24 Mar

Holistic Health Coach & Weight-loss Expert in Burlington says…

To lose the weight & keep it off you need to get the right information

I lost my weight 2 years ago. I lost my weight by detoxifying my body. By shifting from the old thought patterns about food and metabolism I was able to lose my weight and realize my true potential. The truth is that if our weight was truly managed by calories in and calories out there is no way that my weight would be able to sustain itself. I am only eating 2 or 3 days of the week. I am empty most of the time however my body is not losing weight.

The old paradigm of understanding claims that the body is sustained by food. That if we do not consume food that the body will sustain itself from the fat, muscle and tissue of the body. The old paradigm of metabolic understanding says that I should be surviving upon my own tissues and thus should be deteriorating. The truth is that I am not deteriorating. I am actually thriving on limited food or calorie intake. How do you explain this. I am trying to show you what is possible. I am teaching you that our food is a choice. I demonstrating that our energy is not created solely from food.

In Fact there are far more superior ways to acquire energy. The idea that food is the way to gather energy is a limited idea. It is possible for certain to gather energy from food however it is not the only way and I will suggest that it is not the best way. It is a way that actually has serious effects upon our health. There is a price to pay for achieving our energy from food. Eating actually hurts us. We have been told that eating is the way to gather health. The truth is that health is within us. It is not something that we attain from the food that we eat. Food does not help us to heal. Food is actually an obstacle to our healing.

The body heals best when it is empty. The distilled waters help the body to empty. Now I am not suggesting that you do what i do. I have been practicing and preparing my body for a couple of years now. With practice you can do more than I however to get started we must allow our bodies to transition. We need to develop new habits and behaviors to change our lives. We need to do this slowly. With practice and rehearsal we can learn how to Un-food. With the distilled water detoxification we can purify our bodies and minds and return to our most true selves. As we get closer to who and what we really are we restore our natural abilities.

Watch the video message below.  It’s an exert from a book by Professor Hilton Hotema.  The truth about health is so drastically different than what everyone thinks, knows and talks about.  To heal your body and life you need to gather new information that has been hidden.

Un-Fooding is one of our natural super powers. Distilled water detoxification helps us get there. Exercise is apart of this. Emotional therapy is an aspect of this. Cultivating our sexual energy is apart of this. Sunlight, grounding and nature are all aspects of this. You can do this. You can completely heal or change your life. You can choose to become the infinite light being that you are. You can step beyond your lack and your limited world view. You can restore your youthful energy. You can extend the length and quality of your life. You can choose to take action. i would love to help you do it. Reach out to me if you wish to discuss a method for you to create success:


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24 Mar

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer Says You can Change your life but you must make a Decision

Ultimately what we are talking about with total life healing is a returning to our most natural self. An alignment of thought, word and action with true source energy is total healing. The true source energy within us is spirit energy. Some people like to call this energy the subconscious mind and some don’t like to identify it at all.

I don’t care what you call this energy. For me the only important thing is that we identify that this energy within us is the true self. The issue at the root of all of our unhappiness is the division we have within our own self. We have misidentified ourselves with our bodies. We have misidentified ourselves with our physical experience. We have identified with our roles and our personalities. This misidentification of our true selves is at the root of our unhappiness.

Total healing is the realignment of thought, word and true source energy. Our true energy is the power of unconditional love. We need to come into alignment with that energy. We need to return to the light beings that we are. This is a process of elimination of toxic obstructions and a reprogramming of our mindset. Distilled water detoxification, un-fooding and personal development can heal and change all things in our lives.

We can lose the weight, we can heal our pain and we can learn to love ourselves. Loving the self is simply returning to alignment with what we truly are.

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23 Mar

I have been a personal trainer for 30 years. I work along side a physiotherapist so I can provide support to those in pain and those who have work health benefit plans.

If you have pain in your body and a work health benefits package in your household or family then we can address your pain and it can be covered through your work health insurance.

