18 Feb

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This is a Rapid Fat-loss training program.

If that is what you are looking for then let me tell you what the keys to success are.

It’s really very simple and straight forward.

Simple should not be confused with easy.

Rapid fat-loss is a combination of 3 major elements.

By manipulating these 3 items we can quickly and efficiently turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Do you know what those 3 elements are?

Your exercise, your nutrition and your mindset.

In-home personal training burlington

#1. Exercise!

Your exercise is the spark that primes the metabolic engine to create change.

If your exercise is ideal for you it will trigger the key fat-burning hormones.

Epinephrine, Nor-epinephrine, and Growth hormone.

All of these hormones help fat cells to be released from their storage state Adipose tissue.

Once they are released into the blood stream they can be used for energy and fuel by the body.

In order to trigger the release of these fat-burning hormones the workout must be brief but intense.

Intensity is always relative to the individual.

Obviously what is considered intense to you may not be what is considered intense for me.

In order to trigger the release of the fat-burning hormones the workout intensity must reach 70+% of your maximum effort.

If you are a total beginner then your maximum effort may be extremely low.

As a professional trainer with 25 years of experience now I can assess your personal abilities in our first 20 minute meeting.

Once I know your current level of fitness I can manipulate your sessions to make sure you stay in your fat-burning zone all the time.

If the training stimulus is appropriate for you then your metabolism is stoked.

When done correctly your metabolism will remain elevated for 24 to 48 hrs after your workout!

Sometimes this is refereed to as the “After-burn” effect.

More technically its termed EPOC and it stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

If your training stimulus is appropriate for you it will trigger your body to release the key fat-burning hormones.

They will release the fat tissue from storage.  It will be used up for fuel by your body.

Your metabolism will be elevate for 1-2 days after your workout.  It can be measured in the lab by tracking your oxygen consumption.

This elevated fat-burning state triggered by exercise is commonly refereed to as the After-burn effect or EPOC.

If you training stimulus is low.  If you’re not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone nothing will change.

The ideal training stimulus for you will also trigger the release of your neurotransmitters. These are the mood altering substances that are exchanged within your brain cells.

The right training stimulus will open your mind up to new ideas, enthusiasm and motivation.

Nothing changes if you don’t make a change in the intensity of your effort.

Personal Trainer in Burlington Fitness Center

#2. Nutrition

Nutrition is the next key variable to successful Rapid Fat-loss!

Nutrition is what supports your exercise and creates the new you!

You literally are what you eat.

The material that you put into your mouth is the atoms and molecules that your body will use to build and repair your cellular tissue.

Your nutrition must be right for you…

It must be customized.

It must be appropriate for you sex, your age, your weight, your body-fat, your muscle mass and your personal energy expenditure.

I can calculate this information for you.

You can through scientific formulation determine your daily caloric need.

You can determine what you need and you can determine what you need to lose weight.

You can make sure that your caloric boundary contains everything that your body needs nutritionally to be at it’s best.

You can make sure that you are achieving your protein requirements.  You can make sure you are ingesting the ideal amount of carbohydrates for you.  You can ensure that your essential fat intake is appropriate.  You can meet your needs for water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and electrolytes.

In our first nutritional consultation we can determine a starting point for your nutrition.

By tracking your food for 21 days and working back and forth together each week we can create a customized nutrition plan for you that will teach you everything you will need to know nutritionally to maintain your weight for the rest of your life.

You will learn a system and method in this program that you can lean on and refer back to you even if you allow yourself to get off track again.

At some point in our lives each and every one of us that want to look and feel our best needs to do a deep dive into their personal nutritional requirements.

Are you one of those lucky people that are over 40 years of age and have been able to still eat whatever you want?

For most of us our metabolism begins to slow down as early as 30 or 35 years old.

As soon as that happens the fat stores start to increase.

With right exercise and right nutrition you can heal and correct any physical aliment in your body or life.

And it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite foods while you do it.

A long-term lifestyle successful nutrition plan still needs to allow you to enjoy your favorite foods some of the time.

You just can’t enjoy them all of the time and expect to make rapid results.

The greater your commitments to your nutrition the faster your results will be.

In home personal trainer Burlington

#3. Mindset

Now I have listed mindset last but not because it is least.

It is listed last because with the first two variables you can change and heal any part of your life…

But to make the changes stick for a lifetime you need to change your mind.

Exercise and nutrition is what you need to make changes.

Mindset is what gets you started and keeps you going for the rest of your life.

Did you know that only 13% of the population exercises regularly?

Does that surprise you?

87% of us do not and cannot keep up their exercise independently.

Don’t be alarmed if you are in this 87%.

Most people cannot do this successfully and the reason is that most people have focused so much on other aspects of their life that they have not allowed any time left to take care of themselves.

Well the truth about this is that you are only as effective to or for others as you are to yourself.

If you are living in a way that does not make your best self a priority then you cannot be successful in the long run.

The truth is that no body has the time for anything less than their best self in this busy day and age.

Do you have time to be anything less than your best in any situation or circumstance in your life?

Nobody does…

What would be the benefit from interacting with your friend, your boss, your customer, your partner or your child when you are not in your best place?

How would not being at your best serve you?

Do you want to build a life of success?

Do you want your success to be in all elements of your life?

Once you learn how to create success in one area of your life you can take that formula and move it into another area of your life.

Success is no accident.

There are things that successful people do to remain successful.

You can do those things.

You can learn those things.

You can implement those things into your exercise and nutrition program.

You can implement those things into any aspect of your life.

