14 Jan

On-line personal trainer

Love is the energy of our universe. i perceive it as physical or emotional light. It can move freely through our bodies. It can flow freely in our lives. It can get stagnant and blocked also. This can happen very easily.

Trauma, or fear or negative circumstances create negative thoughts. Avoidance stalls and stagnates the energy. Fear, anger or frustrations can cause blocks to the light energy within us.

We can learn how to free our trapped love energy. We can release it and let it move freely within ourselves. We can move it around in our lives with breath and intention. We can free the blocked energy and overcome the associated pains.

Blocked energy creates pain and resistance in the body. It creates tight muscles and movement. Ultimately if not corrected it creates sickness, illness or disease in the associated organ or region inflicted.

Unhappiness and lack and limitation of all kinds can be healed by developing a relationship with the powerful force of energy within us and around us. I believe we all have this ability.

I believe exercise, nutrition, mindset, habit and behavior can be adjusted and manipulated to release and free up this energy. I suggest that you can gain the awareness needed to access and utilize this power.

You can learn how to use your power. It is yours. You have just lost touch with it. You can reattach to this power. It is just redeveloping your relationship with yourself. You can learn how to love yourself. You can learn how to share love and interact lovingly with every single aspect of your life.

Connecting to the energy of love can be described as soul awakening or kundalini rising or developing a relationship with yourself or inner child work. It is the same as chakra opening or releasing blocked energy and emotions.

It is my opinion that all of these experiences are actually the same and are just different ways of describing an internal force coming back into access in our lives. I suspect that your choice of words to describe this experience completely relate to your background, past experiences and reference point. The words we choose to describe what is transpiring inside of ourselves are impossible to compare or verify.

The human being has another ability that he or she has likely been unaware of. An alternative persona. A true identity. A sort of super personality that has unlimited power and ability. You can awaken that giant within you this year! It is the power you need to step into to make a complete sustainable shift in your life. This is the shift that you need to make to become and sustain an alternative version of yourself.

08 Jan

Check out my “Unfooding 2019” Trailer video above.  It is an introduction to some alternative ideas regarding food and energy.  If you like that trailer and would like to see the full interview and message please check out the link below:

Can we live without food? “Breatharian Life” 2019!

…Now you may not be ready to accept all the ideas of a “breatharian lifetstyle.”
I think the most important aspect of the breatharian lifestyle is that it opens up the mind to alternative ideas.  It challenges the mind.  It challenges the boundaries of what is considered “normal” living or reality.
I like that!  I believe that in order to create change you cannot do it with the same old ideas, thoughts, words and actions.  It takes new ideas, thoughts, words and actions to create change.
This lifestyle allows for a completely different paradigm of thought.  A paradigm that has no limitations.  I love that!
I love to challenge boundaries.  My latest Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching program allows you to challenge yourself to whatever level you wish…
Get started like a beginner.  Stop or reduce coffee or alcohol.  Or take them out of your day to day routine.  Stop smoking, start exercising or try yoga, stop some unfair or “immoral behavior” like lying, cheating, stealing) or some other bad habit you’ve been engaging in. How about a little test.  What would a daily mindfullness practice do to your life?  What would happen if you spent a week ingesting positive information?
It can be as simple as quitting fast food or eating out at restaurants during the week.  It could be as simple as stopping pop, pizza, chips and ice-cream or it could be as detailed and complex as learning how to truly love yourself and pursue the life of your dreams.
My latest Free 7 day trial program will have something for everyone.  The meat eater and the “fruitarian.” there will be a plan for the vegan, the “raw foodist,” the “liquidarian” and the person suffering from candida, yeast or perhaps even a parasite.
My latest program will be my most current information and content that I will be sharing as resources for all of my personal clients in 2019.
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The ideas surrounding food and nutrition and exercise are really off the mark as far as I am concerned.  The ideas and understanding about calories and proteins, and fats and sugars and vitamins and minerals and energy requirements and metabolism are really not correct.
The current understanding and common knowledge is really blocking people from losing the weight and keeping it off!
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01 Jan

holistic health coach Toronto

i am committed to the white light source energy within me. The energy that began me at my conception. i commit 2019 to the full expression of this energy.

I commit myself to a deeper presence daily. To a greater knowledge and knowing of self. To greater awareness and expression of my light.

i commit 2019 to the satisfaction and joy of knowing me, and empowering me and sharing me first with myself and then with my wife, my children, my extended family, friends, clients, members and everyone else i share this planet with.

I commit 2019 to a consistency of love for myself and to all others as I care for myself.