There are 3 key elements to pain. By understanding and addressing all three aspects of your pain you will be able to cope with it and manage it better. Of course there is the physical aspect of your pain. The injury or whatever is wrong inside the body. Whatever your injury or issue is if there is pain then at it’s root there is inflammation in the body.  All pain has an inflammatory root.  We can address all physical pain by reducing the inflammatory response in the body with exercise and circulation. We can also reduce inflammation and pain by applying an anti-inflammatory diet. We can address the pain physically by strengthening and lengthening the inflicted muscles.  Exercise and nutrition combined together address your physical pain by 1st addressing the root inflammatory response of your body.

Often when there is pain in the body muscles can become tight and movement limited. Muscles in close proximity can get tight or weak due to limited movements.  People with injuries tend to adjust the way they move, sit or stand.  When muscles are ignored and natural motion interrupted from altered movements muscle shrink and weaken.  We call this muscle atrophy.  Strengthening and lengthening the muscles can help to restore natural range of motion and movement.  Restoring natural mobility helps to provide pain relief for the patient.

The second aspect of pain is the psychological aspect of it. Often when we get injured we become afraid of re-injuring the body or hurting ourselves.  People suffering with pain typically alter the choices they make and the things they do because of it. Fear becomes the driving motivation for the injured body.  This is not a positive way to build your life.  We want to think and talk and take action on the things we want and not make our choices because of the things that have happened in our past.  Pain is a chronic reminder of what has been.  It keeps us trapped in the past.  We need to restore confidence in our body and ourselves.  Strengthening and lengthening the associated muscles can allow the patient to regain their confidence in themselves and the muscles associated with the injury. Often through a consistent gentle strengthening and lengthening approach to the injury, confidence can be restored and the psychological aspects of the pain can be reduced.  Balance training, agility, mobility exercise, practice and rehearsal can all support the retraining of your self confidence.  A significant aspect of your pain is just an anticipation of it.  When you believe in yourself and your abilities again we can reduce the psychological component of your pain.

Combine the self confidence of exercise, strength, balance and mobility with the right nutrition and the mindset coaching to create a “tick tack toe” approach to your pain. Raise your energy and outlook towards yourself and your pain by working on your mindset. Our Physiotherapy Based Personal training program will include the success mindset coaching that we all need to overcome physical or emotional trauma’s in our lives. We all get hurt as we traverse our lives. Whatever our injury is we will have to spend sometime in the grieving and healing process. At some point we must take action to feel better. Just taking action makes us feel better and more in control of our circumstances. Working on the mindset with daily content and support from our program will help you cope better with your pain.

Pain also has an emotional aspect to it. Often with chronic pain a patient can have develop a hopeless mentality. Depending on the level of intensity of the pain and the degree to which the patient has been immobilized or affected by their pain the emotional response can be significant. If the pain has been around for an extended period of time the personality can be deeply affected. Depression, sorrow, sadness, frustration, anger, resentment can all be associated with the pain.  Sometimes forgiveness is necessary.  Forgiveness of self or others can be an aspect of your emotional pain. The patient could also still be identifying with “being a victim” or may be holding on to a “poor me persona” this can be a conscious or unconscious. Both of these character’s leave the patients self worth and energy challenged. We can address the emotional state of pain in two ways.

Exercise will help to stimulate the bodies physiology and trigger the energy producing hormones. Highly oxygenated, exercise stimulated blood, circulating through the body will enhance healing.  Exercise will stimulate the brain neurotransmitters necessary for the patient to recover emotionally from the injury. The high energy hormones like growth hormone, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine created by the exercise will help with your energy and healing.  The appropriate exercise in combination with the correct nutrition will provide the energy and motivation the patient needs to feel better. The happy or euphoric feeling induced by exercise is exactly what you need to take back the power they have given away to their pain. Brain neurotransmitters are actually natural painkillers in the body.  Serotonin and dopamine will both be brought into balance from exercise and oxygen being circulated in the body.