Your success or your failure is your choice.

You have the power inside you to change anything you want to in your life.

All you need to do is ask yourself one question.

Are you ready to make a change?

Watch out for my 12 weeks to a brand new summer body program!

It will release next week.

It will contain everything you will need to make 2017 your best year ever!

Check us out in the video below:

16 Feb

Personal trainer in Burlington Gym

Well no body is perfect… But the only thing that is ever going to get you better at something is practice.

If you aren’t striving for better then you are falling back.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.

With practice you can become a master of just about anything in a short period of time.

You have to really want the thing in order to accomplish it.

Do you really want to make a change in your life?

The best thing you can do to make a change in your life is to build positive habits into your life.

Reduce your negative behavior to a minimum.  No body is perfect but to get successful as fast as possible you must remain in your most ideal space most of the time.

To maintain your most ideal space you must minimize any and all negative behaviors.

Introduce new positive behavior to replace old negative ones.

Associate pleasure and success with your new positive behavior.

See yourself as you would like yourself to be.

Connect with the positive feelings associated with accomplishing your goals.

Rehearse your new behaviors frequently to create new habits.

Once those new habits become apart of your subconscious mind you have success built into your automatic pilot.

Do not allow negative thoughts to interfere with your new positive habits.

Especially at the beginning… In it’s infancy your new habits can be broken easily.

Associate your negative behavior with pain and interference.

They are stopping you from making changes in your life.

They are temporary solutions to create momentary pleasure.

Long term joy and happiness will require you defer a brief moment of pleasure in order to accomplish something of greater value.

Once your new positive habits become a part of your subconscious you will be able to produce success in any aspect of your life.

Begin again today!

Start again to pay attention to your food.

Include some physical activity.

Start with baby steps.

Remember practice and rehearsal will make you perfect!

Bootcamp in Burlington fitness center

Build up a little bit more each day each week!

Progressively you can change your entire life.

Build momentum a little bit at a time.

Slowly you can overcome your current negative food or drink habits.

Incrementally you can build up your strength, range of motion and abilities.

You can overcome your pain.

You can change every aspect of your life with your nutrition, exercise and some motivation.

Watch for my Get your Summer Body Back special coming out next week!

Jump on board to change your life!


14 Feb

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Hey guys!

That’s a picture of my wife Dora and I down in Florida about 5 years ago on a family vacation.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is a very important day.

It is the day that we are supposed to focus on the things that are really most important to us.

The people that we love.

Reverse engineer your life.

If you received news that you were going to die in the next 24 hrs what would be most important?

Would it be your work, your money, your things or the way you look?

Not a chance.

The most important things would be the relationships you have in your life.

Today is the day we are supposed to remember the most important things in our lives.

The day that we dismantle all the confusion we have gotten from the world and screw our heads back on the right way.

The world convinces us that money, things and beauty are the most important things.

Today is the day we can focus clearly on the truth.

Hug and kiss your love ones today!

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary.

I started dating my wife 22 years ago but did not get married to her until 13 years ago.

Until I got married I had no idea what love was really all about.

13 years later I’m still learning.

Love is about becoming selflessness.

Love is about sacrifices.

Love is about responsibility.

Love is a choice.

I have learned that to be truly happy in life you must learn to love every aspect of your life.

You will never be really successful at anything you don’t love.

if you don’t love it then you better learn how!

The best way to learn something is to get around people who are really good at it!

I’m lucky I met a lady that was really good at loving.

Thank-you to my wife for teaching me about love.

Sorry I’m such a slow learner.

I love you!

I can’t wait to take you to Hawaii one day for our Valentine’s.  (Maybe on our 20th)

If you need help loving your nutrition or your exercise then look out for my Summer Body Special that’s coming out next week!



12 Feb

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Nobody likes to feel bad.

However everybody has or gets negative emotions sometimes.

They are a part of life.

In truth there is nothing wrong with negative emotions at all.

Recognize that emotions are really neither negative or positive.

Only we have assigned a label to them.

The ones that we have assigned a negative label to create negative feelings for ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with sitting and being with our negative emotions.

The problem with negative emotions arises when we try to escape them or blame them on someone else.

First we all must realize that our negative emotions are our own.

No one has given them to us or created them for us.

We are the ones that assign all meaning to our circumstances.

Taking responsibility for what is transpiring in our lives is always the first step to dealing with everything maturely.

Boot-camp in Burlington Fitness Center

We cannot blame anyone else.

How do you like to manage your negative emotions?

Most people try to escape negative emotions instead of sitting with them. Often this is done this with negative behaviors.

Negative emotions share important information with us if we will take the time to explore them.

I encourage you to sit quietly and explore them next time rather than self medication.

Eating, drinking, smoking, prescription drugs, sex or socially sharing them with friends are common ways that people try to release or cope with negative emotions in their lives.  If negative emotions are not managed they will pile up.

Mismanagement of negative emotions is at the root of most of our problems.

Peel back your negative behavior to find what is at the roots of your negative emotions.

A negative emotion always has a limited belief at its root.

An incorrect thought is causing this problem for you.

To find it you must be still.

Instead of doing what you always do with your negative emotions try something different.

You can never get an alternative result with the same old behavior.

Instead of eating or drinking can you sit and explore the roots of the way you are feeling.

What are you saying to yourself to feel the way you do right now?

Explore those thoughts more fully.

Are they facts?… or are you just assuming something, judging something or someone, trying to control a situation, comparing yourself, not accepting something,or being impatient or ungrateful?

