New Year New You Retreat

December 26, 2019 / Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset

Want to make 2020 your best year ever?

Let’s get away together to build your personal year plan.

Great things don’t happen by accident. Great things happen by following great visions and great plans. Let’s get away to create your greatest vision and your greatest plan for 2020. 

Walk away from this weekend with a daily action plan for you to create success in 2020. Get a full day at the Scandinavian Spa (magical experience)

Get all your meals prepared for you. Let me do the planning, cooking and cleaning for the weekend for you. We’ll eat healthy, delicious vegetarian meals twice a day for the weekend. You will love the food and learn how to prepare happy healthy meals you will love for yourself and your families in a few minutes. 

Get the exercise. Learn how to do it for yourself. It doesn’t take much equipment or time to do this. You can lose the weight and keep it off this time with a simple system.

Learn the hidden secrets of conscious exercise. Learn how to apply this best into your day to day life. Create the daily action steps plan you need to make each day of your new year a success.

Build a successful year by stringing together 1 successful day at a time. Get the success mindset. It’s always a thought that is standing in our way. We all have different mental roadblocks. Each one of us has to overcome our own lack and limited beliefs to step into a new reality for ourselves.

We all have infinite power and opportunity within us. Limited ideas alone stand in our way. Let’s share personal stories and experiences to bring our past traumas to rest. Shadow work is a key aspect of healing or changing our lives. Shadow work is not all joy and bliss but it is so valuable.  When the work is done we will see and feel the benefits with our energy and our day to day positive feelings. 

Our retreat weekend will have formal lectures to share the foundational ideas and beliefs required to lose the weight and keep it off.  Understand how to heal your physical and emotional pain in your life for good this time. 

It is only a broken paradigm of reality that holds your trapped. The power of our universe is constant and consistent white light. We can step into that power. Our mental slavery separates us from our potential.

Get the guided meditations. Learn the skill of mindfulness. We can all do this. Each one of us can learn how to step into our greatest power. A personal practice will allow you to access your own personal healing magical powers.

Meditation is a focus practice. There are infinite ways to meditate. Learn the two major aspects to a successful daily practice. Bring the 4 pillars of Natural healing together for the weekend with me personally.

Let me be your guide for the weekend. Let me help you personalize a daily practice that will ensure your greatest success in 2020. Let me teach you my system and personalize it for you. Let me help you bring greater health and wealth into your new year.

We are booked for the weekend here: 

 See our booked retreat location here now! 

What you get at the New Year New You Retreat

The weekend includes 3 days and 2 nights accommodations.  January 3rd, 4th & 5th.

The weekend includes a ride up to the collingwood and back. Leaving Friday from our private studio on Lakeshore rd at 12pm. Returning home on Sunday by 3pm. 

The weekend includes all your healthy delicious vegetarian meals. 2 meals a day. Coffee, tea, water and healthy natural juices will all be included. Eat to your content. 

Get all your seminars and coaching sessions for the weekend Learn the guided meditations. Learn the skill of mindfulness. Apply this in your life as a daily practice in 2020. 

Spend a day at the Scandinavian Spa 

Learn how to cope with and let go of past trauma and shadow energy

Walk away with a personal daily action steps list to create massive success in 2020

Get special guest meditations and natural healing teachings 

Get daily conscious exercise and guided meditations 

Total cost for the weekend is $599 + hst 

I have 4 spots left.

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