Just ask yourself one question. Do you want to give up and accept your pain or do you want to take a total mind, body, spirit approach to reclaiming your life?  You are the power in your life.  You are the creator of your life.  If you have given your power away to your pain you can take it back.  Don’t let pain control and direct your life any longer.  Send me a personal email to discuss the program details:

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11 Mar


Vegan & Raw Food Nutrition in Burlington Gym


This is one of the things I love about the Melon Man. He is completely transparent. I mean completely. He just spills his guts out and puts it all out on the table. I like this about him because once you regurgitate all your most embarrassing and scary things you feel so free. Once you tell everyone how you F’ed up in your life you don’t have this big secret you’re trying to hide any longer.

You know its that facing your fears thing. Once you have the courage to stand up to your fears your fear has no more power over you. That is liberation. There is so much truth in having the courage to stand up to your fears. It’s like facing that bully. We all have a bully somewhere in our lives. Whether that bully is a person or a thing it’s just the same. The bully in your life is who ever or what ever you have given your power away to.

We just have to remind ourselves of the truth. We have to always come back to the truth. As long as we always return to the truth we can never get too far off track. The truth is that you are the power in your life. The truth is that you are the creator of your circumstances. The truth is if you have an addiction its only because you have empowered it. You gave that person or that thing power over you. The truth is that you can take it back whenever you wish. The truth is its a choice. Its a decision to take back your power.

The Melon Man taught me that each of us has a super hero inside of ourselves. Each of us has incredible courage and power within. Each of us can choose at anytime to step ot of the shadow. Step out of the minuscule version of ourselves and roar like a true lion. Each one of us has a Melon Man or a Cantaloupe Kitten inside of us. The Melon Man is my androgynous super powered spirit energy that is finally awakening in my life and teaching me so much about the truth.

In my life i have been addicted to anabolic drugs. Of which there were many. To keep it simple I’ll say steroids and growth hormones. However that list can get lengthy. Then i was addicted to club drugs. Those were my happy drugs. Mostly stimulants and hallucinogens. Again I’ll just keep the list short and simple. The most common ones were Marijuana and MDMA. Alcohol was never that big for me. i loved to be big and I loved to dance and have fun.

Let’s peel away the layers here. After those I liked to have SEX! 😁 lol… Don’t we all? No… we don’t all love to have sex. We are all different and i loved to have sex too much. Like if i didn’t have sex i was not a nice guy. If i didn’t get sex as much as I wanted then i believed it was ok to have multiple partners. Like lots of SEX! whew… I’m feeling better already.

Let’s keep this going… i was addicted to stimulants and hallucinogens when i was out partying but during the day I kept it going with day to day stimulants. I used caffeine and ephedrine. I used pre-workout drinks and pre-workout formulas. Ephedra, Garuana and herbal stimulants. I used them before i worked out and just to get out of bed. To go to work, to work late, to see more clients, to make more money…. blah blah blah. You know all the shit we tell ourselves. All the excuses about why we need this substance or this thing.

Whether its shopping or a bigger house, or a new car, or planning the next holiday or decorating the next room. It’s all the same shit! it’s all addictions…

Let’s keep this going. i hope you are getting the point. I gave my power away to many things in my life. I had to pull my power back from many things in my life. The Melon Man really taught me a lot about coming back to my center. About coming back to the true me. About being whole and well and healthy and happy and where and how to do that. We can all do that.  We can all take back our power.  From anything.  From foods or substances or people.  We can take back our power from disease or from poverty.  It’s all the same thing.  It’s all about stepping back into your power.  Your super power.  It’s all about returning to the very best version of yourself.

I was addicted to work and to money and to my mobile device and to social media and probably worst of all i was addicted to this measly, inferior, weak, little shadow version of myself. I was addicted to my role. I was addicted to my nature. I was addicted to my poverty. To my bills. To my lack. To my limitations. I was addicted to my sadness and my sorrow and my loss and my pain.