Once you identify the thoughts you are thinking can you alter the way you respond to them.

You can challenge your limited beliefs and banish them forever.

Weight-loss Burlington, Nutrition in Burlington Gym

Do you need to forgive someone or yourself for the way you are feeling.  Once you understand what is at the roots of your negative feeling you can address the real problem instead of trying to escape it with negative behavior.

Do you need to accept something that is an uncontrollable reality?  Identify the limited belief and then deal with it accordingly.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t want to change something.

Accepting things as they are is an initial step in creating change.  We need to accept a circumstance or thing before we can love it.  Ultimately we need to love all aspects of our life to move forward.  By getting into harmony with our life we access the power that is in each moment for us. After accepting responsibility for all things we can begin the healing or changing process with gratitude, forgiveness and love.

Healing your life is done through gratitude, forgiveness and love.

You can your alter your thoughts about your circumstances or your emotions.

You can assign a different meaning to them.

You can see them as a gift.

You can view what is happening to you as a valuable lesson.

A challenge that is being given to you to learn how to manage it.

All of this is just a change of perspective.  A choice to explore an alternative paradigm.

Once you learn how to manage this negative energy you will move forward with you life.

Once you can learn to love this negative part of you and your life your energy will remain perpetually high.

Your vibrations will be appropriate for what you want to create.

You see the way you are feeling is an indication of your vibration.

When you are feeling low you are not in frequency with creating what you want.

This is slowing down your process.

To move towards your goals as quickly as possible you need to learn how to manage these low energy periods in your life.

They are there to reveal to you your most limited beliefs in this moment of your life.

Embrace your negative feelings with some quiet time.

Sit and be still.  Rather than participating in negative behaviors choose a positive one.

Go for a workout, a run or play a game or sport.

Accept, forgive and give love to yourself.

You need it.

All of your life needs your love.

Here is a super additional resource for you:  17 Negative Emotions & How to deal with Them

08 Feb

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Do you believe there is a force that keeps the universe in order?

Do you believe that you are apart of the universe?

Do you believe that you have access to that force?

I believe that you do.

I believe you can access that force in your life.

I believe using that force for you is what it means to work smarter and not harder!

There is nothing that you can do physically that would even come close in comparison to what the force of the universe can do for you in an instant.

Work as hard as can to try and accomplish ANYTHING… The power of the universe can do it with you or for you effortlessly.

Why not work with the universe to accomplish your goals this year.

You can bring yourself to your power by practicing being present.

Your greatest power can be found in each present moment.

You always have everything that you need.

You can access it all with your mind.

Through your focus.

What are you thinking about right now!

What you want to accomplish or what is currently going on?

Remember that what you focus on grows.

Are you thinking about the problem or the solution?

You can learn to stay present.

Your exercise is essential to set up your physiology for success! Brief intense exercise sessions will quickly change your bodies hormone profile. That will prime your metabolic engine and create the energy you need to change your life.

Your nutrition is vital to support the recovery from your workouts.  You are what you eat. You need the right materials to heal and repair every single cell in your body. You can change and heal any aspect of your life.

By customizing your nutrition and exercise you can very quickly adjust your energy, body-fat and weight… But to keep it off for the rest of your life you need to change your mind.

Your mindset is the key to accessing your infinite potential.  It is the key that can open the doorway to your true power.  By maintaining the ideal space with your mind you can move towards your goals and maintain your success while you enjoy the process.

Like my page to get everything you will need to change your life:  Like My Page Now!

Below is a short start up workout for you.  It can be completed in less than 10 minutes and all you need to do it is a medicine ball.  Like my page to get lots more:  Like my page now!

28 Jan

In home training in Burlington

The number one reason why people reach out to make contact with me is for weight-loss.

It’s the number one motivator for getting into a fitness program.

I have helped hundreds of people lose weight and although I think that weight loss is a terrific goal I want to encourage everyone getting into fitness to do it for more than just the weight-loss.

It’s great if you want to lose weight but to be successful at this in the long-run you need to get into all the other benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition too!

Focus on all the other positive benefits you will feel or are feeling.

How do you like that extra energy?

How about the improvements in your sleep?

Do you like the increased strength or improved pain free range of motion?

Focusing on all of the benefits are an important part of you choosing to do this for the rest of your life this time.

Exercise needs to become your lifestyle not a short-term solution to your weight-loss goals.

Here is a super start up workout for a beginner.  It will take less than 15 minutes to go through two sets of all of these exercises.  All you need to do it is a Swissball.  I can support you and your goals on-line or in my private training studio down on Burlington Lakeshore.

Would you like to get more workouts like this?

Would you like to see the entire workout with additional instructions?

Get all the motivation, nutrition and exercise you need to change your life on my page: Like My Page Now! 

If you need help getting started again then lets arrange a free phone consultation.  Just send me a personal email:

26 Jan

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Do you have pain in your body or a problem in your life?

What is going on in our bodies and also what is going on outside of our bodies is all trying to tell us something.

As you strive to accomplish a goal the universe conspires to help you.

The universe provides you with all the opportunities you need to learn everything that you need to know for you to accomplish the goal that you have in your mind.

Are you allowing yourself to learn from your circumstances?

Are you listening or are you getting sad, angry or frustrated?

Remember the energy you put out is reflected back upon you…

The way you are responding to your pain or situation is either helping you or hurting you more.

You have to start asking yourself the right questions.

You have to stop asking the wrong ones.

Your thoughts, words and actions make all the differences in your life.

Watch this:

Do you need help taking a step forward in your life?

