My First Retreat!

Canada’s First Pranic Health & Wellness Retreat

Do you ever feel like there is supposed to be more for you?  Do you feel like your very best self is somehow just missing from your life?  Are you living with fear or anxiety or depression?

Break through your chains, barriers, obstacles. Overcome your lack and limitation. Step beyond all boundaries. Express your full self! 😁 With Elitom El-amin.

Lose the weight and keep it off! Learn how to do it once and for all. Overcome your relationship issues. Solve your financial problems. You can do all of this by accessing your most powerful energy.  You can step beyond your current life experience.

Be your best self by aligning yourself with your “Prana.”   Awaken the giant within you.  Learn how to love yourself. Free your soul.  Align with your spirit.  Get your joy, motivation and passion back.  Your playfulness can come back into your life. Express your love energy. Share your chi with the world.  Allow your inner child to be free…

  • Learn how to be mindful
  • Get guided meditation
  • Develop your own quiet practice
  • Learn the exercise, the system you need to lose the weight and keep it off for good
  • Get the missing information you need
  • Learn Qi Gong
  • Daily yoga, exercise, hiking in nature
  • Eat your fill… Two perfectly designed delicious vegetarian meals each day
  • Breathwork, sungazing, grounding, health and wellness lectures, motivation, accountability, inspiration, guidance, support
  • Learn the success mindset
  • Understand how to apply a success system into your day to day life

What’s a day on retreat look Like?

First of all this is your retreat experience.  You get to choose to make the day look like anything that you wish.  Please feel free to participate in anything you wish.  Please feel free to participate in everything if you wish.  Please feel free to rest or skip anything that you wish.  All lectures will be recorded so you can check them all out again another time if you feel you would like to sleep in or rest or just read a book or relax or do something by yourself or with a new friend.  Do as you wish at your health and wellness long weekend.  Do not feel like you need to do anything or everything.  You can join in anytime and omit anything too!

Example Itinerary

6- 7 am  – Energy Building Chi Gong with Elitom or Morning Quiet Practice with John (earthing, sun-gazing. guided meditations)

730- 830 am-  Energy Building Morning Quiet Practice with John or Chi Gong session with Elitom El-Amin (will include earthing, sun-gazing,

guided meditation, breath work & teaching)  Feel free to ask any questions you wish.

9-1030 am- First teaching period with Elitom or John (We will take turns delivering content sessions)

11 am- Break fast  (Vegan, Raw food, Vegetarian, eggs dairy & cheese will be available)

12 pm – Free Time (hike, explore, rest, enjoy the surroundings, read, share time with new friends)

1- 230 pm – 2nd Coaching period with Elitom or John (content sessions will include history of and understanding of the “Pranic Lifestyle”

how to apply movement, nutrition and meditation into your life, how to heal and change your life)

3-430 pm – 3rd Coaching period of the day (All coaching periods will include education, motivation, activity and guided meditation)

5 pm – Dinner Time (Vegan, Raw Food, Vegetarian, Some animal source proteins will be available)

630- 8 pm – 4th Coaching period of the day (Be prepared to be wowed at every educational period.  Each session will take you deeper into the

“Rabit hole” of understanding. To shift your life deeper into dreams requires a deeper understanding of yourself)

830-930 pm – Final Coaching Period of the day (will wind you down and prepare you for an ideal sleep & a high energy following day)

What is a retreat? Where is the Retreat? How much is it?

You are enough. Have you heard that before? Happiness is inside you. It really is. You are love and light. Yes it’s true. Your health and wellness are inside of you. You can heal or change anything that you wish in your life. You can do all of this by learning how to love yourself. You can learn who you really are. You can build a relationship with the true you. You can learn what it really takes to heal pain or sickness or injury or trauma. You can step out of poverty or loneliness. You can heal your relationships. It all starts with the relationship with yourself.

You can over come your addictions. You can learn how to live on less food or less money and you can learn how to earn more. It’s all your choice. You are a little “manifester.” You can manifest the life that you wish. The life that you choose. How do you want your life to be? Be an architect of your life. It’s “lifestyle design.”

Get clear about what you want to create… It’s the Pranic Lifestyle and it promises anything. It promises everything. Do what you wish with it!

Weekend includes 2 all you can eat and drink vegan or raw vegan or vegetarian seats each day. Enjoy lovely meals raw juices, organic coffee & tea, distilled or spring water all without limit.

Private accommodations or shared accommodations. It’s all your choice. It’s all up to you. We will be taking 6-12 people with us depending on the accommodations chosen. 4 spots are taken. We have room for 4-8 more people

Shared accommodations are- $450

Private accommodation is- $800

Prices include all fees and taxes.

Get all yoga, chi gong, exercise, movement sessions, guided meditations, teaching periods, nutrition and a ton of fun. Learn how to connect to your source energy. The boundaries are limitless.

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