I was addicted to my poor situation. It wasn’t fair for me. Poor me. i had to work too much. i didn’t get to sleep enough. i had too many things to pay for. I went bankrupt. lol.. twice. I lost my mom. i lost my girlfriends. I was black. i got audited 3 times. I pay huge government bills. My tax bills are huge. blah, blah, blah. i was addicted to this sorry, shitty little life and story that this impostor John dePass created in my life. I got 3 kids i have a wife. I’m a provider. i have to take care of them. It’s not fair what i have to do… Blah, blah, blah. All of it  was “shitty stinking thinking.”  A poor me attitude that created a life of trauma and pain and moments of joy over looked by long periods of darkness and pain.

All of it the same old crap. All of it a story i told myself. All of it a limited belief. All of it lack and limitation and all of it a mindset that was focused on the problem and something that just wasn’t me and something that just did not inspire me or make me happy. I’m telling you the Melon Man saved my life. He brought joy and happiness back into my life. He helped me see what I was doing wrong he helped me take back control.  He taught me that I had the power to change my life.  That I could lift myself up with my mind.  With my thoughts and my words and my actions I could change my life!

The last addiction I can think of is the one that so many just take for granted. The final addiction the Melon Man helped me get over was food… Now I’m still working on this one but I have already learned so much about taking back my power from food. I realize how to do it now.  I am well on my way. The final one is the most valuable one of them all.  We have been fooled into a life that is controlled by food and the need and dependence on it.  We are addicted to it and not even slightly aware of an alternative idea.  The idea that we could one day move beyond it.  Or at least actually take control of it and reduce the need for it by 1/2 or much, much more.  The beautiful thing is it’s all a choice.  As long as you eat 3 or 4 or 5 + times each day you have no choice.  You are trapped.  You are trapped financially and psychologically and physically to a lifestyle that is make you fat and sick and unhappy and you don’t even know it.

You see when you stand up to the food you really step into your truth. It has really been the “distilled water detoxification and the Un-fooding” that gave rise to the Melon Man. Now I’m not sure if he was always there or not. I’m not sure where he actually comes from or came from. What i know for sure is that each of us has a superhero inside of them. Each of us can take back our power. We can do it anytime we decide to. We can step up and have courage. The courage to do it is within you.

You see it’s all within. The power, the joy, the peace, the love, the freedom, the abundance, the courage, the health, the energy, the vigor, the prosperity, the self worth, the sexiness! 😁

All of it is inside of you. Each one of us has access to all of these powers within ourselves. You have these powers. You can activate them. You can take back your power. You can take back control of your life. You can overcome any obstacles. You can love yourself and your life again. You can heal your pain and your disease. You can be healthy and happy and strong and sexy and rich. I promise you.

You just have to come back to your truth. to the true power within you. You just have to peel away the layers. You just need to return to the real power in your life. Ditilled water detoxification and Un-fooding can help you do everything that you want to in your life. You can lose the weight, heal the pain, fix your relationship and make more money. Health and happiness is your birthright. You are born wealthy. You were born to be prosperous. You were born Kings and Queens and you are living the lives of peddlers and pan handlers.

Rise up and claim what is rightfully yours. You can take back control over your life. Once you learn how you will always be able to control or change anything you wish in your life forever more. Once you learn this skill you won’t need me or anyone or anything else ever again. This is your first and last lesson. You need to learn how to awaken your soul. How to love yourself.

I love the Melon Man. He taught me so much about my life. Reach out to me if you need help. i have a system. i have a method. I have a way to do it. All you need to do is plug into the system and take back control of your life. Just make a decision. Decide to take action again today! Decide to come back to your best. Now send me a message and let’s arrange a talk time.


18 Feb

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer teaches “Un-Fooding” is the way to Ultimate Health and Well-Being!