Do you want to make a change this year?

This month I have room for 1 private training client, 2 semi private training clients, 4 new small group training members and 4 on-line training clients. If you would like to explore any of these opportunities further then send me a personal email: or text me: 905-512-5421.

If you would like we can arrange a free short phone conversation.

24 Jan

Burlington Personal training.  In home training.

A wise man once said  “It is a great man that loves himself and a truly great man that loves another but without a doubt the greatest man of all loves himself wholeheartedly and loves all others just as he loves himself.”

What does it mean to love yourself?  What is included in that?

Do you think loving the way you look and feel would be a key aspect of that?

Do you think exercise and nutrition would play a vital role?

I can’t see how loving yourself wholeheartedly could leave out your health and well being.

… And not only your exercise and nutrition but also the thoughts and words that you hold in your mind about yourself and others.

After all… we are, and all of our lives are simply an expression of our most predominant thoughts words, beliefs and ideas.

Creating love for ourselves and our neighbors and for every single aspect of our lives requires us to become aware of the thoughts that we are thinking.  We must do some self analysis to discover and challenge our limited beliefs.

We need to clearly define what our goals are.

We need to write them down.

We also need to write down all of our thoughts and beliefs in relationship to our goals.  All of the fears and limited beliefs that we have also need to be written down.  We need to write down all of the emotions that we have surrounding our goals.  The positive and negative ones.

Get them all written down.

Then stand back and look at them.

Observe them.

These are your thoughts.  Which ones are helpful?  Those need to be reinforced positively.  All of this can be done in your mind.  In a quiet opportunity.

Gym, Fitness Center, weight-loss program in Burlington

…You must also identify your negative thoughts.  Your limited beliefs.  These may be more important.  Usually its a limited belief that we hold that stands in the way of us achieving our full potential.

Writing out ALL of your thoughts is a very important aspect to identifying the things that are blocking you from really creating the body or life that you truly love.

We all must challenge our limited beliefs.  We all must associate those limited beliefs with pain and make strong positive associations with the the ideal thoughts.  The ones that stimulate the positive emotions and feelings in our lives.

Its the negative emotions, feelings that come from the negative thoughts that get us off track.  Those negative thoughts block us from our true nature.  Our true power.  Happiness is a truth that exists deep within each of us.  A power that all of us can reach and utilize.

We need to access our true nature.

When we do, we feel positive.

We feel peace, happiness, love and freedom.

When we are in alignment with our source energy we feel inspired.

To accomplish what we want with our lives we need to stay in a positive vibration as often as possible.

What aspect of your life are you resisting.  What parts of your life are you struggling with?

On-line personal trainer, In home personal Trainer Burlington

Is exercise and nutrition and obstacle for you?

Is it time that stands in your way or is it energy?

Take a look at the successful aspect of your life?

Realize that there are multiple parts to you and your life.

Look at your relationships, your career, your finances, your health, your spirituality.  What parts of you or your life are you excelling in?  What parts of your life are you struggling.  What are you doing in the positive parts of your life?  How do you think and feel about them?  Do you think about those parts of your life a lot?

I bet you do.

I bet the parts of your life that you are struggling with you don’t think about very much at all.  You likely forget about them, dismiss them or say they are not that important.

Do you have a habit that you want to break?

Have you been telling yourself for a long time that it’s ok?

That it’s under control?

Are you ready to accept that it’s not ok?

Our bad habits are always a cover up for some limited aspects of our lives.  If we really want to change our life I suggest challenging your bad habits.  They may need to be eliminated ultimately.   To begin a change your bad habits definitely needs to be brought back into control.

We need harmony and balance if we want to change our lives.

We need love for all aspects of our lives.

Love is trans-formative.  You need to get into harmony and love with all aspects of yourself and your life.

If you do not love an aspect of yourself or your life you will never be able to maintain it long term.

It can happen.

It can be done.

You can learn to love all of your life!

Gym Burlington

It starts by loving one aspect of yourself and from there it can grow into loving all of your life.

Nutrition and exercise is my favorite place to start!

Let’s start there.  We can very easily take control of our food and schedule our exercise time.

I want to help you change your life this year!

This month I have room for 4 new people in my group training program.

I have room for 2 more semi-private training clients.

I can take on 1 private training client this month.

Send me a personal email if you would like to arrange a free 20 minute phone consultation time:

