy and enthusiam will be totally affected by the combination of what you eat, what you think and what you do.  You need an organized system.  You need some mature trainers to help you work through it stay motivated and held accountable.

The wonderful part about having a coach is having a personal trainer that has a bigger picture.  A professional realizes that the way you are thinking, feeling and performing in your own mind your personal opinion of yourself, you relationships, your carreer, your finances and your future affect your energy and motivation.  Your best Personal Trainers in Burlington know that helping you anchor your exercise and nutrtion into your lifestyle is exactly what you need to be successful long-term.

Use a High Intensity workout style to maximize the fat-burning in minimal time.  Train privately, semi privately or in a small group fashion.  Save money by sharing your exercise time.  Get the motivation and inspriattion that having a couple workout partners provides.  Fall in love with your fitness program again!

Scott works out 2 days a week with us first thing in the morning before work. He works out 2 days on his own also. He lost 18 pound in his first 6 weeks!