I believe the diagnosis of injury is so far off track. i believe the doctors are diagnosing injury by the level of inflammatory response in the body. All things are the same. Your disease, your relationship breakdown and your poor financial situation are all the same issue.

For instance… people fall or get into an accident. The person hurt their knee or back. The body responds with acute inflammation. The true culprit is the poor nutrition and poor substance management and incorrect world view. The patient believes they have a torn meniscus or a herniated disk.

The patient commences into pain or anti inflammatory drugs which help the situation in the short term however they actually exacerbate the inflammatory response in the body. The patient also falls into depression due to the diagnosis and begins eating more poorly as a result of the prognosis. Of course diet is not related to the sore knee or back.  As no one teaches them this reality. No doctor recommends a fast.  No doctor has made this connection or been taught this reality himself.

The same things happens with the cold or flu. The patient goes to the doctor and gets antibiotics. Really the immune system is already demonstrating that the system has reached a critical mass and needs to be detoxified. Rather than approach appropriately and allow the detoxification to run it’s course we interfere with the bodies natural mucus release by adding more toxic chemicals that add greater damage to the system by killing our bodies important bacteria and set us up for  future candida, fungus, yeast and parasites to come in the following years.

As the patients mood declines further, due to increased inflammatory response from now drugs and worse food and and worse “poor me attitude,” they decline. The individuals relationships begin to break down as their mood and emotional life is in a spiraling decline. They feel trapped and compelled to continue forward into more acute treatments to solve their problems that could be solved naturally by “Un-Fooding.” However they cannot and will not hear or locate this truth anywhere.

They patient progresses further forward to surgery as their sickness, illness, illness or disease progresses further forward throughout their lives.  The inflammatory response always becoming worse the diagnosis always becoming worse.  The drugs and prognosis always becoming worse. The patients mindset always becoming more limited and less optimistic.  All of this is “Bullshit.” The body heals all things naturally. All things.   The body fat issues are no different.  They are not due to caloric intake.  They are histamine responses within the body to toxicity.  Body fat is toxicity and inflammatory response to poor food choices. The poor moods and cloudy head bad judgment are all due to the inflammatory response in the body also. All things in your life can be healed. All things can return to healthy.

Your mood and personality are all a response to your circumstances.  Your mood your thoughts your energy are always creating your reality.  You are a product of your most predominant thoughts and energy.  You create your reality. Your sickness, illness, body fat, relationship, financial situation, health all contribute to your mood and mindset.  You are trapped in your reality and your circumstances.  You can change your life however you need to realize what is going on in your life.

All of the issues in your life! All of them are caused by you and your thoughts and words. If you have an incorrect world view you cannot correct. your circumstance. Things only get worse as does your mood and abilities to change them.  All of this can be corrected. You can lose the weight, heal the pain and change your life!  It is your choice.  You only have to change your mind.

Your body is clogged and congested. The kidney’s aren’t working and thus the body cannot clear the waste and toxic fluids.. The colon is congested so toxicity cannot pass through. You need to flush the body. Distilled waters is what you need! Fruits, vegetables, emptiness, urine therapies, turpentine, natural anti inflammatory herbs will all help your body detoxify.

You can’t think clearly. You are frustrated emotionally because things don’t make sense, you’re in pain, your full of drugs and your fighting with relationships and finances and employment and life. This is the state of life The truth is that you have all the wrong ideas in your head. You have all the wrong foods and substances in your body and you are going the wrong way.

i can see it clearly now because i only eat on the weekends. i see how i am during the week. i can see what is going on. We are all being mislead here. We are all following our tummies that are addicted to food. Its just like how i used to follow my brain that was between my legs. We are all acting like teenage boys. There is no joy living in that trapped existence.