Or send me a text message here: 905-512-5421

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26 Dec

Who is John dePass-
John dePass is a lifetime fitness enthusiast who’s been involved in fitness and sports since he was 6 years old.  “I took 6 month’s off from my fitness program when I opened my first Private training center when I was 25 years old.”  That was 20 years ago now. Since then I haven’t had more than a few days off from exercise. I keep fit even while I’m on holidays.”  Fitness is my way of life for John dePass.  He was one of the lucky ones that new what he wanted to do from when he was in his early teens.  “I chose to study Kiniesiology at Mcmaster University in the 90’s.  I new from an early age that I wanted to help people change their lives.”
I knew that I wanted to do that with fitness and nutrition because that is what I loved.  I created Hi-End fitness 25 years ago and the 21 day Rapid Fat-loss Training and nutrition Program has been an evolution ever since.”  John dePass was a international level competitive body builder in his early years.  He was the North American Middleweight Body Building Champion in 1996.  He represented Canada in the Mr.Universe competition in 1993.  It was through those early years of national and international competition that he learned discipline and the value of healthy nutrition.  “I learned how to lose fat and build a strong lean body. I learned the importance of focus and mindset in creating change or success in my life and had the experience of helping many athletes lose fat, build strength and get as lean as possible for their competitions.”
John has been a personal trainer now for 27 years.  He has logged over 30 000 hours of private, small group and large group fitness sessions. John is a Physical Education Teacher at Clanmore Montesorri School in Oakville.  He teaches phys-ed with children ages 10-14.  He’s been married to Dora for 13 years and they have 3 children of their own.  They know the challenges of balancing happiness, relationship, career and family life.  John dePass has helped and supported 100’s of people to lose weight, tone up and restore their youthful body and energy!  “If you are ready to change the direction of your health and wellness then I want to help you do it.”  John is passionate about helping people create changes and recognizes that each individual has the power within themselves to heal or alter aspect of their lives. “The human body is completely remarkable.  It has everything it needs to heal itself.  You can correct every single aspect of your life using your mind.  By adjusting your beliefs, challenging your limitations, outlining your goals, focusing your attention, using your desire, and choosing your words and your actions you can change or overcome any obstacles you may have in your life” If you need motivation, accountability, current information, education, support, exercise or nutrition he is ready to serve.  Get registered in our New Year New You offer today!  John maintains a number of on-line resources to help people stay on track with their fitness and wellness goals even if they can’t get into his private training center.  Work with John On-line or Off-line.  Check him out in more detail here:  View John’s  Facebook Page Now!
Depass Family
Who is Dora Moniz
Dora has had 3 C-sections and still presents the strongest leanest version of herself in her mid 40’s.  She is leaner, faster and more enthusiastic about her running, fitness and vegan lifestyle now than she was over 25 years ago when she started working out.  Dora has been a personal trainer for 18 years and has completed over 10 000 hours of private, partner and small group training.  She weigh’s 8 pounds less now than she did before her first child in 2003.
Dora is the manager of Hi-End fitness.  She has worked and managed gym and health centers for 20 years now.  She was an ACE certified personal trainer in the 90’s and has continued her education through CanFit Pro annually. She loves to continue growing in the fitness industry by studying and personally practicing healthy nutrition as a lifestyle for herself and her family.
Dora is currently a level 3 certified trainer with the Sports Performance Institute.  She is passionate about helping Mom’s lose weight and restore their self esteem.  She insists that having children does not have to be the end of your best self.  Do you need help with changing your nutrition?  Are you interested in the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle?  Are you a runner?  Would you like to work with a female trainer?  Would you benefit from a program that has a professional male and female influence?  Dora can help and support your fitness and wellness goals regardless of your past history or fitness experience. Have you been inactive for a long time or your entire lifetime?  That’s ok.
Have you been off with an injury?  At Hi-End Fitness we also work in close relationship with a Physiotherapist so that our clients can activate their health benefits packages to pursue overcoming their pain with a full body, core focused, strength and flexibility program.  Dora loves to support even the most entry level beginner and turn them into a raging fitness fan. Do you hate exercise?  Dora will make your feel comfortable in our private training center and gently progress you forward appropriately with new skills to have you moving towards your goals as quickly as you would like to in 2017.  Are you intimidated by the gym?  Let Dora support your changes in 2017.  Take advantage of our New Years Offer today!  Find Dora on Facebook Now!  
Take a look at just some of our most recent successful transformations these Hi-End Fitness Clients have been able to achieve in the last few months at our club in the pictures and real life stories below!  Andrea in the first image below is happy about her new body, new habits and new found energy!  She lost 13 inches in the last 12 weeks just adding exercise and adjusting her nutrition.  Magic is really possible when you get motivated and make your self accountable to someone.
In home training, Gym Burlington, Bootcamp Burlington
Tricia has been struggling with her weight for the last few years.  She came to our program unhappy with the lack of results she was able to find in other programs and very skeptical of the program.  12 weeks later she’s lost 12 pounds and is finally feeling happy about herself again. You don’t need to give up all your favorite foods to get yourself back to your best self!  You can do this… This could be you 12 weeks from now!  Sign up for the 12 week New Years Transformation program today!
Nutrition and exercise program, In-home training in Burlington
We hear people complain about aches and pains and limitations all the time.  Don’t let your age stop you from trying to get yourself back into your best shape ever! Don’t let an injury stop you from trying.  Sitting on the sidelines never cures an injury or a pain.  The only way to address any problem is to take a gentle, patient systematic approach. The only limitation to the best version of you is you!  We have Private training, Semi Private training and Small group training sessions to support you and your goals.  If you have been totally inactive for a long time or are coming back from an injury it doesn’t matter!
Take a look a Cheryl in the picture below.  She lost 9 pounds in the 21 days leading up to Christmas 2016.  Why can’t this be you next month?  Join my New Years New You program today!  Need some more information?  Get everything you need to know on this page!  Have any additional questions?  Send me a text message:  905-512-5421 or a personal email:
Personal Training Burlington
I have room in my New Years program for 4 new people in my private training facility down on the Lakeshore in Burlington.  I can support more on-line.  Dora and I can support your transformation anywhere in the world with our on-line version of our program.  Want to check out what we do inside the club?  Check out the workout videos below.  Want to see more exercise videos?  like my page here:  Get more training videos and Motivation Now! 