I commit to taking responsibility for my energy and lifting it daily.

I commit to the knowledge that we all have a role to play on this planet and the gifts that have been bestowed upon me must be shared. i am grateful for the insight and i am happy to share it freely with all.

I love me and I love my family and recognize the gifts given to me must support us all. i am fully committed to free share of the knowledge that has been given and fair boudaries for that energy to be shared within my business to sustain and support myself and family.

I am committed to step into the greatest version of me. Ready to realise my abundance. Grateful for my life. Grateful for every breath. Grateful for the soul energy around me. Grateful for all the experiences and knowledge shared with me. Grateful for my role to share with others.

i am happy and excited to teach the wisdom of the ages. The knowledge of true joy, peace, health and vigor. i look forward to the freedom this message will privide for me and those around me. i am so thrilled to say 2019 is the year of my abundance and the year i share that with all those who choose to join me.

I am so thrilled to stay in the moment. I am so glad to be gaining precious insight daily about remaining in the moment. i am stoked about living a fully present version of myself in every moment of 2019.

I am providing multiple Free Opportunities to try out my program!  🙂
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01 Jan

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30 Dec


You can learn how to raise up your energy and vibration. You can develop the skills and knowledge you require to understand. It is not rocket science. The human body is an absolute wonder that operates at maximum capacity with ease and simplicity.

Lift up your loving energy with exercise, nutrition and mindset. You have this power. You can awaken the joy and happiness that lives constantly within your soul.

You can do the exercises to lift up your energy. You can learn the right foods that will assist you to remove the obstructions from your system. You can choose the right thoughts and words to move beyond all obstacles.

You can lose the weight and keep it off for life. Sickness, illness and disease has no power over you unless you feed and empower it. This is your choice. It is your decision to take back control of your life. You are the one that can move back into the power position.

You can reconnect to your inner child. You can restore your youthful energy and inspiration. It’s not age that has taken it away from you. You are not a victim to the number of times the earth spins around the sun. You are so much more powerful than you realize.

We need to remember who and what we are. We all have these powers. We all have this potential ability. You can come back to your very best. You can create something better than you’ve ever know before.

It does require some effort. You will need to work for it. You do need new thoughts and ideas. You will have to break through your limited beliefs. You will need to make some changes. Not all of it will be easy or comfortable. Change us not easy. We resist it. The wonderful thing is that you can do it.

You can step back into the infinite peace, love and freedom that is within you. You can come back to your light. A part of you knows that this is true. Some part of you hears these words. Some part of you is ready for a comeback. Send me a personal message to discuss my free 7 day On-line Year’s Training, Nutrition and Coaching program.

Register in my Free 7 day program for free before January 7th.  Just send me your email and you are registered.  Send me a personal email and let me know you want to get into my free program:

30 Dec

vegan personal trainer, Holistic Health Coach

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled any longer. You are not a product of circumstance. You are not the result of good or bad luck. You are not your genetics or your destiny. You are what you think about most.

You are the creator of your reality. You are either creating consciously or unconsciously. Everything that happens to you is only trying to teach you more about yourself. Our universe is only trying to wake you up to your true power and ability. This is you bringing yourself to awareness of yourself.

The truth about you is that you are the power of our universe. We are all the consciousness of the universe at our roots. We are all asleep. Either sleep walking or possessed by something else. What else is there..? I am not sure. I am only sure that we can learn to come back to our true power. I am only sure that with awareness and conscious effort we can return to the power and breath of universal consciousness.

Don’t let 2019 pass you buy without making a conscious effort to get back to your very best self. Make 2019 the very best year of your life. Make 2019 be about coming back to the child within you. Step back into the full expression of you. Learn how to shine your light again. Learn how to be playful and have fun again. Shake off the dark spell that you and your life have been under.

I’m heading up to Collingwood for a day trip to start the new year right. January 4th. It will be a trip of great reflection and intention for 2019.

Want to make a commitment to yourself and to 2019? Lets take responsibility for what has happened and what is next to come. Lets get a clear image of what we wish to create in our lives. Let’s talk Exercise and nutrition.

Lets talk about all the things we need to do to make 2019 the very best year of our lives. Oxygenate, Alkalize, Electrify & Detoxify your body. Learn all the best systems, methods. Ask any questions and design your action steps.

How to overcome trauma, overcome emotional blocks, lift up your energy and project it out into your life. Learn how to get present and how to really love yourself. Reconnect to your passion and purpose.