Now when i eat on the weekends i can see the truth. my body has an acute inflammatory response to food. its the cooked food though. Specifically only the cooked and processed foods. Even salad with feta was fine for me however when i had a large cooked veggies meal last night everything fell apart.  I lost my ability to concentrate.  My mood management declined.  My energy disappeared and i could not keep my eyes open.  Until i ate the cooked food meal i was flying.

Emotionally, energetically psychologically i could no longer focus. The inflammatory response was triggered by cooked food. Stir fried vegetables are poisonous for me now. Cooked foods are poison. i see it now. i have to continue further with my “Un-fooding.” i have to eliminate cooked foods from my life. Next week 1 step further. We always have to learn and step forward.  As this is my 5th week of extended fasting Monday to Friday my body is starting to get away from cooked foods.  My body is returning to natural as it Un-Foods.  As I return to my most natural state i can notice what happens to me when I eat cooked foods.  My body no longer want to be poisoned.

Just like a cigarette smoker craves his poison we all crave our cooked foods.  Shifting from cooked foods needs to happen slowly.  I am into my 3rd year now in my process and I am loving every bit of it.  I do not mean that there are no hard times.  However there are hard times whichever way you go.  There are hard times continuing things as they are.  There are hard times making changes.  Make changes any way if you want to.  Ask yourself one simple question…  Do you want to make a change?  Take responsibility for what is showing up for you.  Make a choice.

Either we grow or we die. You get to choose. You are the creator..

This morning I can feel the inflammation in my intestines. My body is swollen. Everything that is blocking us is an inflammatory response in our lives. We don’t need anti inflammatory drugs, pain killers, antibiotics, medications, protein powders, fat oils, vitamins and minerals. We don’t need to take stuff in stuff at all. We are getting foggy head and poor emotional response due to food.  We are blaming the wrong things in our lives. We need to get stuff out of our bodies.  We need emptiness and distilled waters.  We need to Un-Food our bodies and lives.

We need to interrupt our habits and behaviors. They are all leading us to our demise.

Our bodies are becoming critically affected by the food. We must Un-food the body. Food is the biggest bullshit trap on the planet. We all justify it because we are all addicted to it. Its all we have all learned. it is all we know. it is what we love. So what guys… Alcoholics love booze. Crack addicts love crack. However they must stop.

We must stop also. We are creating our circumstances. We are creating our body fat our pain our relationship problems our poor self esteem, our foul moods our poverty and our lives. We are the only ones who can heal and change our lives. Exercise, distilled water fasting, unfooding and mindset change is the way. We must unlearn what we have learned.

There is a new science and understanding of health, wealth and prosperity. You can change your life. It is totally up to you.  See the video message below to get a greater understanding of the Un-fooding process.  The true mindset of success.  Hilton Hotema is the author of the narration in the video message.  He was an author that wrote a lot of information in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Professor Hotema has been a influential force in my forward progress through the detoxification process.  Detoxification is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change of life.

13 Feb

Lose weight, Heal Pain, Fix Your Relationship, Make more money…

Burlington Vegan Personal trainer says it’s all the same!

Most of your chronic pain is not because of your fall or accident. It’s not because of your age. Most of your aches and pains of all kinds are your lifestyle.

It’s your nutrition, your substance use and medication thats creating the wrong environment inside your body. It’s your negative thoughts and emotions that are trapped in your body.

Coffee, alcohol, prescription drugs, meat, dairy, processed foods, inactivity, tap water are all wreaking havoc to your internal terrain. Your body’s Ph is off and you are inflamed.

Your holding water, your gaining weight and your confusion and a lack of understanding is causing anger and frustration in your life. Negative emotions and thoughts are growing due to all the misdiagnosis. All is stealing your playfulness, patience and joy.

Your back has actually changed its posture. It’s misalignment of your spine that is making things deteriorate further. The spine is curling at the lower back and upper neck. Its a response to excessive fecal waste in your colon.