Burlington Personal Trainer
I have 4 spots I want to fill this year in my Private Home training studio.  I only want to help people that are really serious about making some changes in your life.  If you want to get registered in the program just send me a text message: 905-512-5421 or a Private Email:

Dear Fitness Enthusiast…
Don’t you hear that idea that you need to stop eating bread, rice and potatoes all the time?
Have you ever tried stopping gluten or restricting your carbs?  How fun was that?  How long were you able to do that for before you fell off the wagon?
How would you like to hear that you can get into your best shape ever and still enjoy pizza, pasta, chips, cookies and even vino too?
Well you know what?  It’s totally true!
Now you can still enjoy your favorite foods and still get yourself back into your best shape ever and I would love to help you do it!
IF you want to leave your holiday pounds aside in 2017 then All you need to do is reply to this message to discuss my New 2017 Rapid Fat-loss nutrition  New year’s program with me.
It’s my nutrition program that we can work on together on-line anywhere in the world or live face to face in my private training studio on Burlington Lakeshore.
It’s my nutrition and wellness program that we can work on by itself (just nutrition) or along with exercise too!
It’s a life style nutrition and wellness program because everyone that I meet doesn’t want a nutrition plan that they start and stop all the time.
Everyone that i meet wants to learn real lifestyle skills that they can use to keep themselves fit and healthy for the rest of their lives.
Current scientifically proven and documented strategies for Weight-loss, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness that are included in this program:
  • Customized Nutrition
  • Caloric Control
  • Personalized Protein Requirements
  • Ideal Carbohydrate intake
  • Carbohydrate Cycling
  • Strategic Fasting
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Supplements & Fat-burners
  • Healthy meat eating
  • Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Vegan Nutrition
  • Alkaline Nutrition
  • Body-Part Training
  • Functional exercise
  • Core training
  • HIIT (Hi-intensity Interval training)
  • Circuit training
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Yoga
  • Mindfullness
What do you get when you combine all of these strategies into one life altering program?
You get the Rapid Fat-loss Training and Nutrition program!
Take a look at Kim in the picture below!  She has dropped 13 pounds in the last 8 weeks by just changing some of her habits.  She’s slowly altered her nutrition, started exercising more regularly and changed the type and frequency of her social interactions too!  Incredible things can happen to you when you combine nutrition changes, exercise and motivation.  Kim’s strength and endurance has improved drastically and now she’s making more time for her fitness and nutrition.  As you see results your motivation grows!  congratulations Kimmy!  Keep up the great work!  🙂
Private training studio in Burlington, Gym in Burlington
If you would like to get additional details about the program then lets arrange a phone conversation.  I’m going to be helping 4 people make a body and life transformation in the new year!  Text me: 905-512-5421 or send me a personal email:  Let’s talk about you and your personal situation.

Who is this program for?
Do you want to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life?
Do you need help staying motivated?
Do you need someone to hold you accountable?
Would you benefit from weekly weigh-ins and check ups?
How about a monthly measurement program to make sure that you are staying on track?
Would it benefit you to apply the most up to date, scientifically proven strategies to lose weight and keep it off into your life?
Do you need help when you go to the gym?
Are you unsure of what you should do?
Are you afraid you could hurt yourself?
Are you shy or embarrassed to exercise in a public club?
Would you like to combine exercise, nutrition and a success mindset into your life and keep moving in that direction for the rest of your time?
Would you like to put your best foot forward each and everyday for the rest of your life?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this program will be ideal for you!
Do you want to just do the Rapid Fat-loss nutrition or would you like to include the exercise component with it too?
Do you just want the exercise support and leave out the nutrition bit?
It’s totally up to you…
Take a look at Suzie in the Picture below!  She has been working out in our program for the last 4 month of 2016.  She has lost 10 pounds and dropped down a size in her clothes.  She feels better about herself.  She has more energy for her kids, her husband and the rest of her life. Congratulations Suzie!  Would you any of you seeing this like to make some changes in 2017?
Private Personal training in Home Burlington
What do you want from your Pro-Trainer?
Well first of all it always depends on your personal situation.  Everyone at Hi-End fitness is always an individual first and foremost.
Do you have an injury?  Have you been inactive for a while?  Have you been inactive for months, years, or your entire life?  It doesn’t matter. We can meet you where you are today!
What has happened in the past does not have to predict your future.  You need to plot your future from here and now going forward.
Do you live close enough to us to participate in our off-line program?  Can you come in to our private training center down on Burlington Lakeshore?  If not then we can train with you on-line through our on-line video training program.  All you need is a lap-top with a video camera attachment.
If you have sustained and injury you may want to begin with some private training or consider our physio therapy program.  Our Physio therapy based program allows you to access your work health benefits packages to cover your personalized training sessions.
If you are shy or very detained you may really benefit from the private care of this program.
If you want all the benefits of personal scheduled appointments at an ideal time for you then you may want to consider our semi-private training program where you can get all the benefits of private training but gain the opportunity to save some dollars.  Our semi private training program gives you everything that our private sessions do except you share the time with another person.  Bring a friend or family member with you or just allow us to book one of our other semi private members along with you.  We are always careful to match people and abilities.
Or you may wish to participate in the small group training aspect of our program which still allows for personalized programming but offers the greatest savings by sharing your training time with 2 or more others.
You may always choose to work with Dora or Myself or both of us just in the gym or on-line and not choose to participate in the nutrition end of the program.  These are all choices you can make to personalize your ideal plan…
Every aspect of the program is created by choice, by you!
Do you want participate in the on-line training or live training in our private studio?
Would you like to participate privately, semi-privately or in a small group?
Would you like to work exclusively with Dora or myself?
Did you want us to customize your nutrition for you?
Would you like the entire Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition and exercise program?
Want to train on-line?  We can support you at your home, at your gym anywhere you are in the world.  All you need to train with us on-line is a laptop with a camera.  Check out an example of one of our workouts in the video below!