Get re-motivated! Get the new information you need. Make yourself accountable to a world class coach for the day. Take a day trip up with me to the Scandinavian Spa in Blue mountain.

Let’s discuss all and really dial in the new year! i have room for 2 more people in my truck. i will transport you up and back. All spa fees will be covered for the day.

Transport leaves my private studio at 630 am on Friday morning. Arrive at the spa for 630 am. Spend the day. I’ll have you home by 630pm. Get content delivery en route up to the spa and on the way home too.

Get meditation coaching and support during the day at the spa. Have your year plan clearly outlined. Get inspired about 2019. Total cost for the day $130. Includes all transportation, spa access and a day of coaching.

Bring a lunch or enjoy the vegan restaurant at the spa. All reasonably priced. Leave a message below or send me a personal email if you want to secure 1 of my last 2 spots.

19 Nov

The truth about natural healing is that you must pass through all of the negative things that you have done to your body and life again to heal and correct this time.

As we restore the natural balance in our bodies healing will begin. It is our nature to heal. As we commence healing the body will begin to release toxins that have been trapped inside.

As toxic substances and chemicals, drugs and materials are reintroduced into your system you will get side effects from it. Dizziness is a very common symptom that arrives as the body begins the detoxification process.

When drugs you used in the past get reintroduced into your system the chemicals can make you dizzy. Headaches, energy fluctuations, hot and cold flashes, digestive issues, reflux, diarrhea, sore throats, pimples, boils, cold sores, skin conditions and even physical pain are common side effect only to name a few.

This is all natural and normal. If you have been living with incorrect nutrition (as we all have) for 30, 40 or 50 years we will have acumulated a substantial amount of toxic waste inside of our bodies. The removal of that old sludge is necessary for us to feel healthy and vibrant again.

Raw natural food healing is the way to bring your body back to its natural place. As you restore alkalinity, conductivity, oxygen, movement, positive thought, word and action your life will heal and correct. Your excess weight will drop away. The aches and pains will heal themselves. All issues will heal as the congestion and toxic residue are removed.

Do not be surprised by the “healing chrisis.” You may catch a cold or demostrate symptoms of the flu. Just rest if you can. Move slowly if you have to. Just try to do your best with your circumstances. All of these isues and challenges associated with your raw food lifestyle are all natural and normal aspect of healing. This is the way healing happens.

Look at the work of some of the great pioneers. Look at the work of Dr. Evrhet, Dr. Morse or Dr. Sebi. All of them try to prepare you for this event. The healing chrisis is a real challenge that hapoens to all who take the natural healing route. Being prepared for it is very helpful although it doesn’t eliminate the fact that we still must endure these hurdles.

Don’t be alarmed. Natural healing is a little bit of a rollercoaster ride. Its not a one size fits all formula. We are all individuals. Each of us has made different offences to natural laws. Each of us must correct our own personal offenses. Each individual must walk through the challenge and hold up the flag of victory on the other side. This is your individual walk that each of us must endure and make.

Rest and stay positive if you are walking through physical or emotional healing. Fear or axiety or depression could rise up in your life. It may be time for you to step up to some different habits and behaviors in your life. Healing our bodies and lives will require us to make some new decisions and actions. Its not always easy. I don’t want to paint an unrealistic picture for you.

You have the power to lose weight or heal or change anything that you wish. You will have to make that decision in your mind and stick with it. Rest when you have to. Relax and add some additional cooked food to your diet if you need to slow down whats going on. Do your best to hold the course if you can.

If you need support with losing weight or healing pain or disease or changing your life send me a message. Let me help you tiptoe through the chaos of raw natural food healing.

Check out my talk with Canadian Natural Food Healing Coach Mariah Mazza in the video below.  It’s always great to connect with other like minded souls here within our own country.

19 Nov

Natural Raw Food Health and Wellness Coach!

The things you think and the things you say dictate your outcomes.  By choosing the right thoughts and words you can begin to change your life.  The right thoughts and words give you hope and encouragement to step forward and take the right action.  Here are some successful thought and words using the powerful “I am” statement.  These are positive thoughts and words that all of us can speak over ourselves and into our lives…

You are the Creator of Your World!

I am not what has happened in my past. I am not the negative feelings or emotions. I am not the circumstance i find myself in. i am not any situation. i am not joy and bliss alone. i am the good and the bad. i am the creator

The power is me. the results are my creation. i am the responsible one. i can change any aspect of my life that i wish. i choose to focus my attention upon the resurrection of my inner child. i wish to feel the freedom and timelessness of my youth. i desire the child like awe and wonder.