Your body is holding onto old fecal matter because you’re congested and constipated from wrong foods and behavior. You’re doing what you’re told is good or ok most of the time so you can’t make sense of it all and the frustration is growing along with your pain and unhappiness.

You keep going to the chiropractor or physiotherapist or doctor to try and manage your pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia. All if your sickness Illness and disease’s are all related. You have the power to heal all of this yourself.

Fecal matter is stuck in your intestines and leaking hazardous, acidic, toxic wastes into your system. Your weight gain and physical pain are the early warning symptoms. You need to change your life!

You must rid your body of invaders. Negative thought and words. Unnatural elements, chemicals and food wastes have got to be removed. The living critters must be killed. Fungus, yeast, candida and parasites need to be removed from your life.

You need new information to break through and return to your very best. You don’t have to be fat and in pain. All of this is a choice. An unconscious choice because you have been programmed by life to follow and get addicted to things that are slowly killing you.

Once you realize this truth you are in the power position. Its up to you now. You can change your life. You can heal all things in your world. You can lose the weight and keep it off this time. You can get your joy and happiness, your relationship and your family back.

You can be a better version of you. A playful pain free you. That guy will make more money and have more fun in their life. Motivation, accountability, education, exercise, nutrition and behavior modifications can heal your entire life.

No pills, no potions, no products, no doctors, or naturopath’s or massages or health practitioners any more? No more stuff required to be your best . You can heal and change all of this. You can heal and manage your own self and life. You can exercise yourself, you can learn to eat right and you can manage your life without me or anyone else.

Your spine will uncurl and your tall standing chin up posture will return. Your mobility will come back and your energy will blast through the roof! You can do this. You can change your life! 😁

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13 Feb

Burlington Vegan Personal Trainer Says Thoughts & Words are Things…

“Un-fooding” day 1. Feeling terrific! I love it! I do it because I love it. I do it because it makes me better. I do it cause It heals me. I do it because every aspect of myself and life are healing from what I am doing.

I love being better. I want to be my best! I am so excited to become my best. I am abundant. I am the very best version of me. I am at peace. I am filled with joy. I am unconditionally loving. I am discovering all of my limited beliefs. I am so happy to be discovering all the thoughts, words, energy and behavior that is standing in the way of my very best self.

I am so looking forward to putting all of those old ideas and attachments to my old identity to bed. I am happily skipping with joy into the most powerful blissful version of me. I love me.

How was your day?

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13 Feb

Burlington Personal Trainer Says…

“God or No God You have the Power to Change your life!”

Do you believe in God? I believe God is the power of our universe. I believe you can call her God or you can refer to her as mother nature. She is the Queen that is inside you and is in each and every one of us. She is the same in all of us. We all have access to her.

I believe that we can access the power of creation or the energy of our soul more easily if we are detoxified. It is my opinion that the detoxification process helps us to connect to the power or source within us. I would list “Un-fooding” as one of my favorite ways to connect more deeply to the energy which is most truly us. We are all a part of our God.

Distilled waters also help our bodies cleanse the toxic elements. Fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, distilled water, rain, fog, dew, and urine are all distilled waters. All have incredible benefits for helping the body return to it’s most natural state and help us realize our most deep truth.

I had the gift of getting to explore the topic of God in the video below with Anne Sermons Gillis. Anne has a lifetime of experience and has written 5 books. One of them connecting the value of thought and word and Godliness. You are the creators of your life. You all will the power of God with your thoughts and words. Choose your thought and word carefully.

Get more about Anne Sermons Gillis at the links below. If you like this short intro video you can view the entire message on my YouTube Page. Be sure to subscribe and enable updates as I will be growing my content and message there this year!

See the entire message here:

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13 Feb

Burlington Personal Trainer Says…

“Body Fat, Pain, Poverty & Disease are all a Choice!”

You have access to your greatest power. It is your highedt vibration. You attract to you the energy that you produce. Only you can change your energy and vibration. No one else has that power over you unless you give that power to them.