So each step away from the private training program reduces your costs.  If you move from private training to semi private training you save dollars.  If you move from semi private training to group training you save dollars. If you leave out the nutrition and mindset coaching aspects of the program you save dollars.  The entire program is your choice and is set up to your personal choices and desire.
Save dollars also by making a larger commitment to the program.  If you want to work with us for 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks or 52 weeks it makes a difference in the price.
The larger the commitment you make to the program the bigger the saving your make.  Did you want to do our 6 week program?  The 3 month program?  The 6 month program?  Or the one year program?
I have created 4 different program lengths and names for our customers convenience:
  1.  6 week program “A taste of Fitness and Wellness”
  2. 12 week program “Getting started with Fitness and Wellness”
  3. 6 month program (24 weeks) “Mini Transformation Program”
  4. 12 month program (52 weeks) “Total life Transformation Program”
Want to explore and discuss your alternatives further?  Let’s do a short phone call to discuss your personal situation further.
Send me a text message: 905-512-5421
Send me a personal email:
I’m creating a 6 week and 12 week NEW YEARS SPECIAL!  To get 4 people started this year on the right foot. If you are ready to make some changes to your nutrition, your exercise or your mindset then this is the perfect opportunity for you!
Get registered in the New Year’s program and SAVE NOW!  Just contact me to discuss your personal situation!
Take a look at Carrie in the picture below!  She has lost 40 pounds in the last 6 months!  She says she wants to lose 15 or 20 more!  I am so happy that I get to help her do it!  I can’t wait until she accomplishes it!  I think it’s terrific what she has already done!  Don’t you?  Would you like to lose 10, 20, 30 or even 50 pounds this year?  Let’s get you started now!
Burlington Weight loss and Fitness programs
What do you get in the Total Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition and Exercise Program?
Are you ready for a total change in your life?
A total change of life means a change in the way you think, the things you say and the actions you do.
If you want to change your life for the rest of your life you are going to have to address the way you think, what you say and the things that you do.  If you don’t change your thoughts, words and actions then everything that you gain while you are working with your trainer will be lost once you leave your trainer.
Are you really ready to let go of the old you?
Dora and I are ready to support the new you with mindset change, nutritional change and alternative actions too!
Once you know you want the entire mindset coaching, nutrition, exercise and well-being of the program and you know if you want to do it privately, semi privately or in a small group then we can begin.
Take a look at Jessie in the picture below!  She has lost 11 pounds in her first 8 weeks!  She feels stronger and more energetic already!  She says she wants to make a bigger effort and commitment in the new year!  As you get into your new fitness and wellness lifestyle you will see incredible changes remarkably quickly.  Those changes are inspiring.  You will be motivated to make a bigger commitment to your best self.  Are you ready to get re-motivated?  Are you ready for some massive results?

Burlington Bootcamp, Boot Camp, Gym, Fitness Center Burlington

Just message me and let me know you’d like to make arrangements to come in for a trial session and discussion or we can arrange a phone call to discuss further.
Here’s my personal email:
Or you could also send me a text message:  905-51-5421
My 6 week and 12 week New Year’s Special will be a Semi Private training Special.  This is a serious training and nutrition offer for people who are serious about making a change this year!
Share your workout time with one other person.  Come with a friend or partner or just allow me to book in other semi private clients at the same time.  My private training studio has two private training rooms.  You can still work out privately and share your training time to save dollars.
If you are ready for the total life changing opportunity then here it is…

If you want to the entire program then here’s what you will get:

  • Private meeting for goal setting and planning, current weigh-in and measurements, Body-fat measurement, program over-view, questions and answers.
  • Re-motivation and inspiration.  New ideas to overcome your current stumbling blocks.  Resetting your mindset for a year of success.
  • Personalized nutrition calculations and boundaries.  How much food?  How many calories?  How much protein?  How much carbs?  How do I know how much?
  • Food tracking methods, systems and downloadable app for your smart phone
  • Nutrition Package:  Countless meal alternative for vegan nutrition or meat eaters, evaluation of what is currently going on, assessment, organizations for your life.
  • Working back and forth with you each week to personalize your ideal customized meal plan.  Making changes and alterations.  Keeping you motivated and on-track.  Guaranteeing your success.
  • Personalized programming:  Workouts that are ideal for you. Modified for your life and limitations.  Designed to maximize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
  • Accountability-  We all need someone to keep us on track.  Weekly weigh-ins, weekly nutrition evaluation and assessment.
  • Yoga, Flexibility and Mindset coaching classes
  • Reading assignments to help you overcome your current thought patterns and learn new successful thought paradigms
  • Fitness and wellness Coaching
  • Follow up weigh-in and measurements
  • 24 hr. access to On-line support
  • Lose 10, 20, 30 or even 50 pounds off your body as fast as possible


Take a look at Joe and Deb in the picture below!  They have both lost over 35 pounds in the last 6 months.  That’s both of them each have lost over 35 pounds!  Over 70 pounds between them… These guys are in the running’s for Burlington’s fittest couple for 2017.  Want to train with your husband, your girlfriend your daughter, your son or your friend?  Here is a great way to spend some quality time together each week!  A couple who exercises together stays together!  This could be you in 2017.  Ask yourself why not?