May i step into the suppressed me. May i return to who i was before i was suppressed. May i see the original me. May i know me without the blocks, the lacks, the fears and the limitations. May i stand courageously as the greatest power in my life; unaffected by the opinion and judgment of others.

May i remember this clarity. i release my cravings and my desire. i surrender my control. I engage with and happily accept the gift of the moment. I commit myself to the present. i am the now!

18 Nov

Vegan personal training, Vegan nutrition

The misconceptions about what the body needs to lose fat, build muscle, be lean, strong and healthy are so wrong. The things that every body says are so untrue.  the men in the picture above do not eat animal protein.  You do not have to even though protein is what everybody talks about.

As we get older we begin to realize the truth. The whole protein thing is such a farce. The protein idea works maybe in your 20’s and 30’s, but once you start getting over 40 years of age you need to get real about your nutrition to get into shape.

True nutrition is about alkalizing your body. It’s not about calories, protein, vitamins, or minerals. You need to get some new information to really make this switch. You need to learn the truth.  You need someone to provide you with the truth about exercise and nutrition.  Stop worrying about what you have to give up. Only think about what you are going to be getting!

Right now you can get 6 weeks Free Training and Nutrition at my Private training studio. I want to show you what information you are missing.  I want to help you lose the weight and keep it off.

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18 Nov

burlington fitness center, burlington gym

If you are just getting started with a natural healing lifestyle then your body will be extremely toxic. You must begin slowly. Slowly shift your body towards what is natural. Live raw food is natural for the human being. At birth the human body is oxygenated, electric and alkaline.

As we age the body gets acidic, toxic and inflamed. Do we really age or do we just get acidic and toxic? Would we slow or reverse the aging process if we cut off the inflammatory response. If we removed the toxic waste from our bodies we could restore the alkalinity. If we exercised daily we could oxygenate the body. If we made contact with the physical earth we could rebalance the electrical current of the body.

The right water will help us to eliminate the hazardous waste from our bodies. Toxic elements are anything that should not be inside of the body. Food waste for example. Undigested food elements from incorrect foods.

The human is not an omnivore and should not be eating meat, dairy or processed foods. Humans are not supposed to cook their foods. This bad habit kills the food and takes all the nutrients away. Dead foods have no value for the body and leave a toxic residue that builds up in the body over time.

We need to get that waste out of the body. Especially at the beginning water is a great way to do that. Stop drinking tap water and make the switch to distilled or reverse osmosis. We must get the drugs and chemicals out of our drinking water. We are polluting our bodies further with chemical toxicity from fluoridated and chlorinated water.   I encourage all to stop drinking tap water.

After we have slowly transitioned ourselves off of cooked foods, meats, dairy and processed foods and shifted ourselves towards raw foods or a fruitarian lifestyle we can reduce water intake.  While we are getting started and transitioning to our ideal nutritional intake we should maintain high water intakes and make sure we are getting our water from the highest quality sources.  For me I believe the best water in distilled water.  My close second best water intake recommendations would be reverse osmosis.  I strongly oppose drinking tap water.

Burlington personal trainer

Fruitarian’s like myself do not drink much water at all. They don’t need to. Its even better to hydrate the body with fruit then it is to use water. I teach water is more for cleansing then it is for hydrating the body. Fruits are better for hydration as they contain the correct electrolyte balance.

Fruit is best for helping the body eliminate waste. My greatest raw food lifestyle mentor Dr. Arnold Ehret showed that cadavers studied in the early 1900’s contained 10-15 pounds of hazardous fecal wastes sitting inside the colon.

Does that even sound remotely healthy to you? Do you think hazardous food wastes resting in your colon could provide you with a benefit? All that waste leaching toxic elements into your body and system is only going to manifest disease inside of your body.

Fruits are the best eliminators for the body. Pectin or fruit fiber helps the body remove fecal waste best. The fruits are the best hydrators and the best eliminators for the body. The human body is not an omnivore species. The human body is like its closest relatives. The primates eat primarily a fruit focused meal plan. We should too!

Make the shift with your food and water. As the body detoxifies you can shift further towards fruit eating and less water drinking. Begin the shift towards eating your water today!

Need some help organizing your exercise and nutrition? Could you use some help getting started with exercise or healthy eating again?  My program is ideal to help you lose weight or heal any pain sickness or illness you have in your life.  I have patterned my program after the weight-loss and healing work of Dr. Arnold Ehret, Dr. Sebi and Dr. Robert Morse.  Please check the video message below to get a better understanding of Dr. Arnold Ehret and his natural healing system!

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