Food has no power over you. Substance has no power over you. Disease has no power over you. Circumstance has no power over you. You are the creator of your reality. As the creator you have the power to create or change your circumstances.

You can take back your power from any of these things…

You must trust in the law. You must trust in the universe. This takes great courage. To be your best you must step into your fear. You must believe in the true you. You must believe in your source energy. You must believe in the connection you have wuth that energy.

You must take back control from your old conditioning. You must reprogram your subconscious mind to a new outlook. To your new identity. This power is only available in the present. You must stay in the moment to access it. You must change your mindset to access this power.

Self awareness is the greatest gift of unfooding. Detoxification supports the removal of physical and mental obstruction. Unfooding and distilled waters support the gretest version of you Exercise, breath and meditation are all required aspects of you being your very best self.

The greater your ability to stay with the present the more you can create the life that you have always dreamed of. The higher your energy the more awareness of true self you will have. There are many tools you can incorporate to restore your energy and heal your body and life.

Only you can change your weight. Only you can heal your disease. Only you can step into your abundance. Send me a personal message if you wish to have a discussion about changing your life.

04 Feb

We can Learn to Step Beyond and Grow Beyond & From the Sexual Energy…

A new Outcome Requires New Ideas.  Healing is a new Mindset!

Vegan Personal Trainer Burlington Ontario Canada

Love is not sex. Lol.. So much confusion and lies here. We are programmed to release our love and our life force in an orgasm. This is our ultimate joy. We are trapped in this incorrect feedback loop. This is not joy. This is not love. Sex is our biggest obstacle to truly loving the self and our partners.

Tantra is a step in the right direction. Celibacy is an even greater step. You can love and be intimate and engage in sexual or intimate contact without spilling the secret sauce. This practice will bring so much richness, joy and healing to your life and relationship. You will be inspired to work on so many other things when you take sex off the table or at least reduce the frequency and need for orgasm.

You can hold your sexual fluids and you can recycle that loving energy. It is you.
You can learn who you truly are and you can learn how to truly love you and then you will be able to truly love. Love is so much more than the short 15 or 20 seconds of orgasmic ecstasy.

There is so much more to life than that!. Stop running from one relationship to the next because you “drifted apart” Love is a choice. You can choose to love again. Love does not mean you do not have to work hard at it. Love does not mean it’s going to be easy. Love does not mean you will not have to sacrifice.

To truly harvest the fruit of love you will have to overcome your limited beliefs about and towards love. Just like everything else in our world. We have limited beliefs and incorrect conclusions about love. Love is limitless. Did you have an unconditionally loving model in your life? None of us did.

There is only one unconditionally loving source. It is found within. We can all access it. We can all come into alignment with it. It will nourish and sustain you. It will teach you how to love yourself and all aspects of your life.. Just like our universe is unconditionally loving you can learn to love the darkness and the cold. You can learn how to contact your shadow emotions. The blocked and surpressed energy can be accessed and utilized in your life.

Love keeps no score. Love has no boundary. You are love. The power of our universe is love. Love doesn’t die. Love is forever! If you cannot find the love you have look in a different place. That does not mean you need a different partner. It means you need to know what is true love and where it is really found.

Once you learn what it really means to love yourself you will know what and where true love is. True love is your nature. It is your natural state and being. As you remove the obstacles you have you will discover the true you.

Emptiness is the way to return to the true you. “Unfooding” is the way to learn about your true nature. Learn how to lose your weight. Learn how to love yourself your partner and your life. Learn how to shake the poverty mindset and shift into your abundance reality. Abundance is your birthright. Obesity, poverty, disease and pain are all a choice.

You can change your life with a choice. Choose something different for 2019. Reach out to me if you need help!  The video below is a copy of the book that got me started in this natural healing lifestyle.  Listen when you can to learn a new outlook for healing your life!  Maybe you can listen while you drive to work.