Bootcamp Burlington, Burlingto Boot camp, Private training studiio, gym burlington

What does this program cost?
This program vary’s in cost depending on a few variables.  Do you want to train privately or are you ok with sharing your time with another person?  We have 2 private training rooms at the studio so you can still get your private session and share your time.
If you are ok with a semi private training opportunity then would you be ok with training in a small training group.  2 or more can share time and save additional dollars.  Create your own group.  Bring your own family or friends with you or join one of our groups to save additional dollars.
Once you’ve decided on your privacy then next is to determine your  level of commitment.  The larger your commitment to the program the more dollars you save!  If you know that your are really ready to change your life then make the one year commitment!
2017 price list.  These prices do not include hst.
Single Private session including evaluation, nutrition consultation and start up program
Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition Only
Rapid Fat-loss Nutrition and Training for 21 days -train on-line in your gym or join me in my private training studio.
Private training Prices
10 sessions- @ $90/session
20 sessions- @ $85/session
30 sessions- @ $80/session
50 sessions- @ $75/session
Partner Training or Semi Private Training Prices (1 or 2 training partners)
10 sessions- @ $50/session
20 sessions- @ $45/session
30 sessions- @ $40/session
50 sessions- @ $35/session
Small Group Training Prices (at least 2 or 3 people)- come as often as you like to group training schedule provided below:
$200/month pay as you go
$179/month with a 3 month commitment
$159/month with a 6 month commitment
$149/month with a 12 month commitment
Small group training schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning at 630am and 7am.
Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10am
Monday morning and 830 and 9am
Wednesday and Friday morning at 930 am
Saturday morning at 830, 9 and 930 am
Monday and Wednesday nights at 530pm and 6pm.
Tuesday and Thursday night at 7pm and 730pm.
Take a look at Jim in the Picture below!  He lost 30 pounds last year and has kept it off for a year now.  Are you tired of losing weight and gaining it back?  How about doing things different this year?  How about getting into a new lifestyle?  How about adopting a new way of living that you love?  Something that restores your youthful energy, boosts your self esteem, causes you to lose weight and has you moving around more pain free.  Something that has you feeling happy and healhty daily and brings back your sexy!  Just ask yourself one question… Are you ready to change?
Private trainer, gym, fitness center, weight-loss and nutrition Burlington

A new Year’s Special Just for You!

For the new year I’m creating a special for 4 people who are really ready to change their lives!  This special will be a Semi Private training special offer!  I only have room for 4 people in this program.
This program is only for 4 people who are really ready to make a change in their lives.
It’s for people who really need help breaking some bad habits or building a new healthy habit in their lives.
For people who want to lose between 9-29 pounds in the next 6-12 weeks.
Choose between the 6 week and 12 week training opportunities.  We can train on-line in your house or your gym or you can come join me in mine.  The choice is yours.
Sessions may be private or may be partnered with one other person.  (depending on the times that you choose to come.)
Training will be personalized and set up ideally with you in mind.  All workouts will be level appropriate for you.  Customized to your level of fitness.
My 6 week Semi Private training New Years Special will include the entire Mindset coaching, motivation, accountability of the Rapid Fat-loss Training and nutrition program and 3 semi private training session each week for 6 weeks or 12 weeks!
Take a look at What Andy did this year! See him in the picture below. He lost over 60 pounds!  When I met him he could barely bend over to tie his shoes.  What a remarkable transformation I had the privilege to witness.  I’ve been a trainer for over 25 years now!  The best part of my job is that I get to be around people that are really excited about success!  People who are really fired up to make changes!  I love working with people who are really ready to change their life.  I find it truly satisfying being around them.  Thank-you to all of my clients for being such a great inspiration to me this year as you always do…
My 6 week New Years Transformation program is called “A taste of Success!”
You get the private weigh-in and measurements, customized nutrition,  motivation, accountability and personalized workouts for 6 weeks on-line or join me in my private training center in Burlington.
The value of this program is
Rapid Fat-loss nutrition, accountability, weigh-ins and follow up measurements for 6 weeks- VALUE-$299
6 weeks Semi-Private training 3 times each week. ( approx. 20 sessions)- VALUE- $900
Total Value of this program plus hst = $1237.87
6 weeks New years Special offer Price!
Right NOW 45% OFF!!!
$599 +hst
My 12 week New Years Transformation program is called “Getting Started with a New You!”
Rapid Fat-loss nutrition, accountability, weigh-ins and follow up measurements for 1 weeks- VALUE- $399
12 weeks semi private training sessions 3 times each week. (approx. 39 sessions)- $1560
Total Value of this program plus hst= $2213.67
Right NOW 45% OFF!!!
$999 + hst
I only have room for 4 Semi Private training clients this month.  Only register in this program if you are serious about making some changes in your life!
Send me a text message:  905-512-5421 or a personal email: if you would like to arrange a phone conversation or a trial session.
Are you ready for a change?  Take a look at what Amanda did to herself in the first 12 weeks of 2016.  How would you like to do this in the first 12 weeks of 2017?
 Personal training and nutrition in Burlington Boot camp. Bootcamp burlington
How about Teresa in the picture below.  Siting with the 30 pounds she lost in her first 6 months of 2016.  I love watching people make incredible changes in their lives!  I find it truly inspiring.  Are you ready for a change now?
Private personal training Burlington, Burlington Physiotherapy fitness program
Right now I am training in my Private home training studio down on Burlington Lakeshore.  You can train with me on-line in your own home or gym or you can come in to work with Dora and I privately, Semi-Privately or in one of our small groups!
We have room for 4 people in this New Years Training Special offer!
you can do 6 weeks or 12 weeks to get you started.
If you want to discuss the details of your personal situations more closely then send me a text message: 905-512-5421 or a private email: